The merch list for the highly anticipated 2015 Pokemon Time ~ Eevee Collection ~ promotion was announced!


The focus in the main image seems to be the t-shirts, which are blind packaged. For the first time ever, in the history of blind packaged merchandise, blind packaged t-shirts?! Each shirt is roughly $10 before tax, but considering there are nine Eeveelutions, that $10 can add up quickly if you are trying to get a specific one and don’t have much luck.

Everyone was expecting plush, but there are no pictures of them! They are mascot plush so will be tiny, as opposed to the plush released last year and the year before.


The t-shirts are cute, simple, and free-size, meaning it should be big enough to fit a variety of sizes.


Along with t-shirts, there are also lanyards with card sleeves (blind packaged), rubber straps (blind packaged), an iPhone case, die-cut stickers…


…two types of towels (a small but long towel designed to be used like a scarf and a towelket, which is a blanket made of towel like fabric), headphones…

…and a bunch of items which we don’t have photos for at this time including:

    mascot plush
    figure straps
    clear files
    gold-leaf stickers
    memo stand
    pajama pants
    a set of bed sheets
    pokemon time mini tins (blind packaged)
    shoulder bag

Hopefully we will get pictures of, at the very least, the plush before release date. Hopefully!!


For those going to the Pokemon Center on Eevee Collection day who spend more than $100, you can get this limited Eeveelution bag (until supplies last!)


If Eevees aren’t your thing but you still want to spend money, this Pokemon Center exclusive Hoopa plush is also coming out on the 6th, just in time for the movie!


Last but not least, an official picture has surfaced of the Hiroshima Center Karpchus. These plush, along with other merch so far unannounced, will go on sale in Pokemon Centers starting June 26th, which is also when the Hiroshima Center will open!