This week has been non-stop for me since the Pokemon Sun & Moon release on Friday, and here it’s almost a week later. But better late than never, so here is last week’s Friday Pokemon Announcements!

Starting with the most important…

*drum roll*


We finally have photos of merchandise from the up-coming Hokkaido Pokemon Center Grand Re-opening promotion! And it’s basically as marvelous as you could hope for. The stars of the show are definitely the three main plush, which are NOT EXCLUSIVE to the Sapporo Center. They will be available everywhere in Japan! Unsurprisingly, there is a strong “Sapporo” theme to the line-up. Aside from the items that feature the main winter time artwork, there are a couple unique things such as the wood carved statues (wood carved bear statues, sometimes with salmon, are especially common as souvenirs in Sapporo) and the noodle bowl set (with miso flavored instant ramen as miso ramen is famous in Sapporo). As an additional side note, not only is miso ramen my favorite ramen, but I love it with extra butter added, which is another Sapporo tradition.


If we’re discussing items unique to Sapporo, we can’t ignore the Sapporo exclusive plush, featuring William S Clark (in Pikachu form). Notorious for his famous saying, “Boys, be ambitious!” William Clark managed to leave quite a lasting legacy considering he was only in Japan for eight months.

The Sapporo Center will re-open December 1st, which not quite incidentally is also the date of the Hokkaido promotion.

Full Merchandise Line-Up


Plush: Pikachu, Alola Vulpix, Popplio
2,376 yen each


Mascot Plush: Pikachu, Alola Vulpix, Popplio
1,296 yen each


Squeezey Pikachu Mascot
1,080 yen


Snowball Plush: Pikachu, Leafeon, Glaceon
648 yen each


Metal Charm Set
702 yen

Pin Set
886 yen


Acrylic Charm Collection (Blind Packaged)
540 yen each


A4 Clearfile
302 yen


1,404 yen


1,296 yen


Croquis Notebook
734 yen


Pikachu Bowl and Chopstick Set
Comes with 2 packets of miso flavored instant ramen
1,620 yen

Pokemon Instant Ramen – Miso Flavor
1 packet | 216 yen


Ursaring / Magikarp Statue
13,800 yen

Rowlet Statue
12,800 yen


Sapporo Center Card Case and Card Sleeve Set
1,080 yen

Sapporo Pokemon Center Exclusive Items

Pikachu + Clark Statue Plush | 2,376 yen
Sapporo Center Logo Pin | 680 yen
Playing Card Set | 1,350 yen


Next up: new Pokemon With You metal charms! These charms are set to come out December 3rd, the same day as the January Monthly Pair Pikachu plush.

The new set includes: Rowlet, Popplio, Litten, Rockruff, and Togedemaru. Each charm costs 270 yen.

Last but not least, a couple unannounced items came out last week and here is a small round-up of some of the more exciting of the items.


Plush pass cases! Not only can they hold your train pass, but you can store loose change in them as well, making them handy, useful, and cute. These pass cases are 1,296 yen each.


Acrylic charms! Don’t let my image size fool you; these charms are probably bigger than you think. Charm line up includes: Alola Exeggutor, Alola Meowth, Alola Raichu, Alola Sandshrew, Alola Vulpix, Comfey, Litten, Lunala, Mimikyu, Popplio, Rowlet, Solgaleo, Tapu Koko, Togedemaru, and Zygarde Perfect Forme.

Each charm is 648 yen.


We also have these clip and chain charms, perfect for attaching things to your bag! From what I can tell, the clips are pretty strong as well. There are currently four designs available: Alola Raichu, Alola Vulpix, Mimikyu, and Pikachu, and each chain and clip charm is 1,080 yen.


Last but not least, carabiner clips! I was amazed how nice (and heavy) these clips were, as I’m used to the ones that are a little cheaper looking and one color. The clips come as Popplio, Litten, or Rowlet, and cost 702 yen each.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for tomorrow when I’ll hopefully actually post about Friday Pokemon News on Friday!
Sapporo Center Grand Re-opening
Pokemon With You