After last week’s complete disappointment of no news at all, we were graced with some goodies earlier today.


First up, surprise plush! There originally was nothing planned for this weekend, but now there is. These four plush (Clefairy, Eevee, Growlithe, and Lapras) will be exclusively sold at all Pokemon Centers and Stores across Japan starting April 2nd. Lapras has a shelf price of 2,160 yen while the other three are the normal sized price of 1,296 yen.


Next up, Monthly Pikachu! Although as usual not a real surprise, it’s still worth mentioning.


The May design is all about Children’s Day, similar to last year’s Monthly Chu, and goes on sale April 16th, with a shelf price of 2,808 yen.


In TCG news, a new expansion set, titled “Premium Champion Pack (EX x M x Break)” will go on sale April 16th. This set will feature re-releases of popular cards, all in holo form. Unlike most expansion sets, each pack will have 10 cards (not 5) and will retail for 500 yen each.


Starting April 16th, buy a full box of Premium Champion Packs (10 packs) at a certified Pokemon Card Gym (including the Pokemon Center) in Japan to receive one of these Premium Jirachi cards – while supplies last.

With the summer time rapidly approaching, it’s no surprise that movie related merchandise is finally starting to appear. This new line-up features fairly generic poses of both Volcanion and Magearna, but that doesn’t make them any less cool or cute (or both!)


Volcanion Metal Charm – 194 yen
Volcanion Die Cut Acrylic Charm – 594 yen


A4 Clearfile (Volcanion | Magearna) – 227 yen


Dice Bag (Volcanion | Magearna) – 648 yen


Handkerchief (Volcanion | Magearna) – 367 yen


T-Shirts (Volcanion | Magearna) – 2,700 yen *Children’s sizes only*

Not Pictured

Notebook (Volcanion | Magearna) – 184 yen
Sticker Sheet – 540 yen
Wallet (Volcanion) – 1,312 yen
Mini Towel (Volcanion | Magearna) – 410 yen


Last but not least…Its’Demo is back! In response to the original release of the large cushions and mascot plush selling out so quickly and being distributed so poorly, Its’Demo is rereleasing the slippers, mascot plush, and cushions, as well as offering a brand new size of Pikachu cushion: small child sized! These plush will be available exclusively through the on-line store, which is good because these large plush are fairly large and the Its’Demo stores are either kind of small are way too small to move in, so I doubt they’d be able to stock them, let alone display them.

List of Prices

Very Big Pikachu Cushions – 8,640 yen (100 of each gender)
Normal Size Pikachu Cushions – 2,160 (500 of each gender)
Mascot Plush – 1,620 yen (800 of each set)
Slippers – 1,944 yen (500 of each pair)

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