Compared to last week’s Halloween Parade announcement, this week’s Pokemon news is a little lackluster…but at least we got something as opposed to nothing, so it could be worse!


We already knew about these Pokemon Center exclusive card sleeves coming out September 26th, but now we have higher quality photos of them.


Spinns clothing company is stocking three items from a mini collaboration between Pokemon and Nicole Fujita, a Japanese model. The skirt and t-shirt are already on sale, and the cardigan will be available sometime at the beginning of September.


New additions to the Dot Sprite series will go on sale in Pokemon Centers on September 19th. Up until now, the Dot Sprite series has mainly featured Pikachu and pokeballs, so the inclusion of the gen 1 starters is a welcome update.


The keychains are especially adorable.


The sticker sheets are also very cute, offering multiple sticker sizes for all your stickering needs and potential stickering situations.

The full line-up of this mini promotion includes:
A4 size clearfiles
Sticker sheets
Pass cases
T-shirt (M/L)


The next HG figure, Misty (Kasumi) is officially on pre-order at the Premium Bandai website, and will be available until October 30th.


Hopefully they won’t stop at Misty and will continue to bring out figures of the Red/Green gym leaders (because I want Sabrina!)

Incidentally, Brock is still available for pre-order, but time is running out; the pre-order cut off is August 31st.


Do you live in Japan and like temporary tattoos and Halloween? These “body stickers” are probably right up your alley!


Last but not least, if you live in Japan nearby to a Pokemon Center but not Yokohama and were bummed that you couldn’t see any of the cute Pikachu mascots, never fear! Between September 19th and the 23rd, otherwise known as “Silver Week”, various Pikachu mascots will be visiting all of the Pokemon Centers around Japan. On top of this joyous news, during this time period, you will get 1 of the 4 stickers shown in the photo if you spend 500 yen or more at the Pokemon Center.

Dot Sprite Series
Card Sleeves
Pokemon x Fujita Collaboration
Halloween Stickers
Silver Week Pikachu Campaign