First of all, sorry for the late update! This week’s Pokemon Center announcements actually came out on Thursday instead of Friday, to coincide with the release of this month’s CoroCoro magazine.


The next big Break set is scheduled to come out November 20th and includes 14 special cards that you can only get through the purchase of this set. The Double Mega Break Set features a Mega Aerodactyl EX card, a Mega Mawile EX card, and a Luxray Break card and will retail for 2,160 yen.


Halloween is shaping up to be a semi-big release day! These new Pokemon badges will be added to the Pokemon With You collection and go on sale from October 31st. The new additions include: Ash’s Greninja, Cherrim, Croagunk, Maril, Slowpoke, Snorlax, Togepi, and Zygarde Core. Each badge is 258 yen.


Along with the badges, this tote bag and pouch will also go on sale at the same time. The tote bags are 6,480 yen and the pouches are 2,268 yen each. As a reminder, all proceeds from the Pokemon With You merchandise line go toward helping children affected by the Tohoku earthquake from 2011.


This past Saturday marked the start of pre-orders for the cartridge version of the Japanese version of Pokemon Rumble World. The game is set to come out November 19th, and by pre-ordering at the Pokemon Center, you will get 1 clearfile and a set of 3 postcards as a bonus.


Finally, we got the official announcement for the Christmas + Winter promotion, which amusingly enough comes out on Halloween!


“Christmas Illumination” focuses, as one might guess, on a Christmas theme, with the highlights being the Santa Chu and Eevee Chu plushies.


There is also a charm set


A mini wreath, very adorable plate to perhaps eat Christmas cake off of, and many other festive items!


If Christmas isn’t really your thing, there is also “Aurora Tour”, with cute little Pikachu snowman plush.


As well as charms and a variety of items with the Aurora Tour main graphic, such as a blanket and pouches.

Full Merchandise Line-up
(Tax not included in prices shown)

Christmas Illumination

Santa Pikachu Plush – 1,500 yen
Santa Eevee Plush – 1,500 yen
Plush Wreath – 2,000 yen
A4 Clearfile – 300 yen
Metal Charm Set – 960 yen
Logo Pin – 600 yen
Plate – 1,530 yen
Message Card – 450 yen
Stickers – 500 yen
Chocolate Crunch Cookie Tin – 900 yen

Aurora Tour

Pikachu Snowman Plush (Male/Female) – 1,210 yen
Pikachu Snowman Mascot Plush (Male/Female) – 900 yen
Metal Charm Set – 380 yen
Foot-warmer – 2,800 yen
iPhone 6 Soft Case – 2,000 yen
Flat Pouch – 1,380 yen
A4 Clearfile – 300 yen
B6 Notebook – 500 yen
Stickers – 500 yen
Blanket – 3,000 yen
Handtowel – 700 yen
Diecut Masking Tape – 600 yen


On a parting note, these Mini Round Plush have started appearing in stores! I snapped these guys at the Mega-Tokyo Pokemon Center, so they should be at the other Centers as well (among other places!)

Christmas + Winter Promotion
Pokemon With You
Pokemon Rumble World Pre-Order
Double Mega Break Set