Pokemon Center Report – Varsity Pikachu Part 2

Pokemon Center Report – Varsity Pikachu Part 2

Miki’s motto in life: Better Late Than Never!

The second part to the Varsity Pikachu (College Logo) series was released near the end of 2017 and featured many of the same items that part 1 had… excluding the plush. This release had no plush what so ever. On the other hand, there was a related gachapon set with a variety of pins so you win some you lose some.

This series has a very collegiate theme, so it’s no surprise that most of the items are either school related or clothing (school related clothing!)


Most of the items were available in two different designs: a generally red Pikachu theme or a generally blue/green Rowlet theme.

Of special note are the tote bags, which came in two sizes – normal tote-bag size and a smaller pouch size. When you love tote-bags so much that you want to attach a smaller tote-bag to your tote-bag.

This year also gave us the return of the varsity jackets, along with two types of hoodies and a cute v-neck sweater.


The two hoodies were both grey with the main difference being the logo on the front (red Pikachu or green Rowlet).

The v-neck sweater was only available with the Pikachu design.

Finally, there were two varsity jackets: blue/grey for Rowlet and red/cream for Pikachu.

I was conflicted with this release as I already bought the varsity jacket from last year’s release and wasn’t sure if I really needed a second one. After debating over whether I should get the Rowlet design or the new Pikachu design, I finally decided to go with the new Pikachu jacket and did not regret this decision.


Here are shots of the red Pikachu jacket from 2016. I fell in love with the logo design on the front which is the main reason I bought it last year. Unfortunately I didn’t have much chance to wear it over the winter but confirmed comfortable and a nice fit.


Here is the jacket from 2017. The logos on both the front and back of this jacket are obviously completely different from the previous year, although the colors are basically the same.

Also of note is the size. Both jackets are a large but the 2017 jacket is just a bit bigger than the 2016 jacket (further proof that Pokemon Center clothing sizes get larger every year).

I bought the 2017 jacket partly because I needed a jacket since I was dumb and did not bring a jacket with me in the middle of winter and I wore it a lot. The pockets are the perfect size to hold things like mp3 players and phones without the fear of them falling out. I also loved the buttons vs a zipper as I enjoyed feeling like the Hulk every time I took the jacket off.

That concludes this Pokemon Center Report. I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time~

Pokemon Center Report – Pikachu’s Sweet Treats

Pokemon Center Report – Pikachu’s Sweet Treats

The 2018 Pokemon Center Valentine’s Day promotion went on sale January 13th and was full of tons of sweets and sweets related merchandise!


This year’s Valentine’s Day plush was a Pikachu Pair and adorable! They’re dressed as tiny Pikachu bakers, one boy and one girl.

The charm point is of course the tiny hearts on their butts.

There was also a heart shaped fuzzy cushion featuring artwork of the cute Pikachu Pair.

There was of course other non plush items that were equally as cute if not quite as soft.


Along with towels (which unfortunately are never easy to get pictures of) there was a set of metal charms (so you can twin with your special someone), a cute bag charm that you can attach to non bag items, a unique little pouch designed to look like a biscuit, and a Pokemon Center drawstring pouch with the promotional artwork.


Special note 2: The sticker roll! I generally don’t buy stickers because I never use them, but I caved for these because the promotional artwork is so cute.


This year’s promotion also included a couple kitchen and baking related items, which was really exciting.

There was a set of cookie cutters, silicone molds for making chocolates and candies, and adorable kitchen rags for cleaning up spills or just brightening up your kitchen area.

Also as part of the promotion was two types of gift bags (a simple one color brown paper bag and a colorful clear bag). There was also a small paper bag with handles. These are designed so you can make your cute chocolates and cookies and then give them to your special someone’s in super cute bags, making everything that much more precious.

Not forgetting the pink heart shaped mugs, perfect for drinking sweet hot chocolate out of.


The stationary set (left) looks just similar enough to the box of chocolates (right)… to me at least… that I definitely got mixed up a couple times while shopping. It does clearly say on both boxes what they are, and now that I have the two side by side I can tell they’re not identical like I thought up until this point. It’s still confusing!

But speaking of chocolate boxes… Pikachu’s Sweet Treats included not one, not two, but three different snacks!


