Wednesday was my first time experiencing a tsum tsum release at the Disney store!

I originally got into tsum tsum back when it was only available on the Japanese Apple store but lost interest since I had no friends to play with. After it’s release on the American store, a lot of my friends got into it and pulled more mutual friends in, which prompted my own re-emergence. I’ve tried to keep from collecting the plush, although I’ve been collecting the special straps from the arcade version of the game that was recently released.

Tsum tsum is a slippery slope.


The Easter series includes 8 minis wearing bunny ears – Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglett, Donald, Daisey, Chip, Dale,


Medium sizes of Bunny Donald and Bunny Daisy,


And a medium Bunny Daisy plush bag containing 4 alternate pose mini tsums – Daisy, Donald, Chip, and Dale
(Picture credit: the official Disney store)

Unlike the Big Hero 6 tsum release, these plush definitely did not sell out within the first day. I know that not all stores had limits, but the store I went to within Tokyo had limits on all the new release plush, including only allowing customers to purchase up to 20 mini tsums at once.


I recently became infatuated with Bumblebee Pooh, thanks to playing the tsum game, and so I had to get a bunny Pooh, because he is equally as adorable. Although Eeyore came in a close second!


Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of tsum tsum merchandise at the Disney Store, but these candies caught my eye. Of course, they had them in easy reach to the check out line, but while I was tempted, I was able to resist… this time.