Pokemon Center Report – Lapras & Pikachu Travel Adventures

Pokemon Center Report – Lapras & Pikachu Travel Adventures

Hello everyone~

First up, a big apology for the lateness of this post. I meant this get this up a few days ago and then over the weekend, I got sick and was out of commission for a few days. But I’m feeling better finally and the Miki policy is always better late than never!

This past weekend saw the release of the Lapras & Pikachu travel themed Pokemon Center promotion!

The illustrations for this promotion are so cute, and there were a bunch of neat items included in the line-up.


The highlight was definitely the Lapras & Pikachu travel companions plush and mascot plush.

Usually I have an issue with mascot plush not looking quite as cute as the normal sized plush version, but in this case, I think both large and small plushies are adorable and perfect.

There was no cushion in this release, but there was a plush tissue box cover featuring mini sized Lapras and Pikachu plush.

How can you feel miserable when your tissues are protected by these two cuties?


There were two shell iPhone cases for this release, and no flip cases. The shell cases are designed to fit iPhones 6, 6s, 7, and 8 (sorry X!)

Something we don’t usually see in Pokemon Center promotions: actual dangly earrings and not just studs! When you want to be a little bit extra with a Pokemon theme.


There were no Pokemon Center mugs but instead there was this wobble drinking glass. It’s designed to wobble instead of tip over so perfect for those friends who somehow always manage to spill their drinks at your house!

This cute pen is functional and entertaining! The little Pikachu riding a Lapras moves up and down when you tilt the pen up and down.


Other items of note: an acrylic keychain charm, fabulous pouch, mini hand mirror, and two types of towels (hand towel and mini bath towel).

A plastic Pokemon Center thermos, so you can stay hydrated during your own travels.


Not forgetting the selection of stationary related items!

This promotion had a cute memo set in a Lapras & Pikachu box, a sheet of stickers, a ringed notebook, and the famous Pokemon Center A4 clearfile.

Lugia was there, too, crashing the party and looking for hugs.

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center report!

Here is to hoping we get some exciting Pokemon merchandise news tomorrow~

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Pokemon Center Report – Past Release Catch-Up

Pokemon Center Report – Past Release Catch-Up

Hello everyone!

This past Friday gave us no news, and there wasn’t really any releases over the weekend either, so I apologize for the quiet.

This post will cover a couple smaller releases that’s happened over the past few weeks!

A set of new can badges from the Pokemon With You charity line came out March 10th.


The line-up included: Dusk Lycanroc, Lucario, Ditto, Vulpix, Latios, Latias, Tapu Lele, Shaymin, Pichu, and Dedenne.


Takara Tomy has a series of plush called “Chokorisan” and a set of Pokemon plush from this series came out around March 15th.

The release included: Pikachu, Ash, Psyduck, Misty, Vulpix, Brock, Meowth, Jesse, and James.


Three “new” Pokemon Center exclusive plush were released around Japan March 24th.

This small batch included Lucario, Piplup, and Croagunk.


An Ultra Beast promotion, which included a bunch of plush, also came out March 24th at Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan.

Ultra Beast plush included: Kartana, Poipole (not pictured), Nihilego, Pheromosa, Blacephalon, Xurkitree, Guzzlord, Stakataka, Buzzwole, and Celesteela.

This wraps up today’s short(er) catch-up post!

This amazingly adorable and impossibly fluffy Eevee plush was revealed yesterday via the Project_Eevee Twitter account. At this point all we know is this plush is from an up-coming Pokemon Center release scheduled for sometime in April. Fingers crossed we get more info on him tonight!

Until next time~

Pokemon Center Report – Pikachu & Eevee’s Easter

Pokemon Center Report – Pikachu & Eevee’s Easter

Hello everyone!

This past Saturday gave us a slew of releases all at once, in typical Pokemon Center style.

This post will cover the Pokemon Center 2018 Easter promotion!


The most anticipated items from the event: the plush!

This year’s Easter promotion had two main stuffed animals – Pikachu and Eevee – both with adorable flower crowns.


If you like tiny plush you were in luck because there was also mascot plush sized versions of both Pikachu and Eevee. Just as adorable and also with flower crowns but small!

