Pokemon Center Report – 100 Pokemon Night Parade

Pokemon Center Report – 100 Pokemon Night Parade

Hello everyone!

The major release for this past weekend was the much anticipated “100 Pokemon Night Parade” or Hyaku Poke Yako (百ポケ夜行) Pokemon Center promotion.

Based on the hyakki yako but replacing traditional Japanese yokai with Pokemon, this summer themed promotion was pretty unique and also included a side series of items featuring traditional Japanese crest designs combined with Pokemon.


The main attraction was the plush: Vulpix, Alola Vulpix, Greninja, and Froslass.

Of the four, I’m the most impressed with Greninja and Froslass. I think they turned out really nice, and of course it’s always great seeing plush made of Pokemon who don’t normally get plush (like Froslass!)

In my opinion, the Vulpix plush turned out cuter in person compared to the stock photo.

I really don’t like the pattern the Pokemon Center continues to use for Alola Vulpix plush, so my opinion here is the nose is wonky as always. Maybe someday they’ll use a different pattern. (A girl can dream).

Pokemon Center 100 Pokemon Night Parade Hyaku Poke Yako

Most of the items from the promotion featured the main parade illustration, which is gorgeous, so I don’t have many complaints.


The can badges are made of traditional Japanese chirimen crepe fabric, which I thought was pretty neat.

Pokemon Center 100 Pokemon Night Parade Hyaku Poke Yako

I really loved these stickers! They might have been one of my favorite items from the release.

Pokemon Center 100 Pokemon Night Parade Hyaku Poke Yako

… along with the chopsticks! Which features the Pokemon Crest themed artwork.


A couple of items featured the two Vulpix crests on one side and a print design of other Pokemon, including Golisopod, Greninja, Mawile, and Froslass on the other.

I like the two Vulpix designs, I just wish they made them a little more different because at a glance, they look almost the same.


Bonus! In part with the Poke Maniac campaign, Poke Maniac Pikachu mascots and accompanying staff have been visiting Pokemon Centers around Japan.

Pokemon Center Poke Maniac Pikachu Plush

The super cute Poke Maniac Pikachu plush will go on sale this Saturday~
Pre-order at Japanstuffs.com

Until next time!

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Pokemon Center Report – Precious Wedding

Pokemon Center Report – Precious Wedding

Hello everyone!

Today’s Pokemon Center Report will be a little short but before we dive in, a quick announcement from the management!

Pokemon Center zombiemiki mikitzune banner

As some of you know, along with reporting on Pokemon Center merchandise, I also am a graphic designer and illustrator.

I recently opened a Threadless artist shop where I’ll be uploading original designs available mainly on t-shirts and coffee mugs.
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Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

This past Saturday was the release of the June Bride themed Precious Wedding promotion.

It wasn’t very big, with the most exciting items being the engagement and wedding rings which are all special order.

To add to that, the main plush pair were boxed, which is not the most exciting thing to see.

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

The mascot plush are adorable, though, and they’re not attached! So if you have a friend, you can easily swap Pikachus if you want to support Pride month and have two girl Pikachu brides or two boy Pikachu grooms 💕

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

Along with the plush, mascot plush, and pair of wedding style drinking glasses, there was also a cute Pikachu pair charm set

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

A cute heart-shaped ring cushion

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

And cute envelopes (shugi-bukuro) so you can give money gifts to the bride and groom in style

(Note: the tradition for Japanese weddings is to give money in place of material gifts. Stationary stores and sometimes convenience stores sell special envelopes specifically for weddings. Not only will the bride and groom appreciate the gift, but who could say no to such a cute and fancy envelope!)

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Pikachu Charizard

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report~

Until next time!

Pokemon Center Report – Eevee Plush + 20th Anniversary Part 2 + Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Center Report – Eevee Plush + 20th Anniversary Part 2 + Pokemon Quest

Hello everyone!

The Pokemon Center decided to release a bunch of things all at once this past Saturday (June 2nd) because causing chaos for their staff is what the Pokemon Center does best.

Shaymin Pokemon Center 20th Anniversary

The festivities for the Pokemon Center’s 20th Anniversary continued with the release of a second batch of goods, including a brand new main illustration.

The highlight for this release was the large and super squishy Shaymin plush!


