The official Banpresto website updated recently with the up-coming prize list for December.


Since the reveal of the different Zygarde Formes, we’ve gotten an influx of up-coming Zygarde Core merch, and here is another to add to the list.


The Charizard Night mini series continues with these three towels. Both Zygarde Core and the towels will start appearing in game centers from December 10th.



These two air cushions will start appearing in game centers from December 23rd. They’re called air cushions because they’re inflatable cushions.


The next installment in the Pikachu & Friends Ichiban Kuji series comes out December 12th and will be available at book stores, Animate, hobby shops, game centers, pokemon centers, etc., with 1 try costing 620 yen.

Prize Lineup

A Prize – Pikachu Plush
B Prize – Swirlix/Sylveon Blanket
C Prize – Naptime Cushion
D Prize – Totebag (4 designs)
E Prize – Round Pouch (2 designs)
F Prize – Coin Purse (2 designs)
G Prize – Stationary (4 designs)
H Prize – Hand Towel (6 designs)
I Prize – Cushion Mascot Plush (12 designs)
Last One Prize – Special Tote Bag
Double Chance – Girl version of the A prize Pikachu plush (100 in total)

Next up – Neko Atsume!


These 4 mascot plush sized cats (Callie, Ms Fortune, Shadow, Ginger) come out November 26th


On December 8th, three different types of Neko Atsume merch will be released in game centers. First up, this set of mascot sized face plush (Snowball, Sunny, Fred, Spud, Misty, Pepper, Conductor Whiskers, Sassy Fran)


These three face pouches (Marshmallow, Gozer, Spud)


Last but not least, a large plush version of Ms Fortune!


December 17th brings us the release of Bolt and Misty


Along with the final set of mascot plush for the year of 2015 (Spooky, Sunny, Princess, Mr Meowgi)


Incidentally, the Neko Atsume Ichiban Kuji also comes out December 12th. The Kuji will be available at Sankusu, Mini Stop, Daily Yamazaki, bookstores, hobby shops, game centers, etc., and will cost 620 yen per play.

Prize Lineup

A Prize – Tubbs Plush
B Prize – Tubbs Blanket
C Prize – Socks Mascot Plush
D Prize – Bolt Mascot Plush
E Prize – Mack Mascot Plush
F Prize – Tsum Tsum Style Plush (Ginger, Marshmallow, Pumpkin)
G Prize – Mini Towels (6 designs)
H Prize – Drinking Glasses (4 designs)
Last One Prize – Large Tsum Tsum Style Sunny Plush
Double Chance – Set of F prizes

If you notice I mixed up one of the cat’s names, please let me know via comment! There are a lot of cats and I’m not 100% familiar with the English names.

Pokemon Prize Lineup
Pikachu and Friends Kuji
Neko Atsume Prize Lineup
Neko Atsume Ichiban Kuji