First up… vanilla strawberry chocolate cookies!

Originally I wasn’t planning on buying any but when it comes to cookies and chocolate, I am weak, and it didn’t take much to convince myself to get a bag.

I did not regret this decision – these cookies are amazing! It’s basically a vanilla cookie with really yummy strawberry chocolate on top. The artwork on the bag is of the Valentine’s Day Pair Pikachu from 2017.


Number two… Pikachu chocolates!

These milk chocolates come wrapped in little Pikachus and are sold in a plastic Pikachu cup with tiny ears sticking out the top.

There was a girl version with a pink bow and a boy version with a blue bow.

Also of note are the little tails on the backs of the chocolate wrappers.


Last and certainly not least… the chocolate box!

This was my favorite item, aesthetically, out of all three sweets, although to be honest, the chocolate cookies were the tastiest.

Although the individually wrapped chocolates are adorable, all the chocolate is basically milk chocolate. But still cute!

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report!

Until next time~

Pokemon Center Report – Rainbow Rocket Take-Over + Pokemon Center Plush

Pokemon Center Report – Rainbow Rocket Take-Over + Pokemon Center Plush

Hello everyone~

Rainbow Rocket landed in Pokemon Centers across Japan (including the on-line store) on Saturday January 20th.

The promotion featured a bunch of neat items, including stickers, clip sets, pens, phone cases, and a set of gacha figures (see this post for a full list), however the highlights were definitely the Pikachu Dress-Up plush and surprise legendary (plus Goliosopod) Pokemon plush.


Unlike the previously released Secret Teams dress-up Pikachu, these Pikachu plush are dressed up specifically as each secret team’s leaders.

There are 7 Pikachu plush in total: Giovanni, Archie, Maxie (not pictured), Cyrus, Ghetsis, Lysandre, and Guzma.


Along with the 7 Boss Pikachus, the promo as featured 9 legendary Pokemon plush (and Golisopod, who I guess is an honorary legendary now)

These plush are not Pokedolls although they sort of have a Pokedoll feel.

I’m not going to lie; some are pretty derpy. Maybe it adds to their charm?

The 10 plush are: Mewtwo, Groudon, Kyogre, Dialga, Palkia, Zekrom, Reshiram, Yveltal, Xerneas, and as mentioned Golisopod.


Unrelated to Rainbow Rocket, two new (?) Pokemon Center exclusive plush came out January 20th as well.

New being questionable as Pichu isn’t really new at this point anywhere, but Typhlosion was a surprise.


On January 27th, a small Pikachu based promotion called Pikachu Living & Dining was released.

The promo features a bunch of items that can be used in the home and the kitchen, including tons of bowls, towels, laundry related merch

and cute Pikachu slippers (plus a couple others!)

That wraps up the last of the releases for January.

Welcome to February everyone~

Pokemon Center Report – New Years

Pokemon Center Report – New Years

Hello everyone!

Happy New Years (a few weeks late!)

A bunch of things came out on New Years Day (which is why it’s taken me so long to get this post up) including the Oteire Please (Take Care Of Me Please!) promotion, Lycanroc pokedolls, and 2018 Pokemon Center Lucky Bags!

Let’s talk about the Lucky Bags first.

I got and still continue to get a lot of requests for these bags. I know it’s the internet and no one likes to read but here is some information that some people might find useful.

Lucky Bags

What are lucky bags? Over the year, the Pokemon Center releases promotions with multitudes of items. Not all of these promotions and items sell. In fact, some don’t sell ever and stick around the store forever. What happens at the end of the year when the Center wants to make room for the multitudes of unsellable items in the next year? They repackage them in Lucky Bags and add a gimmick item to get people to buy them! Does it work? Well, the 2018 Lucky Bags sold out within an hour of the store opening and the on-line ones sold out within half an hour so you can be the judge.

The gimmick for this year’s bags were small sleeping mascot plush of Pikachu, Rowlet, and Alolan Vulpix, plus a matching mini sized backpack. Pretty cute! Each Lucky Bag included 1 random mascot + backpack sets. Everyone wanted them and to be fair, they’re super cute.

