Hello everyone!

We had a bunch of exciting announcements earlier today and here I am with a recap.

First up: new Pokemon Center exclusive plush are coming out May 20th (Saturday). This set includes the previously announced Cosmog, as well as Pyukumuku and Bounsweet.

All plush will cost 1,620 yen after tax.

If that’s not enough plush for you, we got brand new mascot plush announced as well!

This set will include Alolan Vulpix, Togedemaru, Rockruff, and the previously announced Cosmog. These tiny plush will also go on sale starting May 20th (Saturday) and each plush will cost 1,080 yen after tax.

The Pokemon Graphix series will return May 27th (Saturday) with a third installment, featuring Lucario, Charizard, Suicune, Gengar, Jirachi, and Latios and Latias. The promotion, as usual, focuses on fashion, with a variety of goods such as t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, and t-shirts, among other items.

Two items of note: the t-shirt and the towel set. Every t-shirt comes with a can badge that features the artwork on the t-shirt. Also, each of the towel sets comes with a little sweatband for your wrist.

Full Merchandise Line-Up

New Era 59Fifty Cap (Lucario, Charizard, Suicune, Gengar, Jirachi, Lati@s – 7 3/8 7 1/2 sizing) – 6,372 yen each

New Era Cotton Tee (Lucario, Chiarzard, Suicune, Gengar, Jirachi, Lati@s – S/M/L/XL) – 5,724 yen each

New Era Rucksack – 12,960 yen
New Era Hoodie (S/M/L) – 11,880 yen
Pins Collection (blind packaged) – 410 yen

Towel Set (Charizard/Lucario, Gengar/Suicune, Jirachi/Lati@s) – 1,944 yen each

Sticker Set (Charizard Set / Gengar Set / Jirachi Set) – 648 yen each

Universal Flip Phone Case – 3,240 yen
Flip Phone Case for iPhone 7 – 3,240 yen

Last and certainly not least, a series of items featuring line-art of a variety of Pokemon across multiple generations will go on sale May 20th (Saturday). The merchandise is mainly every day useful items, such as bags, pouches, pens, towels, etc, but there are some interesting items thrown in to keep you on your toes, such as a set of stickers and a towelket (great for summer!)

Full Merchandise Line-Up

Pen Case (White/Black) – 1,296 yen
Square Pouch (White/Black) – 1,512 yen

Outdoor Backpack (White/Black) – 8,856 yen
Outdoor 2Way Tote Bag (White/Black) – 7,560 yen

Pass Case – 1,004 yen
iPhone 7 Soft Case – 2,030 yen
Universal Flip Phone Case – 3,240 yen

A4 Clearfile Set – 497 yen
Frixion Ball 3 – 972 yen

Croquis Sketchbook – 432 yen
Sticker Assortment – 540 yen
B6 Ringed Notebook – 648 yen

Towelket – 7,344 yen
Thermos – 2,700 yen
Mini Bath Towel – 2,074 yen

Eevees come out tomorrow – send luck my way for an easy day!

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