Today’s announcements didn’t bring us much actual news, unfortunately, just new photos.


One piece of news that was actually new: Village Vanguard is once again exclusively selling a series of Pokemon items, this time featuring Goomy (in space!). All of the items pictured will go on sale in select Village Vanguard stores from July 25th, except for the pouches, which go on sale starting July 31st.



As part of the news that isn’t new, we got the official announcement for Lazy Plush Round 2. These plush will come out August 15th, except for the Slowpoke plush, which will come out August 10th along with a couple other Slowpoke items in honor of Slowpoke Day (August 10th).


Also not new, the Pikachu Carnival mascot plush! Although part of the Pikachu Carnival promotion which came out July 18th, these plush will appear in Pokemon Centers on August 1st.


While we’re talking about news that isn’t new, we can’t forget the ever popular Monthly Pikachu! Gordon Ramsay Chu will be released at all Pokemon Centers in Japan on August 8th. We also learned that October Monthly Chu will come out September 19th but otherwise no other information for now.



In celebration of Tanabata, the Tohoku Pokemon Center will be giving out these special Tanabata themed shoppers to all customers who buy something from the Tohoku Pokemon Center. Also, for every 5,000 yen spent at the Tohoku Center, customers will receive a pair of these very cute Tanabata Pikachu charms.


On a parting note, for anyone who has been keeping up with all the merch releases for July 18th, I neglected to mention these two Pikachu MonColle figures! Both the Ash Pikachu and Battle Pose Pikachu came out on the 18th.

Monthly Pikachu
Lazy Plush Round 2
Pikachu Carnival Mascot Plush
Tohoku Center Tanabata Campaign
Village Vanguard Goomy Collaboration