As hoped, we finally got information on, up until now, mysterious Mystery Mansion promotion.


The line-up is not quite as large as Halloween Parade 2015, but items include…


Pocket watch
Train pass case


Flip case for iPhone 6
Set of glasses
Sketch books


Hoodie (S/M/L)
2-way bag

Along with the items pictured, there will also be:

Clearfile set (2 versions
Gold leaf stickers (Banette, Froslass, Chandelure, Umbreon)
Metal strap collection
Pen case
Hand towel
Face towel


We also finally have an official announcement for the dot sprite series update, featuring the gen 1 starters.


Most of the items are stationary based, but there will also be cute keychains, pouches, and as always, train pass cases.


Finally, we also got an official announcement for October’s Monthly Pikachu: Artist-chu!

All of these items are set to come out in Pokemon Centers on September 19th, which incidentally, is also the same day of the start of the pre-release for the Banpresto Mew plush from the up-coming I Love Mew series as well as the Pikachu Sleeping Bag Collection kuji.

Mystery Mansion
Dot Sprite Series
Monthly Pikachu