Another week goes by with only one main announcement (but better one than nothing!)

The Pokemon Center is bringing us another addition to the popular Dot Sprite series, this time with a focus on Eevee, Gengar, and Lapras, although a couple other Pokemon managed to sneak their way in as well. The line-up features a variety of items, including the usuals: clearfiles, decorate tape, keychains, as well a set of blind packaged can badges (because we all seem to love blind packaged stuff so much). This Dot Sprite iteration also gives us the return of the buy 3 socks for $10 deal.

These items will go on sale in all Pokemon Centers and Stores across Japan starting from Friday, April 29th.


A4 Clearfiles (Eevee | Gengar | Lapras)
227 yen each


Key Holder Charms (Eevee | Gengar | Lapras)
648 yen each


Eevee Lanyard
972 yen


Masking Tape Set
648 yen


Blind Packaged Can Badge Collection
216 yen


Pikachu Hoodie (S | M | L)
6,048 yen


Eevee T-Shirt (S | M | L)
2,883 yen


Embossed Stickers
540 yen

Cream Sandwich Cookies
918 yen


Short Socks (Bulbasaur | Charmander | Eevee | Gengar | Lapras | Mew | Pikachu | Pokeball | Squirtle)
Any 3 pairs for 1,080 yen

What do you think of this line-up? Anything you’re especially excited for?

On a parting note, my trip to Hokkaido is going well (aside from the rain over the past few days!) I hope to have some nice pictures from the Sapporo Center for tomorrow’s release day. Stay tuned!

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