Today’s announcements brought us a mix of information we already knew and a couple items we did not.


Starting off with semi-old news, the Monthly Pikachu series that started in February of 2015 is drawing to a close, and the final Pikachu plush in the series, coming out February 20th, will be Graduation Chu. If you fell in love with the concept of having a new Pikachu plush every month, however, do not cry just yet, as the website hinted at a new series starting in March. Referred to as “Monthly Pair Pikachu”, it sounds like the new series will feature male and female Pikachu plush together. More information forthcoming!


A new Pokemon Center will be opening in Kyoto on March 16th. The logo for the Center features Pikachu and Ho-Oh, so I think it’s safe to say there will be some Ho-Oh merchandise in our future.


These two very cute Pikachu illustrations also surfaced in connection with the Kyoto Center opening, but how they relate to the grand opening promotion or the Kyoto Center in general is yet to be announced.


Coinciding with the release of the PokeKyun Concept Series, a special Premium PokeKyun Card Box Set will also come out on January 29th. The box contains 4 packs of cards


A Shaymin EX card that you can only get via the set


A sheet of adorable stickers


A deck box and set of 62 card sleeves


As well as a long card box that can hold more than 750 cards.

This special set will retail for 3,000 yen plus tax.



The official Banpresto page also updated today with information on prizes coming out for February. The I Love Mew series continues with a large sleepy Mew plush (Feb. 11th) and large Mew face cushion (Feb. 18th).


The “Pikachu We Meet Again” 20th anniversary series also continues, with this large Pikachu cushion that comes out February 4th.



And from the Pokemon XY&Z line, these mini mascot cushions, as well as the first set in the brand new kororin series, will come out February 18th.

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Kyoto Pokemon Center
Premium PokeKyun Set
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