Pokemon Dolls + Meltan & Melmetal

Pokemon Dolls + Meltan & Melmetal

Hello everyone!

March 23rd (Saturday) brought some good news and some potentially surprisingly bad news.

Let’s start with bad first because why not.

Saturday morning dawned as usual and people all over the world got ready to open up the Pokemon Center’s On-Line store to get some adorable pokedolls. Except… suddenly, the Japanese store was declining all non-Japanese issued credit cards!

Seeing the trend and also contacting the Pokemon Center’s customer service directly led to the news that the On-Line Center’s list of cards it accepts is now much smaller than it previously was. The website says that “some foreign cards might not work” I guess to cover their butts because there are still some cards that work as well as before. If you were buying directly from the Center’s On-Line store and using a shipping service to get your stuff, you might need to find an alternate work-around because this might not work anymore.

So that was exciting!

Scolipede Pokedoll

The big seller for the day was Scolipede. This adorable centipede stole everyone’s hearts, but how can you not fall for that little bug face? He was the first to sell out on-line and by Sunday was sold out basically everywhere, with his re-sale price currently around quadruple his shelf price.


Along with Scolipede, the other Pokemon included in this batch of Pokedolls included Lucario, Zeraora, Psyduck, and Jigglypuff. I personally am not the biggest fan of how Lucario turned out (his nose is a little weird) but Psyduck makes up for it by being cuter than usual!

Scolipede Mascot

Tiny Scolipede mascot was just as popular as his bigger brother, also selling out pretty quickly (again, how can you resist that little bug face!)

Pokedoll Mascot

And of course there were also mascot size versions of Zeraora, Lucario, Psyduck, and Jigglypuff as well. These mascot plush are extra squishy and soft (and tiny so extra adorable).

Meltan Meltan 2

Along with the Pokedolls, a small Meltan & Melmetal themed promo also came out March 23rd.

Most of the items were stationary related, so maybe not excited, but it also included the first official Pokemon Center plush for both Meltan and Melmetal (who I affectionately refer to as Beefcake Meltan)

Pokemon Center Takara Tomy Meltan Plush

The maybe not quite as adorable Takara Tomy Meltan plush also came out recently. (He kind of looks like he’s been stung by bees, but he is doing his best)

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report!

Until next time~

Pokemon Dolls + Meltan & Melmetal

Tokyo DX Anniversary + Kyoto Center + Easter

Hello everyone and welcome back to another exciting “Pokemon Center Report”!

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX Anniversary

First up – the Tokyo DX Pokemon Center celebrated it’s first year anniversary this past Thursday (March 14th).

Tokyo DX Anniversary 1

Both the Center and the adjoining Pokemon Center cafe are currently in full cherry bloom with tons of pink blossom decorations everywhere, with the highlight being an extra adorable sakura afro Pikachu.

Tokyo DX 2

Along with the decorations and limited food menu over at the cafe, four Pikachu cosplay plush are currently available exclusively at the Tokyo DX Center location: Sakura Afro Pikachu, Ninja Pikachu, Sumo Pikachu, and Kabuki Pikachu.

For those curious as to the theme of the Pikachu plush: Nihonbashi (where the Center is located) was originally the downtown center of Edo-Tokyo and still retains a lot of historical significance, along with being a major commercial and business neighborhood. Consequently, the theme for the Tokyo DX Center is very Meiji-era influenced. If you like traditional Japanese imagery as well as Pokemon, definitely consider making the Tokyo DX Center one of your must stops if visiting Tokyo!

Pokemon Center Kyoto

Speaking of traditional Japanese merchandise, the Kyoto Center’s re-opening campaign started this past Saturday (March 16th)!

Kyoto Plush

The Pokemon Center in Kyoto moved to a new location and as part of the re-opening, all Centers around Japan sold Kyoto inspired merchandise, including these two Pikachu boy and girl plush dressed in traditional kimono and drinking the most Japanese drink: green tea.

Kyoto Stuff

Along with the plush, the promotion also included: charms, keychains, several TCG related merchandise (card sleeves and a playmat), acrylic charms (blind packaged, of course), pouches, towels, a plethora of stationary, and other cute items!

