Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you have a special someone in your life or if you are your own special someone, I hope the day was at the very least nice and hopefully full of delicious food (and maybe chocolate!)

I’m currently offering special Valentine’s Day themed sketches over on my ko-fi page. Buy me a coffee, request a Pokemon (or non-Pokemon character), and I’ll show my thanks with a cute and special Valentine’s greeting just for you! This offer will extend into February 15th because why not have two full days of love?

Also as part of Valentine’s Day: The Next Day, I’ll have my Pokemon Center Report up tomorrow (February 15th U.S. time) covering the Pikachu’s Sweet Treats release.

Sending lots of love to everyone! Miki love counts double 💕

Pokemon Center Report – Everyday Mimikyu

Pokemon Center Report – Everyday Mimikyu

February is “Weird Pokemon Promotion” month, and this year’s “Weird Pokemon” turned out to be…


(Although I haven’t finished playing Sun & Moon cough) Mimikyu is one of my favorite generation 7 Pokemon, so I was super excited when I heard that there was going to be an entire Mimikyu promotion, and on top of that, the artwork is really adorable!

There were two main plush as part of this release. Number one plush was the 1:1 sized Mimikyu (pictured above).

Fun fact: Mimikyu is about 8 inches tall. His height does not include the fake Pikachu head since it’s actually part of his costume and not the actual Mimikyu.

This cute and original diorama style plush set was also part of the Everyday Mimikyu promotion! Velcro is attached to the bottom of Pikachu and Mimikyu so you can move them around their base and change the display however you want to.

Although I ultimately decided not to get a diorama plush for myself, it was a struggle because this smaller Mimikyu plush is actually one of the cutest out of all the Mimikyu plush in my opinion. I wish I could get just this Mimikyu plush by himself, but who knows, maybe something just as cute if not cuter will come out in the future!

We didn’t get pictures of the Mimikyu mug until a little before release day. Based on the description, which was “mug with lid”, I had a feeling a small Mimikyu sculpture would be included on the lid, and I was right! The mug features all the original artwork from the promo, and an extra cute Mimikyu lid to help keep your coffee hot.

What is a Pokemon Center promo without a cookie tin! The cookies inside are sandwich cookies, one of my favorites (I say as if all cookies aren’t automatically my favorites).

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The Pokemon Center has started including two types of phone cases per promo recently, which I’m a fan of since I really don’t like the flip phone cases. They’re generally cute, and in the case of this promo incredibly cute, but also completely impractical for people like me who take photos constantly. With that said, I definitely got one of the soft shell cases for my soon to be new phone at some point. Soon!

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Another instant Miki purchase. I love the Croquis sketchbooks, I go through them fairly quickly. How could I possibly bypass such a cute Mimikyu sketchbook? The answer is I couldn’t.

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Some other highlights included: stickers, a life size Mimikyu sticker for your wall (not pictured), a tote bag and a matching pouch (pouch not pictured), a longer face towel and a hand towel (hand towel not pictured) … and a watch! Which unfortunately is also not pictured! Why you ask? Because Tokyo Bay is apparently horrendous at stocking anything lately. I don’t think they even had any for sale? At any rate, I did order one! So once I get it, I will of course take pictures of the unboxing and of the watch itself.

This wraps up this weekend’s exciting Pokemon Center Report.

Until next time~

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Putitto Pokemon Collection Vol 3 + Karel Čapek + Pokemon Center Online 2nd Anniversary

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Putitto Pokemon Collection Vol 3 + Karel Čapek + Pokemon Center Online 2nd Anniversary

Hello everyone!

This Friday’s announcements finally gave us more info on the Karel Čapek cross promotion that was hinted at in Pokemon Centers near the beginning of January, along with a surprise gacha release and information on the Pokemon Center Online 2nd anniversary celebrations.

Putitto Pokemon Collection returns with an Alolan region packed third volume.

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The gacha series will be sold exclusively through Pokemon Centers and Stores around Japan, with each play costing 300 yen.

The set will include: Litten, Popplio, Rowlet, Pyukumuku, Salandit, Bewear, and Alola Vulpix. There are no secret figures.

Believe it or not, it’s been about 2 years since the official Japanese Pokemon Center Online Store opened!

As with previous campaigns, there isn’t that many exciting things happening, and as might be obvious they’re all related to ordering from the store which only ships domestically. But with that said, there are a couple things happening.

Pika-Pika Happy Sale

From February 16th until February 23rd, the Pokemon Center Online will have select items up for sale at a 50% discount. Each set of items will be available for 24 hours only and then the next set of sale items will go up. The schedule is as follows:

February 16th: Pokemon Varsity promo + Poketabi Tokyo + Yokohama
February 17th: Lillie promo + Poketabi Tohoku + Sapporo
February 18th: Pikachu’s Closet + Tabi-Biyori Fujisan + Onsen
February 19th: Alola Protagonist Item Sets + 40 Inch Pikachu Plush + Poketabi Nagoya + Kyoto
February 20th: Umbreon & Espeon Cosmetic promo + Poketabi Osaka + Hiroshima
February 21st: Eevee merch + Tabi-Biyori Airport + Station
February 22nd: Pyukumuku merch + Extra Large Sleeping Pikachu Plush + Poketabi Fukuoka + Okinawa

This is not the entire list. New information on what exactly will be part of each day’s sale will be announced every day at 10 am Japan time.

