This past Friday brought us a small announcement for this year’s New Year merchandise, an update from the official Banpresto prize website, and the release of a new Pikachu and Eevee plush.


Every year, the Pokemon Center offers more traditional Japanese New Years merchandise, with a Pokemon theme. Last year we got kagami-mochi Dedenne, and this year, it’s Pikachu. (Note: kagami-mochi is a common New Years decoration consisting of two mochi, or rice cakes, and often times topped with a small bitter orange.)


There is also a mini kadomatsu and mini shime-kazari


And of course New Years postcards, with two different designs.

Astute observers will notice the inclusion of Aipom in this year’s New Year decorations, in honor of 2016 being the Year of the Monkey.

Merchandise Line-Up
Prices do not include tax.

New Years Postcard (Pikachu and Friends and First Sunrise) – 290 yen
New Years Postcard (Year of the Monkey) – 290 yen
Die-Cut O-Toshi-Dama Bag – 320 yen
Stickers – 300 yen
Metal Charm Set – 650 yen
Mini Kadomatsu – 740 yen
Mini Shime-Kazari – 740 yen
A4 Clearfile Set – 400 yen
Kagami-Mochi Pikachu Plush – 1,200 yen


The official Banpresto site updated with 2 Pokemon prizes for November. These large Eevee face cushions will start appearing exclusively in game centers in the Tokyo area from November 10th. The cushion is roughly 29 centimeters or almost 1 foot tall.


These cute Charmander and Charizard plush will start appearing in game centers as part of the Lizardon Night series from November 25th. Both plush are roughly 28 centimeters or around 11 inches tall.


Although this Saturday didn’t see any big (or small) promotions at the Pokemon Center, these two Takara Tomy plush came out and both Pikachu and Eevee are adorable. The Eevee plush is especially cute and soft, so if you collect Eevee plush, I would not pass this one up!

Questions about how to get any of the plush or other merchandise mentioned here? Leave a comment, shoot me an email (mikitzune at gmail dot com), or send me a tweet (@zombiemiki)!

Pokemon Center New Years 2016
Eevee Cushion
Lizardon Night