There wasn’t quite as many items in this release as part 1, however some of the more interesting items included: Pikachu figure keychain, a large can badge, Pikachu memo clip, super cute phone cases (including a shell case for the iPhone X!), and a pen and pencil with a cute Pikachu figure on top.

Pikachu cookie tin Pokemon Center 20th Anniversary

My favorite item from this release, and the only item I personally got, was this adorable cookie tin. It’s so colorful and cute! And it has cookies!


New Pokemon Center exclusive Eevee plush came out on Saturday!

The three poses are sitting, running, and sleeping.

My personal favorite is the sleeping pose! I didn’t get one, but there is a chance I’ll cave because the more I see it, the cuter it becomes…


A small apparel related release came out on Saturday as well. Dubbed Neon Colors due to the prevalence of, you guessed it, neon colors, the line-up featured hats (not pictured: Pikachu and Charizard).


Pass cases


A very neon backpack and pouch, as well as some other t-shirts.

Pokemon Quest Pikachu

Last but not least! On the heels of the Pokemon Quest game announcement, a small release of Pokemon Quest related items sort of surprise came out on Saturday. (The Pokemon Center does not mess around)


Along with the larger sized Pikachu plush, there were 8 smaller mascot plushies: Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Eevee, Electrode, Slowpoke, and Magikarp.


There was also a couple other non plush items, including t-shirts, a hat, two types of bags, a clearfile set (of course), and more iPhone shell cases (including for the X!)

That wraps up this Pokemon Center Report.

Until next time~

Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Dolls

Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Dolls

Hello everyone!

This past weekend gave us the much anticipated release of new plush from the popular Pokemon Dolls or “Pokedoll” series, as well as a bunch of other non-plush items with a Pokedoll theme.


Disclaimer: my personal thoughts.

I’ve been excited for this release since the Pokemon Centers put up their teaser posters in their stores. I love Pokedolls (as do a lot of people) and based on those stock preview images, they looked really cute. I love Mew, and as a collector, I was looking forward to this new plush to add to my collection.

And then I saw a non-stock photo and my dreams were crushed. It might be just me, but the nose looked a little weird and some of the faces looked unevenly stuffed, so some looked like chipmunks or Mews that had recent dental surgery. I’ll probably wait and see if there are any in stock when I visit Japan near the end of the year, at which point I’ll be able to spend as long as it takes to see if I can find a Mew face that looks acceptable to me, but for now, just disappointment.

But! Again that’s just my opinion. The other plush (of course) are all adorable! Especially that Snorlax. Everyone who takes naps needs one as a nap time buddy.

Perhaps the most confusing item from this promotion is this… “cushion” or so it’s called. It’s actually closer to a mat that you can roll up and carry around and then sit on, like during a picnic, so I’m not sure why they called it a cushion. It also seems kind of small? I guess as long as you have a small butt, it should be okay.


There was actually quite a lot of interesting items from this promotion, off the beaten Pokemon Center path.

Among the line-up were individual keychain charms of each Pokedoll (plus Pikachu), sticker sets, and clear plastic pouch sets (each set came with a larger pouch and a smaller one).

Of course, we also got dice bags in two designs, because what is a Pokemon Center promotion without a dice bag.

Another neat item: these boxes! You can stack them or put them next to each other or put them far away from each other. They’re small enough to easily fit on a desk. One box can hold a Pokedoll, for size reference.


More neat things!

Can cases in two designs~ They’re pretty big so if you have a lot of markers or pens and pencils and erasers and need an easy way to cart them around, the Pokemon Center has your back.

Lunch bags~ When you want to take your lunch to work and look cute at the same time.

A thermos! To keep your drinks at the right temperature.

A card case! Keep your cards in order and out of your wallet.

Memo pads! When a notebook is too big.

More cute stuff! These are actually cookie tins, but look like old-fashioned lunch boxes.


Last but not least… phone cases!

This is the first official Pokemon Center phone case for the iPhone X, so iPhone X users rejoice. More is coming on the horizon!

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report. What were you looking forward to?

Until next time!

Pokemon Center Report – Psycho Soda

Pokemon Center Report – Psycho Soda

Hello everyone!

First off, a big apology and a confession.

