Friday Pokemon Announcements have returned to Friday!

Although not entirely a surprise, we now have official photos and listings of everything coming out for the second part of the Kyoto Pokemon Center opening promotion. Unlike most of the items from part 1, all of the items listed as part of the Kyoto Center Part 2 promotion will be available everywhere in Japan from April 23rd and will not be exclusive to the Kyoto Pokemon Center.



Pikachu Poncho Plush (Lugia | Ho-oh)
2,160 yen



Pikachu Poncho Mascot Plush (Lugia | Ho-oh)
1,296 yen


Metal Charm Set
540 yen


Pin Set
680 yen


Set of 2 Clearfiles
540 yen

Not Pictured

Set of 2 Stickers
540 yen

Set of 2 Frixion Pens
713 yen

Pokemon Card Game XY Break Special Set / Ho-oh + Lugia
1,944 yen

Until next week!

Kyoto Center Opening Part 2