Hello everyone!

It’s almost the weekend (and pretty much a week until Sun and Moon is released) and although I don’t have information on the December 1st Hokkaido promotion I do have…


The next installment in the Monthly Pair Pikachu series *yaaay trumpets fanfare parade*

The theme for January is the New Year, and what better way to bring it in with the hopes of luck, prosperity, and fingers crossed for just an all around better year than the catastrophe that was 2016 than with Maneki Neko-esque Meowth Pikachus!

Two Pikas mean twice the luck and good fortune, right?

The January Pair Pikachu plush will go on sale in Japan December 3rd and will retail for 2,808 yen.

Keep in mind this is not the official “New Years” pair plush – considering last year we got a special pair plush as part of the Monthly series specifically for New Years, I anticipate something similar happening this year (for 2017) as well. But I guess we’ll see.

Stay safe, hug your loved ones, and have a great weekend.

January Monthly Pair Pikachu