Hello everyone!

Tonight’s update includes a lot of info and photos, so let’s get started beginning with the most recent TCG news.

The next booster pack set was announced, with a release date of April 21st (Friday). Called “Beyond New Challenges”, is the second holo exclusive Sun & Moon set (SM2+) and the cards in this set are designed to be used alongside “Awaiting Islands” and “Alola Moonlight” to create stronger decks.

Each booster pack will cost 248 yen after tax and includes 5 random holo cards.

A special card set will go on sale April 21st as well. This set features a promo Alolan Vulpix card that you can only get via this set along with 2 “Beyond New Challenges” booster packs. This set will cost 550 yen after tax.

A two player 30 card deck battle set will also go on sale April 21st. As this set is designed for two people to be able to battle each other right out of the box, there is 2 sets of 30 card decks as opposed to the usual 1 set, and features 1 Pikachu GX card and 1 Mimikyu GX card. The set also includes:

44 damage counters / 2 markers / 1 sheet
2 GX markers
1 Pokemon coin
1 playmat
1 instruction manual
1 players guide

This special two player set will cost 1,782 yen after tax.

As with most (if not all?) booster pack releases, there will be a special card campaign starting April 21st. Customers who buy 20 packs of “Beyond New Challenges” or 1 box will receive 1 Olivia promo card, which you can only get from this campaign.

Moving on!

The ever popular Kuttari Plush series is returning with a brand new array of non-plush (and some plush) items, including a cookie tin, towels, bags, and charms. This mini promotion will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers and stores in Japan on April 15th (Saturday).

The fourth installment of Pokemon Tales was also announced, with a release date of April 8th (Saturday). The theme for this iteration is forest living, focusing on Pikachu and their friends everyday forest lives, including little forest parties and picnics. Along with Pikachu, some of the Pokemon included in the item illustrations are: Pichu, Tympole, Bonsly, Hoppip, Skiploom, Clefairy, and a very tiny, hidden Minccino!

The Ditto Transform promotion came out today (March 25th) in Japan, and I already have photos so be on the lookout for the next Pokemon Center Report coming soon!

Kuttari Plush Merchandise Line-Up

Mochi-Mochi Cushions (Pikachu, Piplup) – 4,320 yen each

Pokemon Puzzle Cookie Tin – 1,058 yen
Half-Size Nap Blanket – 3,240 yen

Hand Towel (Pikachu, Piplup, Eevee) – 540 yen each

3-Pocket Clearfile (Pikachu, Piplup, Eevee) – 389 yen each

PET Stickers – 583 yen
Chopstick Holder – 1,296 yen

Pouch (Pikachu, Piplup, Eevee) – 1,080 yen each

Mini Tote Bag (Pikachu, Piplup, Eevee) – 1,296 yen each

Double-Sided Acrylic Charms (Pikachu, Piplup, Eevee) – 648 yen each

Stackable Mugs (Pikachu, Piplup, Eevee) – 1,080 yen each

Lip Cream – 605 yen
Multi-Cream – 1,404 yen

Little Tales Merchandise Line-Up

Little Tales Pair Pikachu Plush – 2,592 yen
Little Tales Pair Pikachu Mascot Plush – 1,500 yen

Pikachu Cushion – 3,240 yen
Photo Stand – 3,240 yen

Deco Tape (Small House, Music) – 648 yen each

Stationary Set – 648 yen
Roll of Stickers (5 designs x 20 = 100 stickers) – 648 yen

Not Pictured

Greeting Cards (Party, Picnic) – 432 yen each
Set of 4 Clearfiles – 864 yen

Ringed Memo Pad – 497 yen
Ringed Notebook – 702 yen

Kurutoga Pencil (Sleeping Time) – 756 yen
DelGuard Pencil (Picnic) – 756 yen

Mini Bath Towel – 2,160 yen
Bandana – 648 yen

Not Pictured

Hand Towel – 540 yen
Face Towel – 1,080 yen

Dice Bag – 734 yen
Mini Dice Bag (Purple) – 540 yen

Dress Hoodie (Medium/Large) – 7,020 yen
Basket Bag – 6,480 yen

Not Pictured

Long T-Shirt (Small, Medium, Large) – 3,240 yen
Short Socks (Music, Picnic) – 864 yen each
Shoulder Bag – 3,456 yen

Pass Case – 2,052 yen
Card Case – 1,836 yen
Pouch – 2,160 yen

Not Pictured

Long Wallet – 3,780 yen

Pasta Plate – 1,512 yen
Tupperware Set – 1,620 yen

Cup w/ Coaster – 1,620 yen
Wooden Spoon & Fork Set – 1,080 yen

Not Pictured

Langues de Chat – 1,055 yen

Wall Clock – 5,400 yen
Universal Flip Phone Case – 3,240 yen
Earring Set – 2,160 yen

Metal Charm Set (Picnic, Sleeping Time) – 540 yen each

Lip Cream – 605 yen
Hand Cream – 810 yen

Not Pictured

Bed Cover 3 Piece Set – 9,180 yen
Bed Cover 4 Piece Set – 10,800 yen
Walnut Badge Collection * Blind Packaged * – 300 yen

Kuttari Plush Promo
Little Tales