Pokemon Center Report – Tropical Sweets + Summer Time + Poke-Maniac + PokeCen Plush & Releases

Pokemon Center Report – Tropical Sweets + Summer Time + Poke-Maniac + PokeCen Plush & Releases

Hello everyone!

A lot has come out starting from the end of June and past mid July, when the annual summer Pokemon movie was released in movie theaters, but before I dive into the first of several posts, a quick announcement.

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Pokemon Center Pikachu balloons

I have a bunch of photos from the Pokemon Center (thanks to the lovely Jen from Japanstuffs.com) and will be posting catch-up entries over the next few weeks.


On June 30th, the four Pikachu cosplay plush from the very tiny Poke-Maniac promotion were released.

In order from left to right, Pikachu is dressed as: The Poke-Maniac (cosplaying as a Pokemon), Charizard, Hydreigon, and Tyranitar.


On July 7th, the Pokemon Tropical Sweets promotion was released in Pokemon Centers, alongside the start of the summer exclusive menu items at the Pokemon Cafe in Nihonbashi.

Of special note from this release are the mascot plush designed to look like frosted cookies: Pikachu, Eevee, Alolan Vulpix, and Snorlax. And special Ditto mascot cookie is currently available exclusively through the Pokemon Cafe.


On July 13th, three Pokemon Center exclusive plush were released: Chansey, Sudowoodo, and a huge Snorlax.


Along with the Pikachu & Red mini promotion, featuring original artwork by Sugimoto

Pokemon Center summer time promotion plush

And the Pokemon Summer Time promotion.


Along with plenty of cute, summer themed items, the highlights included these four plush: Boy Pikachu, Girl Pikachu, Snorlax, and Rowlet.


On the following day (July 14th), 3 Coins, a popular discount store, started their Pokemon Center collaboration.


Fast forwarding a bit, these cute mascot plush (Pikachu, Eevee, and Mimikyu) were released without much fanfare on July 28th.

Pokemon Center Tokyo Pikachu Mega Charizard

That wraps up this post, but we still have plenty more to cover, so stay tuned!

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Merchandise Overview – August

1st Week of August

[Sega] Premium Bath Towels (2 Designs)


[Takara Tomy] Chokkori-san Plush (Eevee, Lisa)


[TCG] Fairy’s Rise Booster Pack
[TCG] Mina & Rimbombee Card Sleeves
[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Towel w/ Hood (2 Designs)
[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Extra Large Gengar Plush
[Banpresto] Pikachu Mania! Large Pikachu Plush


[Takara Tomy] Hello Pikachu figure

2nd Week of August

[Sega] Premium Round Box


[Re-ment] Enjoy Cooking! Pikachu Kitchen (8 sets)


[Its’Demo] Pokemon Love Its’Demo – Eeveelutions
[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Ultra Guardians Large Plush (Popplio, Rowlet)


[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Pikachu Lamp (2 Designs)
[Banpresto] Pikachu Mania! Mascot Plush (5 Designs)


[Pokemon Center] Pikachu Invasion Mascot Plush
[Pokemon Center] Slowpoke Day
[Pokemon Center] With Pikachu terrarium figures


[Its’Demo] Pokemon Love Its’Demo – Electric Pokemon
[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Extra Large Halloween Pikachu Plush


[Banpresto] Korotto Manmaru – Large Ghost Plush (Haunter, Mimikyu, Litwick)
[Banpresto] Pokemon Sun & Moon – Halloween Plush (Pikachu x 3 Designs)


[Re-ment] Petit Fleur (Pikachu, Alola Vulpix, Butterfree, Eevee, Leafeon, Sylveon)
[Re-ment] Eevee & Friends Dreaming Case (Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon)


[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Center exclusive starter plush
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Time Vol 11
[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Time: Stajan Edition
[Pokemon Center On-Line] Pokemon Time trainer plush pre-order starts (Acerola, Moon, Lillie)
[Pokemon Center On-Line] Pokemon Center 20th Anniversary Snowglobe pre-orders start
[TCG] Red & Pikachu promo card distribution starts
[MonColle] Alola Ninetails, Naganadel
[Re-Ment] Sleeping on the Cable Part 2 (Pichu, Mew, Sylveon, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander)
[Takara Tomy] Sleeping Friends Plush (Litten, Rowlet, Popplio, Snorlax, Eevee)

5th Week of August

[Sega] Large Premium Drawing Set


[Bandai] Pokeball Collection Super (7 designs total)

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pokemon Time Vol 11 + With Pikachu Terrarium

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pokemon Time Vol 11 + With Pikachu Terrarium

Hello everyone!