And if you love cushions, then you were also in luck! There seems to be at least 1 cushion in almost every major Pokemon Center promotion lately, with the 2018 Easter promo being no exception.

Soft and cuddly and with both Eevee and Pikachu, there’s no downside here.


Some other items of note: pass cases!

These cases were a lot bigger than I thought, but they make good bag decorations even without using them to hold train passes.


Cute dice bag with Pikachu on one side and Eevee on the other.


Charm bracelets! One featuring Pikachu and one with Eevee


Fashionable scrunchies! The yellow one comes with a small Pikachu charm while the blue design comes with a small Eevee charm.


Super frilly tote-bag with matching pouch

An adorable phone case with Easter Pikachu! Even comes with a hand strap to keep you from potentially dropping your phone.


There was also stickers, a stationary set in a cute box, a notebook, and (not pictured) decoration tape.

And of course not forgetting… the cookies!

This promotion was incredibly popular, with the plush and mascot plush selling out from all Pokemon Centers in the Tokyo area by Sunday morning. I have a feeling they will restock but for the moment, if you didn’t pre-order or get to the Pokemon Center early on Saturday morning, you’re out of luck. Pray for restocks!

Until next time~

Pokemon Center Report – Tokyo DX Pokemon Center Opening

Pokemon Center Report – Tokyo DX Pokemon Center Opening

Hello everyone!

The brand new Tokyo DX Pokemon Center, located on the 5th floor of the Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C. East Hall, is officially open for business.

Maybe in part to the Center opening on a weekday, the crowds were not as big as they probably will be over the weekend. The Center is about as big as the Skytree location but the staff tried to make it seem larger with the use of strategically placed mirrors (sneaky!)


Along with the opening, there are a bunch of Center exclusive merchandise promotions, with most of these items being sold exclusively through the Tokyo DX Center location.

Two of the three main Pikachu plush (Gentleman and Hakama) are available everywhere around Japan, but the special Fireman Pikachu is only available at the DX Center.

A set of three dress-up Pikachu metal charms is available for sale everywhere, so even if you’re not in Tokyo, you can still get something of the super cute Fireman Pikachu.

The Center logo pin is, unsurprisingly, a DX exclusive, but makes a great commemorative souvenir!


Also exclusive to the DX Center: the Pikachu Walking Map series!

All of the items in this series feature a stylized map covered in cute Pokemon and featuring notable sites around Tokyo.

These cute toothpick cases, complete with wooden toothpicks, are from a third separate mini promotion also exclusive to the DX Center.


A brand new permanent Pokemon Cafe is now also open on the same floor as the Tokyo DX Pokemon Center.

This cafe features a bunch of Pokemon themed food (more information in this post) as well as a small store with exclusive items sold through the DX Pokemon Center, including these adorable Pikachu plush.

Mascot sized versions of each plush are available for purchase when eating at the cafe. The full size plush can be bought even if you don’t eat at the cafe.

Of note is the adorable Pokeball mug!

That wraps up this Pokemon Center Report. Expect more pictures from the new Center in the future!

Until next time~

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Pokemon Center Report – Varsity Pikachu Part 2

Pokemon Center Report – Varsity Pikachu Part 2

Miki’s motto in life: Better Late Than Never!

The second part to the Varsity Pikachu (College Logo) series was released near the end of 2017 and featured many of the same items that part 1 had… excluding the plush. This release had no plush what so ever. On the other hand, there was a related gachapon set with a variety of pins so you win some you lose some.

This series has a very collegiate theme, so it’s no surprise that most of the items are either school related or clothing (school related clothing!)


Most of the items were available in two different designs: a generally red Pikachu theme or a generally blue/green Rowlet theme.

Of special note are the tote bags, which came in two sizes – normal tote-bag size and a smaller pouch size. When you love tote-bags so much that you want to attach a smaller tote-bag to your tote-bag.

This year also gave us the return of the varsity jackets, along with two types of hoodies and a cute v-neck sweater.


The two hoodies were both grey with the main difference being the logo on the front (red Pikachu or green Rowlet).

The v-neck sweater was only available with the Pikachu design.