When I first saw advertisements for this promotion, due to the weird font choice, I incorrectly called it “Salko Soda”. It took me a few weeks to realize the name of the promotion is based off of one of the in-game Pokemon items “Psycho Soda” and it took me this long to realize it’s “Psycho” and not “Saiko”, which would be the direct transliteration of the title.

Psycho Soda. Not Saiko. Not Salko. (Although now I can’t un-see Salko…)

At any rate, now the name makes perfect sense! I’m sorry for any confusion I might have caused.

The Psycho Soda promotion came out this past Saturday (May 19th) and did reasonably well, as expected. It’s a super cute promotion, and I love the pop imagery to match the pop theme (or soda for some of you out there).


The promotion featured two mascot plush: one Pikachu and one Eevee.

My personal opinion is that they aren’t quite as cute as they could have been. I like them better in the illustrations vs the translation into plush form. With that said, Pikachu is super adorable, though.

The item I was most surprised with? The memo pad. I knew it was a memo pad and not a notebook but this thing is tiny!


The item I was most excited for? The cups! They did not disappoint.

Believe it or not, I didn’t get either cup although I’m still considering it. I love having cute Pokemon cups to drink out of.

A Pokemon Center promotion staple: the train pass case.


Items we don’t see a lot of: earrings! Each set of earrings comes with either Pikachu or Eevee and a cute Psycho Soda bottle.


Psycho soda stickers! Along with the usual PET sticker sheets, there were also two individual stickers of Pikachu and Eevee.

Another Pokemon Center staple: the foldable mini mirror.


Phone cases! This is maybe the last promotion to not offer iPhone X Cases. It seems like all Pokemon Center promotions from this point will be offering shell cases for 8/7/6s/6 as well as a separate case for the X.

Psycho Soda had a couple clothing items and bags; not new but not always included in every promotion, so it was a little exciting.


Along with two pairs of socks and two free-size shirts (one Pikachu and one Eevee), there were two bags: a backpack (pictured here) and a shoulder bag (not pictured).

There was also a semi-clear pouch and a similar looking but larger and flatter case, perfect for storing Pokemon Center clearfiles.

Although this promotion didn’t include a cookie tin, they did have this tin case, which has ramune candy inside! Eat the candy and use it as a pen case after.

That wraps up this week’s Pokemon Center Report!

Until next time~

Pokemon Center Report – Zeraora & Summer Movie Hype

Pokemon Center Report – Zeraora & Summer Movie Hype

Hello everyone!

We’ve had a lull in Pokemon Center releases since Golden Week, but next weekend will give us the Saiko Soda promotion, followed by the much anticipated Pokemon Doll release the following weekend.

There was some new merchandise that came out during Golden Week, and this post will cover those items, so strap in!

First up: the first official Pokemon Center original Zeraora plush!

He’s cuddly, he’s a cat, and he goes zappy-zap!

Along with the plush, we also got a new Zeraora metal charm

And larger sized acrylic charms of both Lugia and Zeraora (unfortunately Zeraora sold out at the taking of this picture).


Along with Zeraora, a bunch of 2018 summer movie themed merchandise was also released. These items are maybe not quite as exciting, including a bunch of stationary (clearfiles, stickers, pencil boards, pencils, erasers) and smaller things like a wallet, tiny hand towel, and dice bag.


From Re-ment, this super cute series of fuzzy Pikachu doll-like figures were released. They are not blind-packaged, so rejoice! They’re based on the costumed Pikachus featured in the yearly Pikachu Invasion event that happens in Yokohama, and along with Pikachu dressed in various outfits, there is also Ditto Pikachu and Mimikyu.


These super cute pencil cases came back in stock finally.

They originally came out a few months back, but the pink one with Chillarmy/Minccino sold out everywhere for reasons I still don’t understand. My friend was able to find one finally in the Sapporo Pokemon Center after looking everywhere in Tokyo and having no luck whatsoever. Of course, now they’re back, but it doesn’t matter, because I have my special Chillarmy case!

(The other cases are cute, too~)


New DelGuard mechanical pencils and two sets of Sarasa colored pens were released, completely unannounced.

Along with two cute erasers!


The Pokemon Center also dropped these two large Pikachu and Eevee face cushions, because nothing is better than surprise merchandise.

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report!

Stay tuned for more Pokemon Center announcements and Pokemon Center Reports~