Pokemon Mikitzune T-shirts Alola Raichu Vulpix Alola Vulpix Jirachi

Quick reminder: All merchandise on my store is currently discounted for the next few hours (from this posting). Even after the sale period is over, my designs will still be available for purchase on a variety of merch, including t-shirts and mugs. I’ll be adding new designs on a fairly regular basis, so if you like my art, stay tuned for more cuteness!

Pokemon Center With Pikachu Terrarium Figures

The popular Terrarium blind packaged figures is coming out with a Pokemon Center exclusive set, featuring Pikachu!

Called “With Pikachu” (Pikachu to Issho) these blind packaged figures will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers & Stores around Japan starting August 10th (Saturday). The set has 6 terrarium figures in total and each figure will cost 864 yen including tax.

Pokemon Center Pokemon Time Vol 11

Pokemon Time is returning for another year in a row with the 11th volume of the popular series, with a release scheduled for August 25th (Saturday).

The three main Pokemon for Vol 11 are Rowlet, Mimikyu, and Cosmog. The 5 secondary (support?) Pokemon are Litten, Popplio, Bewear, Midnight Lycanroc, and Alolan Vulpix. At this point it is unclear if the trainers (Lillie, Acerola, and Moon) will be included in the actual merchandise because…

… there is currently no photos of any of the merchandise. The Pokemon Center announced the release, gave us a list of items, and nothing else. Which is really frustrating!! Be assured that I will post photos of merchandise as soon as I can find them but for now, items of note:

There will be 3 main plush (Rowlet, Mimikyu, and Cosmog)
There will be 8 mascot plush (Alolan Vulpix, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Mimikyu, Midnight Lycanroc, Bewear, and Cosmog)
There will be no figure charms, but there will be a figure collection gacha set (so far, Rowlet, Mimikyu, and Cosmog are confirmed, but there should be a couple others)
There will be the usual blind packaged candy tins, with 8 tin designs + 1 secret.
There will be socks featuring all 8 Pokemon, similar to the last Pokemon Time release.

The plush especially should be fairly nice quality simply based on the price, but I guess we’ll see for sure when photos surface.

Merchandise Line-Up

Plush (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 4,104 yen each
Mascot Plush (Alolan Vulpix, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Mimikyu, Midnight Lycanroc, Bewear, and Cosmog) – 1,404 yen each

Kira-kira Can Collection (Ramune Candy Tins – Blind Packaged) – 540 yen each
* 8 designs + 1 secret design
Figure Collection – 300 yen per play
* gacha figures

A4 Clearfile Set (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 518 yen each
A4 Clearfile (Alolan Vulpix, Litten, Popplio, Midnight Lycanroc, Bewear) – 260 yen each

IIIIfit® for iPhone 8/7/6s/6 (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 3,240 yen each
T-Shirt (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog | Small, Medium, Large) – 3,996 yen each
Pouch (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 1,728 yen each
Memo Set w/ Box (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 864 yen each
Ball-point Pen (Rowlet, Mimikyu, Cosmog) – 540 yen each

Socks (Alolan Vulpix, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Mimikyu, Midnight Lycanroc, Bewear, Cosmog) – 1,080 yen for 3 pairs of socks

Pokemon Center Shoulder Plush Eevee Pikachu Mimikyu

Last but not least, these three mascot plush (Pikachu, Eevee, and Mimikyu) were added to the Pokemon Center on-line store on Friday, with a release date set for Saturday the 28th (tomorrow Japan time). These plush come with a small strap you can use to attach them to things, like your shoulder.

Each plush costs 1,800 yen after tax.

