Tonight’s announcements were mainly re-caps of previous announcements, but none the less still exciting.


First up, Pokemon Evil Organizations finally got their announcement on the official Pokemon website. Although the information is still basically as the same as when I originally reported on this promotion a few weeks ago, we do have more pictures of merchandise included in the promotion, so that’s exciting! Along with the promotion, which will start October 8th, there will also be a bunch of Team Rocket themed campaigns all throughout October and into November (see my previous post for more information).

Full Line-Up

Villain Pikachu Plush – 2,160 yen
Villain Pikachu Mascot Plush – 1,296 yen


Pins Collection (blind packaged) – 410 yen


T-Shirt Collection (blind packaged) – 1,620 yen


Team Rocket Hoodie (S/M/L) – 6,048 yen
Team Rocket Tie Pin – 2,106 yen


Team Rocket Necktie – 4,104 yen
Team Rocket Card Case – 8,640 yen


Team Rocket Wallet – 16,200 yen
Team Rocket Wristwatch – 5,400 yen


Team Rocket Fountain Pen – 4,320 yen
Hand Towel (Team Rocket) – 540 yen


Hand Towel (All Team Design) – 540 yen
Team Rocket Phone Case (iPhone 6 / 6s) – 3,240 yen


Team Rocket Cap – 3,240 yen
Team Rocket Knapsack – 9,180 yen


Magic Ink Set (All Teams) – 2,160 yen

Not Pictured

Team Rocket Handkerchief – 1,080 yen
Team Rocket Mug – 1,080 yen
Team Rocket 4 Color Ink Pen – 1,620 yen

Four new Pokemon themed portable phone chargers will go on sale starting this weekend (September 16th). There will be two different types of chargers, with two designs for each type.


The Pikachu and Pokeball designs are smaller in size and have a 10,050mAh rechargeable power capacity, able to charge a phone up to 4 times.
Retail price is 2,808 yen each.


The Gen 1 Pokemon silhouette designs can charge 2 phones at once and have a 16,750mAh rechargeable power capacity, along with an LED flashlight function.
Retail price is 3,888 yen each.


In Pokemon Center news, the Sapporo Pokemon Center will be moving to a new location and will re-open December 1st. Along with the change in location, the Center logo will also be updated to reflect the new generation, with the replacement of Fennekin and Piplup with Popplio and Alola-form Vulpix.


The new Center is advertised as being (at least slightly) larger, which will be nice! I think the inclusion of Alolan-form Vulpix is especially appropriate as Hokkaido is known for it’s colder climate as well as foxes. There should be some sort of re-opening promotion for the Hokkaido Center; fingers crossed that it’s country wide and hopefully we get some cute foxie items! I will of course be reporting information as soon as it becomes available.


For lovers of the San-ei line of All-Star plush, a fourth addition to the series will go on sale sometime in mid-November. These plush are a little pricier but worth it, in my opinion, as the quality is pretty nice and the plush are all really soft.

This fourth batch of plush will include:

Normal Size

1,728 yen
Audino, Axew, Chikorita, Croagunk, Cubone, Cyndaquil, Darumaka, Diglett, Dragonite, Emolga, Meowth, Misdreavus, Togepi, Totodile

2,808 yen

Medium Size

4,104 yen

4,860 yen

Large Size

7,344 yen


Along with the plush, there will also be three new soft and fluffy cushions!

4,860 yen
Chansey, Spheal

5,400 yen


Last but not least, the Hiroshima Carp baseball team x Magikarp collaboration items will be restocked at both the Hiroshima Center and in the Pokemon Center On-line Store on September 24th. (See this post for more information on merchandise and prices.)

Until next time!

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