Starter Pokemon Third Evolution Plushies + Phone Cases

Starter Pokemon Third Evolution Plushies + Phone Cases

Hello everyone~

January was kind of a slow month for the Pokemon Center, and it continues into February.

Pokemon Center Starter Third Evolution Plushies

The big release for the last weekend in January (January 23rd) was for Pokemon Center original plush of the third evolution forms of all starter Pokemon across all 7 generations.

Third Evo Starters

The plush are basically remakes of previously released plush, but the sizes are all bigger and the patterns are slightly different.

The only plush that are direct re-releases are the three generation 7 Pokemon: Decidueye, Primarina, and Incineroar.

Pokemon Center Starter Third Evolution Plushies

With that said, there are a couple Pokemon that haven’t had plushies made yet, so this release is a mixed bag (for example, did we really need yet more plush of the three original starters? Probably not) But! I’m sure there are people out there that are happy for more Venusaur, so I can’t be mad.

Pokemon Center Phone Case Accessories

The Pokemon Center also came out with un-announced phone cases and related phone accessories.

The cases were mainly previously released designs but for iPhone X, so for people with an X phone, surprise! And you’re welcome.

Pokemon Center Mimikyu Keyboard Plush

Last but not least! The Mimikyu Keyboard Plush also came out at the end of January.

The Keyboard Plush series is so called because each plush comes with a soft keyboard cushion, designed to be used to rest your elbows when using the computer. The Pokemon plush is a bonus to hug while you’re working.

As a reminder, all items mentioned in this post can be ordered through Japanstuffs~ We offer pick-ups direct from the Pokemon Centers in Tokyo so you are always guaranteed 100% authentic Pokemon Center merchandise!

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report.

Until next time~

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Magikarp Jump + Pokemon Yurutto

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Magikarp Jump + Pokemon Yurutto

Hello everyone!

Welcome to September! The month that basically just stands in the way between summer and MY BIRTHDAY HALLOWEEN October.

Before we dive into the Pokemon Merch announcements from Friday, a couple words from the management (aka Miki)

I basically run this blog and all associated social media outlets (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) as a way to connect with other Pokemon merch collectors, and to help share information as well as provide non stock photos of cute Pokemon stuff. With that said, if you find any of the things I share useful, please consider offering support! Not only does this help keep the site up and running, but it also lets me know that my words are not just floating off into the ether of the net.

Currently there are three main ways to help support


Along with offering sneak peeks of my artistic works in progress, Patreon offers a laid-back environment where we can talk about up-coming (and current) merch releases.

I offer a couple reward tiers, one of which includes an original piece of art by request. These two pieces are Patreon rewards for August~


I also send out original postcards (illustrated by me) every month, with a new design each month.

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Buy Me A Coffee

A neat and cute way to help support the site (and also provide me with my much loved coffee)! If you leave the name of a Pokemon in your note when donating, I will draw a little sketch of that Pokemon for you as special thanks

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Commission Artwork

Last and certainly not least, I am always open for art commissions! I accept a wide range of commissions, from simple illustrations and icons to headers, backgrounds, logos, and whatever you want. Although the majority of my most recent work is Pokemon fan art, I am always happy to work with other fandoms as well as original characters.

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Pokemon Merchandise Announcements

Now that all the Magikarp Jump updates are out, the Pokemon Center is finally giving us… a small amount of official Magikarp Jump merchandise. (Better something than nothing?) These Karpish items will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan starting September 16th (Saturday).

Magikarp Jump

Merch Line-Up

Acrylic Charm Collection (Blind Packaged / 10 Designs) – 540 yen each
PET Stickers – 540 yen
A4 Clearfile – 260 yen
Deco Tape Set – 648 yen

A new promotion called “Pokemon Yurutto” will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan starting September 16th (Saturday). This promo features original artwork from the popular and trendy Japanese illustrator and comic book artist Kanahei. If you love squishy and soft Pokemon with tiny faces, this promo was made for you.

Pokemon Yurutto 1

Merch Line-Up

Plush (Pikachu | Dedenne) – 1,620 yen each
Bewear Huggable Cushion – 5,184 yen

Mascot Plush (Pikachu | Dedenne | Rowlet | Croagunk | Bewear) – 1,080 yen each

Trash-Can Shaped Cookie Tin – 972 yen
Sakuma Candy Drops – 432yen

Melamine Cups (Beach Fun Time | Forest Stroll) – 648 yen each
Hand Towels (Pikachu | Dedenne | Rowlet) – 540 yen each
Not Pictured Mini Bath Towel – 2,074 yen
Acrylic Charm Collection (10 Designs / Blind Packaged) – 540 yen each
Croquis Sketchbook – 572 yen