That wraps up everything for this week. Until next time~

With Pikachu Terrarium Figures
Pokemon Time Vol 11

August Banpresto Pokemon Prize Overview

August Banpresto Pokemon Prize Overview

Hello everyone!

Pokemon Alolan Raichu Zombiemiki T-Shirt Giveaway

First, a quick announcement. I recently opened a store for my original designs over on Teepublic. As part of this grand opening, I am currently running a very quick giveaway for 1 Alolan Raichu Pancake shirt, designed by me!

To enter the giveaway, simply follow my Twitter account (@zombiemiki) and retweet this tweet. Deadline for entering is July 26th (Thursday) 10 pm EST.

Even if you don’t win, all designs in my Teepublic store are 30% off for a little over a day from this posting, so please check it out. You might find a design you like!

It’s almost the end of July and that means the prizes from Banpresto for the month of August have been announced!

What is Banpresto?

Banpresto is a company that manufactures plush, figures, towels, glasses, and other items to be used as prizes for claw machines in game centers as well as kuji prizes. None of these items are designed to be sold directly through stores and cannot be found in Pokemon Centers. Note that the exception to this are Pokemon kujis, however even in this case, you have to win the prizes; you can’t buy the prize you want directly. Typically, you can find these prize items in game centers or sold second hand through auction sites, amazon, or other similar stores.

Most Pokemon releases from Banpresto drop on Tuesday or Thursday, with occasional releases on Friday. Ichiban Kuji generally goes on sale on Saturdays.

Some of the bigger name game centers in Japan include: Adores, Sega, Round 1, Namco, and Taito Station. Not all game center locations stock all prizes. If you’re having trouble finding stock of the item you’re looking for, feel free to send me a message!

Pokemon Sun & Moon Banpresto Prize

From the general Pokemon Sun & Moon series:

Cute Pikachu shoulder towels with hoods! The longest part of the towels measure about 100 cm from one side to the other. This set comes with 2 Pikachu designs in total and will start appearing in game centers around Japan from August 3rd (Friday).

From the Ultra Guardians set, two large sized plush (Popplio and Rowlet), both measuring about 19 cm from top to bottom, will start appearing in game centers around Japan from August 7th (Tuesday).

A set of cute Pikachu lamps (2 designs in total) will start appearing in game centers around Japan from August 9th (Thursday).

Pokemon Sun & Moon Pikachu Mania Plush

From the Pikachu Mania series:

A large Pikachu plush, measuring about 24 cm from top to bottom, will start appearing in game centers around Japan from August 3rd (Friday).

A set of smaller Pikachu mascot plush (each measuring about 12 cm), will start appearing in game centers around Japan from August 9th (Thursday).

Pokemon Sun & Moon Banpresto Halloween Pikachu Plush

In Japan, August is the best time to start bringing out Halloween merchandise!

An extra large Halloween themed Pikachu plush (measuring about 31 cm) will start appearing in game centers around Japan from August 21st (Tuesday).

A set of 3 Halloween themed Pikachu plush (each measuring about 13 cm), will start appearing in game centers around Japan from August 23rd (Thursday).

Pokemon Sun & Moon Banpresto Halloween Pikachu Gengar Litwick Mimikyu Haunter Plush

Halloween brings us some cute ghost Pokemon plush as well!

An extra large Gengar plush (measuring about 31 cm) will start appearing in game centers around Japan from August 3rd (Friday).

From the Korotto Manmaru series, a set of 3 large sized plush (Litwick, Haunter, and and Mimikyu – each measuring about 23 cm) will start appearing in game centers from August 23rd (Thursday).

That wraps up the prizes scheduled for release through Banpresto for the month of August.

Until next time!

Adults Love Pokemon, Too

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Fairy Rise + Pokemon x Loft + Science is Magic + Slowpoke Day

Hello everyone!

I wasn’t expecting anything too exciting tonight, so I was surprised in a good way by what we got.

Pokemon Center TCG Rimbombee Mina Fairy Rise

From the Pokemon TCG front, the next booster set has been announced and is scheduled for release August 3rd (Friday).

This set, called “Fairy Rise” (sm7b) will sell for 162 yen per pack, with each pack containing 5 random cards.