I managed to order 2 bags on-line and got 2 in person from the Mega Tokyo Center. From what I’ve seen, the on-line bags were all Rowlet, which is kind of annoying. The Lucky Bags can easily be unzipped and the staff could have checked to make sure people weren’t getting duplicates and didn’t. Also from what I’ve seen, the contents of the bags from the stores vs the on-line store was better.

Lucky Bags were limited 2 per person. When I was at the actual Pokemon Center store on New Years Day, I think pretty much everyone in line got their limit of 2 each. When I arrived at 5 am, there was already a line of 20+ people, and I’m positive that people near the front of the line showed up around midnight or even earlier from the night before. People who arrived to wait in line at 8 am were already too late. So if you’re preparing for next year’s Lucky Bags, keep this in mind.

Are the Lucky Bags worth it? Depends on how much you like random Pokemon Center merch. I guess most people get it for the novelty and love waiting in line. At any rate, the bag is cute!


Three new Pokedolls were released January 1st – all three Lycanrocs: Dusk, Dawn, and Midnight forms!


They all turned out really cute, in my opinion, but Midnight is my favorite. I love his little punky mohawk.

With 2018 being the Year of the Dog, Pokemon Centers were also selling this neat Dusk Lycanroc clearfile, featuring artwork from the 2018 Gamefreak New Years cards.

Oteire Please

As mentioned, along with Lucky Bags and Pokedolls, the Pokemon Center also came out with an original promotional series: Oteire Please (which also makes me think of Torikoriko Please by Azalea)


This series featured a bunch of really cute items including plush of Pikachu, Pichu, and Rowlet


And matching mascot plush!


There were super cute memo clips with Pikachu, Pichu, and Rowlet


Phone cases – both flip and shell for iPhones


And cute hand towels!


Some other cute items included: a set of clips to keep your papers in order, hand mirrors, long towels, pens with cute figure charms, slippers, sticker sheets


Pouch, pass case, a towel wrap to keep your hair out of your face, and really cute caramel tins.

There was also the infamous Pokemon Center buy 3 for $10 socks deal with 6 different sock designs.

And a set of gacha figures!

My luck with gacha figures is abysmal to put it lightly, but for some reason for this set my fingers are Alolan Vulpixes as almost every time I played I got a white fox, or Pikachu. If only I had this type of luck all the time in every other aspect of my life.

That wraps up a kind of belated Pokemon Center New Years Report!

Thanks for your patience as we continue to get caught up and stay tuned for next time~

Pokemon Center Report – Ditto Transform! + Moleskine + Phone Cases & Accessories

Pokemon Center Report – Ditto Transform! + Moleskine + Phone Cases & Accessories

Hello everyone~

Today’s Pokemon Center report should have included Pokemon With You as well but as I was editing photos, I realized I didn’t take any photos of the With You line at all! So that will have to wait for another day.

But that’s okay because we have a couple other interesting releases!


First up… Ditto Transform! Release after release and I never fail to love these Ditto plushies. Look at their derpy little faces! Ditto is just trying his Rubesty and that’s why we love him.


As with every other release since the very beginning, each five featured Ditto Pokemon (Alolan Vulpix, Whimsicott, Absol, Shaymin, and Electrode) had both a plush and a mascot plush version.

Originally, I was only planning on buying the Alolan Vulpix Ditto plush for myself but after seeing them in person, I couldn’t help but get a mascot sized version as well. They’re so cute?! The Vulpix plush also seems a little bigger than than the usual Ditto Transform plush but then again I might just be hallucinating.

A bunch of new Pokemon Center original phone cases were released to some fanfare. On one hand, I love Pokemon Center cases. On the other hand, the designs are sort of very defaulty. Better something than nothing? I still think they look cool!


There was a mix of flip phone cases, which are designed to fit a variety of medium sized phone types.


There were also a couple soft and hard shell iPhone cases.

Two styles of earbuds were released alongside the phone cases: one with Pikachu and one with Eevee.

Alongside the phone cases, a couple higher end Pikachu items also came out including two sizes of moleskine notebooks.


