It looks like the Pokemon Center will be having 2 separate Halloween promotions this year!


Along with Mystery Mansion (coming out September 19th), Halloween Parade 2015 will be released in all Pokemon Centers around Japan on September 5th.


The theme for this year is Pikachu dressed up in costume, going trick or treating.


There is 1 normal sized plush (Pikachu dressed as Golbat) as well as 4 mascot sized plush (Pikachu dressed as Golbat, Gengar, Mismagius, and Duskull)


Along with the plush, there will also be a Gengar hoodie, t-shirt (not pictured), Drifloon hat, plush badge sets you can attach to your bag


Earrings, phone case, handkerchiefs, pin sets


And what would a Pokemon Center promotion be without metal charms and blind packaged rubber straps? No promotion at all, that’s for sure.

There will also be a memopad, notebook, mug, and a variety of stickers!



Not part of the promotion, but equally as spoopy, these Halloween themed pouches and dice bags will also be available at Pokemon Centers.

Yay for Halloween, the best time of the year!

Halloween Parade