For reasons unknown to everyone, the Pokemon site updated a few hours late.


Every summer, 7-11 brings out a special bento box that usually ties in to the summer movie. This year, I don’t see the tie in, but that doesn’t make the bento box set any less cute! This year’s bento box features a Pikachu face design and comes with a handkerchief, a set of chopsticks, and an adorable card.

Pre-order period for this lunch box runs from June 22nd until July 29th, with pick-up running from July 18th until August 2nd.


In honor of the Hiroshima Center grand opening, a small raffle will be held in all Pokemon Centers in Japan from July 25th until August 31st. During that time period, customers will get 1 raffle try per 4,000 yen spent at the Pokemon Center, with the two main prices being towels (A prize) and clearfiles (B prize).



Finally, we got more information on the July 11th “Legendary Cry” promotion! The metal charms are, of course, blind packaged, but at least we now have a full list of exactly which Pokemon will be available in which set.


Along with charms, these bracelets will also be available (but only for the Pokemon pictured)


A mug and iPhone 6 case


Clearfile, mini notepad (and stickers)


A t-shirt (M/L/XL) and cookies.

Meanwhile, the Hiroshima Grand Opening promotion is going full swing. Expect a Center report tomorrow!