Today’s announcements gave us a whole lot of nothing (including a page titled “About Pokemon Go Beta Testing” that literally says, “There are currently no announcements.”) But there was one small notice.


In Japan, it’s customary to send out nengajou, or postcards for the New Years. People mail out these cards from mid to late December and there are special part time postal workers (usually high school students) whose only job is to go around and deliver these postcards on New Years day. Game Freak creates their own personalized post cards every year, and this year’s design featured Red, Pikachu, Subbie, and a shout out to Pokemon’s 20th anniversary.

Clearfiles featuring this design will go on sale in Pokemon Centers across Japan on January 9th (tomorrow).


In other news, the official Its’Demo Twitter account tweeted yesterday hinting at a brand new Valentine’s Day Pokemon collaboration set to start on January 12th – Tuesday of next week. Seeing as we just got an Its’Demo collaboration, and the items are still in stores, this is a little unexpected, but none the less appreciated. The Its’Demo collaborations always feature incredibly cute artwork, and I’m sure the merchandise in this set will be no exception.

There is a chance we will get some non-stock photos of the items from tomorrow’s Pokemon Time in tonight’s Daisuki Club update, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Tomorrow should also bring us posters advertising March’s Monthly Pikachu (and possibly the finale to the set!)

Game Freak Clearfiles
ItsDemo Valentines Day Tweet