We had a feeling today’s update wouldn’t bring much news, but we did get a TCG related campaign.


The Golden Present Campaign is a mail-in campaign celebrating the start of the brand new Pokemon Card Game XY Break series.

Spend 1,000 yen (or more) on Pokemon Card Game merchandise and mail in the barcode(s) between September 26th and October 31st to be entered for a chance to win one of three amazing prizes.


1) Set of 4 golden MonColle Figures
These figures can only be won through this campaign, and there will only be 5 sets. The set includes Zoroark, Chesnaught, Raichu, and Noivern.


2) Gold deck case, card binder, and playmat
Keep your brand new Break! series cards clean and in order with these flashy accessories.
This prize is limited to 30 sets.


3) Set of 3 energy cards
You can’t go wrong with gold-edged energy cards.
Each type set will be limited to 2,500 winners, for a total of 5,000 sets.

See the official page for more information on what TCG items are included in the campaign and how to enter (Japanese)


Aside from cards, these Pokemon themed New Nintendo 3DS LL hard covers will go on sale sometime during mid-September.


And if you can’t wait, this set of 3 mini towels from the Pokemon We Meet Again series is currently on sale!


Last but certainly not least, a reminder that the Pikachu Sleeping Bag Collection kuji starts on the 19th, a little over a week! Click the above image to jump to the official Banpresto page.

Golden Present Campaign
New Nintendo 3DS LL covers
Pokemon We Meet Again mini towels