For this release, the only merchandise exclusive to the Kyoto Center were the mascot plush versions of the two main Pikachu plush.

Pokemon Center Easter Spring

Last but not least! The Pokemon Center’s Easter promotion for 2019 went on sale this past Saturday alongside the Kyoto release.

Easter Plush

Similar to last year’s Easter release, the two main plush featured Pikachu and Eevee with flower crowns, although this year’s plush have significantly different patterns and the crown contents differ as well. I personally prefer last year’s designs better.

Easter Mascot

Last year, there were only mascot plush of Pikachu and Eevee, but this year along with the two mains, we also got Plusle, Minun, and Buneary, all sporting adorable flower crowns.

Easter More Stuff

As with all promotions, there was more than just plush. The line-up included: a bunch of stationary related items, pouches, bags, towels, and the popular blind packaged acrylic charms… in Easter eggs! Because of course.

Pokemon Center Pikachu Eevee Flowers

Along with the Easter line-up, there was also an unannounced set of merchandise with a pastel flowery theme featuring both Pikachu and Eevee called Pikachu & Eevee Flowers. The designs are more subtle so if you like cute things you can use in your everyday life, as well as Pikachu and Eevee, then this was clearly made for you.

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report!

Until next time~

Pokemon Dolls + Meltan & Melmetal

Life-Size Eevee Plush + Eevee Collection (Dot Sprite)

Hello everyone and welcome to another Pokemon Center Report!

The first two big releases for February fell on a Friday (February 1st), I guess to shake things up.

Life-Size Eevee

First up: new 1:1 (life-size) Eevee plush!

There were two plush designs in total: normal pose and sitting pose (with the open smile face).

Both are cute and soft!

Pokemon Center Eevee Collection Dot Sprite

Along with the two Eevee plush, a Dot Sprite style promotion, called “Eevee Collection”, also came out February 1st!

The promo included a variety of items based on dot sprite versions of Eevee and the Eeveelutions.

Eevee Collection Cushions

Each Eeveelution had their own die-cut cushion and matching die-cut mascot plush and rubber pin.

Pokemon Center Eevee Collection Dot Sprite Watches

The unique addition to the merch list was a collection of watches – one for each Eeveelution!

Eevee Collection Stuff

Other neat things from the promo included: a set of cute band-aids, sticky notes, a notepad, and (not pictured) phone cases, a hoodie, t-shirts in two designs, decoration tape, plus a set of earrings with one of each Eeveelution!

Pokemon Center Eevee Collection Dot Sprite Socks

And of course, not forgetting the socks!

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report~

Until next time!

Pikachu Apparel + The Scream Phone Cases + Eeveelution Bag Charms

Pikachu Apparel + The Scream Phone Cases + Eeveelution Bag Charms

Hello everyone!

This past weekend at the Pokemon Center was pretty lackluster, but a couple new things came out.

Apparel Shirts

There was a very small collection of clothing and related items, mainly featuring Pikachu, and aimed at parents with kids.

Each clothing item (t-shirt, hoodie, and jacket) had an adult version and a smaller but matching child version.

Due to some sort of manufacturing error, the jacket release was delayed. At this point, we don’t yet know when the new release date will be, but as soon as anyone knows, that information will be posted.

Pokemon Center Houndstooth Pikachu Pouch

Along with the apparel, there were also two types of pouches and four tote-bags.

Half the items had this weird houndstooth style pattern, which I realized upon closer inspection is actually made of Pikachu silhouettes. I’m still not a fan, but I guess it’s less random now that I know.


Although only three tote-bags are pictured here, there was actually four – one was the Pikachu houndstooth pattern but smaller sized.

Pikachu Clothing Patches

There were also two sets of clothing patches, one with Pikachu and a Pokeball and one with two Pikachu faces.

Scream Phone Cases

Not really new but still interesting, the Tokyo DX Center started stocking phone cases and a couple other items from the Edvard Munch art exhibit that happened at the end of 2018.

Phone cases are available with: Pikachu, Eevee, Mimikyu, Psyduck, and Rowlet.