Finally, there were two varsity jackets: blue/grey for Rowlet and red/cream for Pikachu.

I was conflicted with this release as I already bought the varsity jacket from last year’s release and wasn’t sure if I really needed a second one. After debating over whether I should get the Rowlet design or the new Pikachu design, I finally decided to go with the new Pikachu jacket and did not regret this decision.


Here are shots of the red Pikachu jacket from 2016. I fell in love with the logo design on the front which is the main reason I bought it last year. Unfortunately I didn’t have much chance to wear it over the winter but confirmed comfortable and a nice fit.


Here is the jacket from 2017. The logos on both the front and back of this jacket are obviously completely different from the previous year, although the colors are basically the same.

Also of note is the size. Both jackets are a large but the 2017 jacket is just a bit bigger than the 2016 jacket (further proof that Pokemon Center clothing sizes get larger every year).

I bought the 2017 jacket partly because I needed a jacket since I was dumb and did not bring a jacket with me in the middle of winter and I wore it a lot. The pockets are the perfect size to hold things like mp3 players and phones without the fear of them falling out. I also loved the buttons vs a zipper as I enjoyed feeling like the Hulk every time I took the jacket off.

That concludes this Pokemon Center Report. I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time~

Pokemon Center Report – Pikachu’s Sweet Treats

Pokemon Center Report – Pikachu’s Sweet Treats

The 2018 Pokemon Center Valentine’s Day promotion went on sale January 13th and was full of tons of sweets and sweets related merchandise!


This year’s Valentine’s Day plush was a Pikachu Pair and adorable! They’re dressed as tiny Pikachu bakers, one boy and one girl.

The charm point is of course the tiny hearts on their butts.

There was also a heart shaped fuzzy cushion featuring artwork of the cute Pikachu Pair.

There was of course other non plush items that were equally as cute if not quite as soft.


Along with towels (which unfortunately are never easy to get pictures of) there was a set of metal charms (so you can twin with your special someone), a cute bag charm that you can attach to non bag items, a unique little pouch designed to look like a biscuit, and a Pokemon Center drawstring pouch with the promotional artwork.


Special note 2: The sticker roll! I generally don’t buy stickers because I never use them, but I caved for these because the promotional artwork is so cute.


This year’s promotion also included a couple kitchen and baking related items, which was really exciting.

There was a set of cookie cutters, silicone molds for making chocolates and candies, and adorable kitchen rags for cleaning up spills or just brightening up your kitchen area.

Also as part of the promotion was two types of gift bags (a simple one color brown paper bag and a colorful clear bag). There was also a small paper bag with handles. These are designed so you can make your cute chocolates and cookies and then give them to your special someone’s in super cute bags, making everything that much more precious.

Not forgetting the pink heart shaped mugs, perfect for drinking sweet hot chocolate out of.


The stationary set (left) looks just similar enough to the box of chocolates (right)… to me at least… that I definitely got mixed up a couple times while shopping. It does clearly say on both boxes what they are, and now that I have the two side by side I can tell they’re not identical like I thought up until this point. It’s still confusing!

But speaking of chocolate boxes… Pikachu’s Sweet Treats included not one, not two, but three different snacks!


First up… vanilla strawberry chocolate cookies!

Originally I wasn’t planning on buying any but when it comes to cookies and chocolate, I am weak, and it didn’t take much to convince myself to get a bag.

I did not regret this decision – these cookies are amazing! It’s basically a vanilla cookie with really yummy strawberry chocolate on top. The artwork on the bag is of the Valentine’s Day Pair Pikachu from 2017.


Number two… Pikachu chocolates!

These milk chocolates come wrapped in little Pikachus and are sold in a plastic Pikachu cup with tiny ears sticking out the top.

There was a girl version with a pink bow and a boy version with a blue bow.

Also of note are the little tails on the backs of the chocolate wrappers.


Last and certainly not least… the chocolate box!

This was my favorite item, aesthetically, out of all three sweets, although to be honest, the chocolate cookies were the tastiest.

Although the individually wrapped chocolates are adorable, all the chocolate is basically milk chocolate. But still cute!

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report!

Until next time~