The weekly Pokemon merch announcements actually came out on Thursday (it happens sometimes!) which was kind of a surprise as I was out at the time catching Eevees from the newest Kororin Friends release. None of the major announcements are really “new” but they did come with nice photos, so they’re worth mentioning!


The very first installment of the brand new Monthly Pair Pikachu series!

Just like Freshman Pikachu started off the Monthly Pikachu series, this time we get two school kid Pikachus, ready for the start of the semester as well as cherry blossom season.

These plush retail for 2,600 yen + tax and will go on sale March 19th at all Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan, as well as the on-line store.



Card sleeves! These four designs are Pokemon Center exclusives and will only be available for sale at Pokemon Centers and stores, as well as the Pokemon Center on-line store. Each pack contains 32 sleeves and sells for 362 yen + tax.

Release date is March 18th (Friday). I strongly suggest pre-ordering these designs if you really want them, especially the Eeveelution design, as I have a feeling they will go fast, even with the 10 per design per person limits in place.


Last but not least, Easter 2016! If you like Pokemon shaped as eggs, this promotion was designed for you. Release date is March 19th and will be available at all Pokemon Centers and stores, as well as the Pokemon Center on-line store.


Along with cushions, the line-up also features mascot plush


Train pass cases, a logo pin


Plates, cups


Metal charms


Towels in various sizes


Pouches and bags


A t-shirt, and for the first time ever (?) egg shaped candy tins! Well, the tins aren’t new, but the egg shape is!

Merch Line-Up
Prices do not include tax

Micro-Bean Cushion (Eevee | Pikachu) – 2,500 yen
Mascot Plush (Charmander | Chikorita | Eevee | Pikachu | Piplup) – 500 yen
Clip Set – 850 yen
Train Pass Case (Eevee | Pikachu) – 800 yen
Melamin Cup – 600 yen
Melamin Plate – 800 yen
Melamin Fork / Spoon Set – 900 yen
Double Pocket Clearfile (Eevee | Pikachu) – 370 yen
Hand Towel – 500 yen
Face Towel – 1000 yen
Metal Charm Set (Eevee | Pikachu) – 550 yen
Logo Pin – 600 yen
Nail Stickers – 900 yen
Pouch – 1,400 yen
Lunch Cloth – 650 yen
Dice Bag (Eevee | Pikachu) – 600 yen
T-Shirt (Small | Medium | Large) – 3,000 yen
Egg Candy Tin Collection – 380 yen

Monthly Pair Pikachu
Card Sleeves
Pokemon Easter 2016