Funny story: up until this very moment, I always thought the brand name was “Moleskin” without the e and the reason why the notebooks are so expensive is because they’re made of mole skins. Well, jokes on me! They’re not made of mole. Also the reason they’re so expensive is marketing. So the lesson here is if you tell people something is worth a lot of money and is from Italy, the fashion capital of the world, they’ll probably believe you.

Moving on!

Part 2 of the very useful Pokemon magnet hook series was released on Saturday. Not only are these magnets but parts of their bodies are extra bendy so you can use them to hold things, like pencils, or hang stuff off of them, like keys or jewelry. I bought a Mew magnet hook from the last release (the tails bent so you could hang stuff off of them) and it’s a great place to keep my keys so I always know where they are (when I remember to put my keys on the hook!!)


On a parting note, we got some unexpected restocks Saturday morning.

Upon arriving at the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center a little past 10 am, I noticed the Lillie’s 1:1 (ish) Vulpix plush were back in stock in greater numbers than the last restock. I mistakenly thought this meant they would be around for a while. Nope!

Even more surprising was the sudden restock of the Alolan Vulpix Christmas plush. This too did not last long! By the time I returned at around 7 pm that same day both Vulpix plush were gone again.

Will Lillie’s Vulpix return to stores once more in yet another restock?! Next time on… Mikitzune: The Final Frontier

Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Tails & Paws + Pokemon Center Plush

Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Tails & Paws + Pokemon Center Plush

Hello everyone!

We’re back with another exciting Pokemon Center Report~

There were two big releases Saturday, December 16th.

The first was…*drum roll* the Pokemon Tails & Paws promotion!

Featuring a bunch of Pokemon tails (and some paws) this promotion is both cute and maybe a little weird when you think about it (so don’t think about it!)

The original Pokemon Tails promotion went on sale in February, 2013 so a lot of time has passed between the two releases. Some main differences at a glance: the tail (and paw) mascots feature acrylic charms vs the original rubber ones, there are no pens in this recent release, no individual clear file sets for each featured Pokemon, limited phone cases (in the original release there were soft iPhone cases to match each tail mascot), and the ceramic tail mugs are far less detailed (in the original release, the tail handles were more 3D while the new ones are flat and more handle-shaped / less die-cut).

Considering the original release also featured Minccino, the clear winner for me is the original Tails release. But that doesn’t mean this latest release wasn’t also cute in it’s own way!


The highlight to the tail promotion was of course the tail mascots!

There were 5 designs in total: Alola Vulpix, Mimikyu, Sylveon, Umbreon, and Espeon. Each mascot came with a matching acrylic charm.

Along with the smaller mascot plush, there was a larger carabiner clip Mimikyu tail mascot plush as well.

There was also a selection of four paw shaped mascot plush, complete with adorable toe beans!


The four paw mascot plush included: Alola Vulpix, Eevee, Lucario, and Bewear. Similar to the tail mascot plush, each mascot includes a matching acrylic charm.

There were two types of phone cases as part of this promo. The Bewear case is a hard shell designed specifically for iPhones.


There were also four types of flip phone cases featuring Charmander, Mimikyu, Sylveon and Pikachu.


Not forgetting the large tail cushions! There were 2 designs: Eevee and Pikachu. These cushions are pretty big and the perfect size for snuggling. They’re also super soft and squishy!

And of course the aforementioned tail mugs, with Mimikyu, Espeon, and Umbreon designs!

Not individually pictured but of note: the paw pad fuzzy socks for Eevee and Alola Vulpix and the Bewear cooking mitts.

Of note because I’m still boggled the Pokemon Center released them: mugs designed to look like paws but they look like butts from the side. Maybe someone out there finds these mugs cute. Based on the name, you’d think they’d be adorable. You’d be wrong. They’re kind of plain and only feature default artwork of both Eevee and Alolan Vulpix on the side. The Pokemon Center couldn’t be bothered to make a quick original sketch to use, not even the artwork used on the acrylic charms for the mascot plush. You do you, Pokemon Center.

The second big release for the weekend… new Pokemon Center plush!

Well newish. Wailord was released previously although the pattern for this release is slightly different.


Along with Wailord, the Pokemon Center also gave us Tapu Lele and Gardevoir (yes, Gardevoir has legs under the skirt!)

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report!

Until next time~