Pokemon Center Q-Pot Eeveelution Bag Charm

Last but not least! Samples of the up-coming Q-Pot x Pokemon part 2 Eeveelution cupcake bag charms are currently in display at Pokemon Centers in Japan.

Similar to part 1, these charms are cute and food related! But please don’t eat them.

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report.

Until next time~

Pikachu Apparel + The Scream Phone Cases + Eeveelution Bag Charms

Starter Pokemon Third Evolution Plushies + Phone Cases

Hello everyone~

January was kind of a slow month for the Pokemon Center, and it continues into February.

Pokemon Center Starter Third Evolution Plushies

The big release for the last weekend in January (January 23rd) was for Pokemon Center original plush of the third evolution forms of all starter Pokemon across all 7 generations.

Third Evo Starters

The plush are basically remakes of previously released plush, but the sizes are all bigger and the patterns are slightly different.

The only plush that are direct re-releases are the three generation 7 Pokemon: Decidueye, Primarina, and Incineroar.

Pokemon Center Starter Third Evolution Plushies

With that said, there are a couple Pokemon that haven’t had plushies made yet, so this release is a mixed bag (for example, did we really need yet more plush of the three original starters? Probably not) But! I’m sure there are people out there that are happy for more Venusaur, so I can’t be mad.

Pokemon Center Phone Case Accessories

The Pokemon Center also came out with un-announced phone cases and related phone accessories.

The cases were mainly previously released designs but for iPhone X, so for people with an X phone, surprise! And you’re welcome.

Pokemon Center Mimikyu Keyboard Plush

Last but not least! The Mimikyu Keyboard Plush also came out at the end of January.

The Keyboard Plush series is so called because each plush comes with a soft keyboard cushion, designed to be used to rest your elbows when using the computer. The Pokemon plush is a bonus to hug while you’re working.

As a reminder, all items mentioned in this post can be ordered through Japanstuffs~ We offer pick-ups direct from the Pokemon Centers in Tokyo so you are always guaranteed 100% authentic Pokemon Center merchandise!

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report.

Until next time~

Pikachu Apparel + The Scream Phone Cases + Eeveelution Bag Charms

Pokemon Sumie + Fluffy Little Pokemon

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting “Pokemon Center Report”!

Two Pokemon Center promotions came out February 19th in Japan – a traditional Japanese stylized promo, called “Sumie Retsuden” (Ink Brush Portraits) and a more cutesy sort of Valentine’s Day themed promo called “Fluffy Little Pokemon”.

Sumie 1

The Pokemon Sumie promotion was unique in a lot of ways. Not only did the art have a very distinctive style, but along with some of the more common Pokemon Center promo items, there was a bunch of not often seen stuff as well.

Sumie 2

One of my favorites were the tea tins. There were three different tins with three different teas: green tea, high quality green tea, and Japanese black tea. I can’t say how good the teas themselves are, but the tins are very nice and are probably worth the price just by themselves.

Sumie 3

Two more unique items from the promo: coasters and small plate sets!

Sumie 4

The promo also included: t-shirts (one for each of the Pokemon featured), can badges, three phone cases, a couple different types of pouches, and stickers

In keeping with the Japanese style theme, there were also foldable fans, blind packaged mini foldable screens, door cutains, and a bento box in two designs. It was a really nice promo!

Moving on! As mentioned, along with the Pokemon Sumie promo, we also got this year’s Valentine’s Day promo (maybe?): Fluffy Little Pokemon. In direct contrast to Pokemon Sumie, the style here is more typical Pokemon Center.


Fluffy Little Pokemon had two mascot plush: a boy Pikachu and a girl Pikachu. There were no matching plush.

Along with the mascot plush, there were a bunch of typical Pokemon Center items including…


Decoration tape, pass cases, towels (hand and face sizes), handkerchiefs, a tote-bag, two types of pouches, and a wallet.

On a final note: I can’t say for certain that this was the Valentine’s Day promo, but there wasn’t really anything else that clearly was for Valentine’s, so either way, it’s kind of disappointing. Last year we had the really cute bakery themed promo and I was hoping for something equally cute this year. Maybe we’ll get something for White Day!

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report!

Until next time~