Hello everyone!

I thought this week would be super boring announcement wise.

But then…

Pokemon Center Halloween 2018 Team Trick Team Treat Pikachu Mimikyu Umbreon Sylveon

Pamphlets started appearing in Pokemon Centers with preview images of this year’s super exciting Halloween promotion!

The plush look so good! My inner (outer?) Halloween fan girl is screaming.

It looks like there will be two parts to this release, which comes out in Pokemon Centers & Stores around Japan from September 8th (Saturday): one half is Team Treat and one half is Team Trick (with a more ghostly theme).

There’s three plush per team. Team Treat has Ampharos, Sylveon, and Pikachu. Team Trick has Gengar, Mimikyu, and Pumpkaboo. Each plush will cost 1,944 yen including tax.

There will also be two mascot plush per team. Team Treat has Dedenne and Umbreon, Team Trick has Sableye and Banette. Each mascot plush will cost 1,296 yen including tax.

There will definitely be way more merchandise included in this release, including most likely blind packaged rubber charms because that seems to be a constant theme (and maybe gacha figures? figure straps?) and 99.9% certainty of some sort of cute cookie tin, and maybe mug. I guess we’ll see!

Pikachu Invasion 2018

Completely unannounced, these cute Pikachu mascot plush went on sale on the 10th (this week’s releases came out Friday instead of Saturday as Friday was a public holiday in Japan). These mascot plush were released as part of the annual Pikachu Invasion event, and actually all of the designs have surfaced as designs for the mascot Pikachu that are part of the event.

This small release included 5 plush designs: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Afro. (You can order them here via Japanstuffs.com)

Pokemon Bite Cable Figures Pikachu Eevee

These cute figures, called Cable Bite as that’s what they do, are designed to protect your lightening cables from fraying and making your phone look cute. Available designs include: Pikachu, Eevee, Meowth, Munchlax, Psyduck, and Piplup, and contrary to what I originally thought, they are sold not blind packaged so you can pick exactly which one you want.

Last but not least!

The Pokemon Center finally graced us with photos of most of the items from the up-coming Pokemon Time Vol 11 release. We’re still missing photos of the actual plush, but I guess something is better than nothing (grumble grumble)

Pokemon Time Vol 11 Pokemon Center

There are 8 mascot plush in total: Popplio, Litten, Rowlet, Midnight Lycanroc, Mimikyu, Cosmog, Bewear, and Alolan Vulpix.

The three plush are Cosmog, Alolan Vulpix, and Rowlet, so most likely the plush will be larger versions of the ones pictured here.

Pokemon Time Vol Sample 1

More pictures: Clearfiles, memo note set with boxes, iPhone cases, and pens.

Pokemon Center Pokemon Time Vol 11


Pokemon Time Vol 11 Candy Tins

Blind packaged jeweled candy tins (not pictured is the secret design, because of course)

Pokemon Time Vol 11 Skajan

Pikachu plush from the Skajan inspired side line.

(Note: The Pikachu plush is wearing a plush sized version of a jacket that’s also available in human form)

Pokemon Time Vol 11 Skajan 2

Some of the other items from the Skajan inspired Pokemon Time side line-up: totebags (Pikachu & Raikou), pouch, and sacoche.

That wraps up today’s post!

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