Pokemon Yurutto 2

Pen Pouch – 1,080 yen
Flat Pouch – 2,160 yen

iPhone 7 Soft Shell Case – 2,030 yen
Universal Flip Phone Case – 3,240 yen

Lunch Bag – 2,160 yen
Tote Bag – 3,240 yen

A4 Clearfile Set (Beach Fun Time | Forest Stroll) – 497 yen each

Yurutto 3

PET Stickers (Blue | Green | Peach | Yellow | Orange) – 378 yen each
Deco Tape (Squishing | Massaging) – 648 yen each
A5 Notebook Set – 540 yen
Acrylic Pass Case – 1,210 yen
Dice Bag (Drifloon | Ludicolo)
Pouch – 1,620 yen
TCG Deck Case (Beach Fun Time | Forest Stroll) – 390 yen each

Not Pictured

Pick 3 Socks (6 Designs) – 1,080 yen for 3 socks
TCG Card Sleeves (64 Sleeves Per Pack / Pikachu | Pikachu & Dedenne | Pikachu & Dedenne & Rowlet | Encounter) – 777 yen each

As always, everything listed here (and more!) is available for purchase via Japan Stuffs, an awesome site run by an awesome girl. Keep up to date with releases and news through her Twitter: @jpnstuffs

Until next time~

Magikarp Jump Merchandise
Pokemon Yurutto

Merchandise Overview – April


[TCG] Mega Alakazam Card Sleeves


[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Center Exclusive Plush: Clefairy, Eevee, Growlithe, Lapras


[Merchandise] Pre-orders start for Its’Demo re-release


[Banpresto] Pokemonlife@picnic Pikachu Plush (3 types)
[Banpresto] Pokemonlife@picnic Pikachu Face Cushions (2 types)
[Banpresto] Pokemon XY & Z – Kororin Friends (Espeon, Sylveon, Umbreon)


[Pokemon Center] Monthly Pair Pikachu – May
[Pokemon Center] Movie Merchandise (Magearna, Volcanion)
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Center Exclusive Plush: Shiny Mega Gardevoir, Volcanion
[TCG] Premium Champion Pack
[TCG] Blastoise Mega Battle Special Pack
[Campaign] Premium Jirachi Card
[Magazine] Pokemon Fan #47


[Banpresto] Pokemonlife@picnic Pikachu Plush w/ Picnic Basket


[Pokemon Center] Kyoto Center Opening Part 2
[Pokemon Center On-Line] Eevee Collection Re-Release
[Pokemon Center On-Line] Eevee Collaboration Jewelry Pre-order Starts
[Pokemon Center On-Line Campaign] Grand Opening Part 3 cushion campaign starts (Receive 1 of 4 cushions for every 5,000 yen spent)
[Merchandise] Ash’s Greninja Plush
[MonColle] Shiny Gardevoir, Shiny Gengar, Volcanion
[Ichiban Kuji] Pikachu & Friends: Eevee Twinkle Dream


[Banpresto] I Love Pikachu – Lying Pikachu Plush (re-release)


[Pokemon Center] Dot Sprites (Eevee, Gengar, Lapras)
[Pokemon Center] PokeNeco Dolce


[Merchandise] Mokomoko Plush (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Gengar, Squirtle)
[Merchandise] Magikarp Plush Pass Case

April TsumTsum Release – Easter Version

Wednesday was my first time experiencing a tsum tsum release at the Disney store!

I originally got into tsum tsum back when it was only available on the Japanese Apple store but lost interest since I had no friends to play with. After it’s release on the American store, a lot of my friends got into it and pulled more mutual friends in, which prompted my own re-emergence. I’ve tried to keep from collecting the plush, although I’ve been collecting the special straps from the arcade version of the game that was recently released.

Tsum tsum is a slippery slope.


The Easter series includes 8 minis wearing bunny ears – Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglett, Donald, Daisey, Chip, Dale,


Medium sizes of Bunny Donald and Bunny Daisy,


And a medium Bunny Daisy plush bag containing 4 alternate pose mini tsums – Daisy, Donald, Chip, and Dale
(Picture credit: the official Disney store)

Unlike the Big Hero 6 tsum release, these plush definitely did not sell out within the first day. I know that not all stores had limits, but the store I went to within Tokyo had limits on all the new release plush, including only allowing customers to purchase up to 20 mini tsums at once.


I recently became infatuated with Bumblebee Pooh, thanks to playing the tsum game, and so I had to get a bunny Pooh, because he is equally as adorable. Although Eeyore came in a close second!


Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of tsum tsum merchandise at the Disney Store, but these candies caught my eye. Of course, they had them in easy reach to the check out line, but while I was tempted, I was able to resist… this time.