No merch news this week, but we finally have an official date for the grand opening of the Hiroshima Pokemon Center (June 26th)!

Although the merchandise list for the opening is “in progress” and will be available later, they did share with us these adorable Pikachus wearing Gyarados and Magikarp ponchos. There is a 99.9% chance plush based on these illustrations will be sold as part of the opening promotion. Most likely if they make all three versions, the shiny Gyarados poncho Pika will be a Hiroshima exclusive (so maybe Mega Tokyo won’t be as crazy as usual for once?!)

The opening of the Hiroshima Center will also mark the opening of the very first Pokemon Center in the Chūgoku/Shikoku region of Japan. Huzzah!



A sneaky sneak-preview of some of the merch from the up-coming Pokemon Time – Eevee Collection – was shared via the Pokemon Daisuki Club email sent out today. So far we have charms, a pair of headphones, and cell phone case confirmed! I know there will be plush, I just can’t wait to see what they look like (other than adorable, of course).