Along with the boosters, new original Pokemon Center exclusive card sleeves, featuring Mina and Ribombee, will also go on sale August 3rd. As is the case recently, sleeves will be sold in full deck packs and cost 777 yen including tax.


This year for Slowpoke Day (August 10th), Pokemon Centers and Stores across Japan will be selling four cute Slowpoke themed items.

Square Hand Towel – 540 yen
Die-cut Slowpoke Face Hand Towel – 540 yen

T-Shirt (Pink | Black) (Small | Medium | Large) – 3,240 yen each

Pokemon Center Loft Collaboration Pikachu

A new collaboration between the Pokemon Center and Loft, a Japanese stationary store, will go on sale exclusively at Loft stores July 28th (Saturday). These items will be available until the end of August or whenever they sell out, whichever comes first.

For customers who spend at least 1,080 yen in stores on Pokemon merchandise, they will receive 1 of 4 types of can badges. These can badges are random and will be given out on a first come first serve basis until they run out.


Mugs – 1,296 yen each
Cosmetics Pouch – 2,052 yen each
Mini Tote bag – 2,376 yen each
Glasses Case – 1,383 yen each
Pin Badge Set – 864 yen each
Clearfile – 378 yen each
Squishy Cushion – 3,024 yen

Not Pictured

Foldable Pass Cases – 1,836 yen each
Acrylic Key Holder – 702 yen each
Bitatto (Wet Tissues) – 540 yen each
Double Ticket Holder – 454 yen each
Mini Towel – 648 yen each
BIC Ballpoint Pen – 432 yen each

Pokemon Center Pikachu Eevee Invasion Science Is Magic

The annual Pikachu Invasion event in Yokohama is just around the corner, and the Pokemon Center is here to get you hyped with items you can use and wear when you go (in person or in spirit!)

These Pikachu and Eevee items will go on sale at all Pokemon Centers and Stores around Japan from July 28th (Saturday).

Italicized items are re-releases from last year’s Pikachu Invasion event and promotion.


Pikachu | Eevee Ear Headband – 1,200 yen
Pikachu | Eevee Ear Headband (Kids Size) – 1,200 yen

Eevee Hairpin Mascot Plush – 760 yen
Pikachu Hairpin Mascot Plush – 760 yen

Eevee Tail Mascot Plush – 1,080 yen
Pikachu Tail Mascot Plush (Girl | Boy) – 1,080 yen each

T-Shirts (Small | Medium | Large) – 3,240 yen each
Pikachu & Eevee Chase T-Shirt (Kids Size) – 2,700 yen

Tote-bag w/ Dice Pouch – 3,780 yen


PET Bottle Holders (Pikachu | Eevee) – 760 yen each
Waterproof Pouch (Pikachu | Eevee) – 1,620 yen each

Mist Fan – 1,950 yen
Body Stickers – 550 yen

Hand Towel – 540 yen
Mini Bath Towel – 2,160 yen
Scarf Towel w/ Pocket (Pikachu | Eevee) – 1,620 yen each

Pikachu T-Shirt w/ Pikachu Ear Hood (Medium | Large) – 3,780 yen each
Pikachu T-Shirt w/ Pikachu Ear Hood (Kids Size) – 3,240 yen each

Pikachu Towel w/ Hood and Tail – 2,700 yen
Pikachu Towel w/ Hood and Tail (Kids Size) – 2,700 yen

Pikachu Hat w/ Ears – 3,250 yen

Pokemon Center Pokeball Plush

Last and not least! A surprise release for tomorrow (July 21st – Saturday) went up on the Pokemon Center’s official On-Line Store earlier today.

These tiny plush are sold blind packaged in pokeballs, which means that no, you can’t pick which Pokemon you get unless you’re really good at guessing weights to Pokemon while holding a sealed Pokeball.

Each plush is 864 yen including tax, and this set (the second from the series) includes 10 possible Pokemon: Umbreon, Espeon, Voltorb, Ditto, Pikachu, Pichu, Mareep, Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil.

Fairy Rise
Slowpoke Day
Loft x Pokemon
Pikachu & Eevee: Science is Magic