Pokemon Center Online Logo Sticker

A limited 2nd anniversary logo sticker, featuring Pikachu and Pyukumuku, will be distributed 1 per order starting February 16th while supplies last.

To get a sticker, simply place an order for anything from the Japan Pokemon Center Online Store starting February 16th at 10 am Japan time.

Exclusive Item Lottery Sale

Are you regretting missing out on the 1:1 size Eeveelution plush? Now you don’t have to! The Pokemon Center Online Store will be holding a lottery for some of their previously released super exclusive merchandise, including the 1:1 Eeveelution plush, the solid gold 20th anniversary Pikachu TCG card, and a bunch of other items.

Don’t get too excited, though. This isn’t a lottery to win the item… this is a lottery to win the opportunity to buy the item.

If you’re still excited anyway, in order to enter, log in to your Pokemon Center Online account. Between February 16th and February 25th, an “Entry” button will be available to click from the user home page. You can only enter your name into the raffle pot once per item. Once your entry has been accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

If you get selected to buy the item you entered for, you’ll receive an email sometime after February 27th. Items will be shipped out from March.

Additional Mini Game Prizes

Pokemon Center Online customers receive points with every online order, and these points can be used to play the slot mini game.

Limited edition prizes will be added to the prize pool between February 16th and February 25th. These prizes include previously distributed prizes (which I guess they ended up with a lot of extras of cough)

In order to win, you need your little fake slot machine to show three of a Pokemon.

The top “Magearna” prize is a rubber photo frame featuring Pikachu and Pyukumuku.

The next prize tier down, “Greninja”, is either a tote-bag or an A3 poster, with prizes distributed randomly.

The bottom prize tier, “Pikachu”, is an A4 clearfile. Winners will randomly receive 1 design from a possible 8.

Last and not least… Pokemon Meets Karel Čapek!

The Karel Čapek tea store is a semi famous small chain of stores in Tokyo and Kichijoji, owned by Yamada Utako, who is not only a creative director and tea taster but also famous for children’s picture books.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that the promotion features original artwork by Yamada and everything has a very distinctive tea theme.

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Pikachu Plush (Pancake / Tea) – 2,160 yen each
Cushion (Pancake / Flowers) – 2,160 yen each
Pokemon Garden / Earl Grey Tea Pack (5 bags per pack) – 648 yen each
Tea Tin w/ Tea – 1,296 yen
Tea Pot – 2,592 yen
Mug – 1,296 yen
Cake Stand – 3,240 yen

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Stainless Steel Tumbler – 2,700 yen
Set of 4 Clearfiles – 972 yen
Set of 3 Deco Tape – 864 yen
Pouch – 1,620 yen
Necklace (Tea / Honey) – 1,620 yen each
Acrylic Bag Charm – 1,296

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Oven Mitt – 1,620 yen
Kitchen Apron – 2,700 yen
Spoon & Fork Set – 1,296 yen
iPhone Soft Case (iPhone 8/7/6s/6) – 2,030 yen
Flip Phone Case (150mm long) – 3,240 yen
Hand Towel – 540 yen
Face Towel – 1,080 yen

Not Pictured

Round Stickers – 486 yen
Art Poster Stickers – 702 yen
Mini Gift Bag – 540 yen
Wax Paper – 540 yen
Cardigan (Small / Medium) – 6,156 yen each

That wraps up this weekend’s Pokemon Center merchandise announcements!

Next week will give us more information on the grand opening of the Tokyo DX Center, and who knows what else surprises.

Shop for Karel Capek items at Japanstuffs.com

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Friday Pokemon Announcements – Forbidden Light TCG Release + Pokemon Center Tokyo DX + Osaka Airport Store

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Forbidden Light TCG Release + Pokemon Center Tokyo DX + Osaka Airport Store

Hello everyone~

This week’s announcements were pretty boring as far as announcements go, but I guess not every week can be a parade of upcoming merchandise.

A new booster pack, called “Forbidden Light” (SM6) and featuring Ultra Necrozma, will hit shelves in Japan March 2nd (Friday).

Each pack will contain 5 random cards and will cost 162 yen after tax.

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Along with the booster set, 4 Pokemon Center original card sleeves will also go on sale March 2nd.

The 4 designs are Lysandre, Ultra Necrozma, Kalos Girls, and Poipole. Each pack of sleeves will contain 64 sleeves and cost 777 yen after tax.

There will also be an Ultra Necrozma deck case costing 390 yen after tax.

In honor of the release, a super special booster pack set will be available as a pre-order item starting February 10th. This set can be pre-ordered from the Pokemon Center On-Line Store or any Pokemon Center or Store in Japan, with the release date being March 2nd.

This set will include:
2 boxes of Forbidden Light booster packs (60 packs)
1 set of 64 card sleeves (Clemont & Bonnie)
1 deck case (Clemont & Bonnie)
1 card box

The Clemont & Bonnie sleeves and deck case can only be obtained via this set, so if you’re a fan, don’t miss this chance!

The set all together will cost 10,800 yen after tax.

A new Pokemon Store will open in the Osaka International Airport April 18th (Wednesday).

Special Osaka Airport Pilot and Flight Attendant Pikachu plush will be available for sale exclusively through this store location.

Last but not least… the Pokemon Center Tokyo DX!

Both the new Pokemon Center and the Cafe will open March 14th (Wednesday).

As with most Center openings, there will be a variety of campaigns that will start March 14th across Japan, as well as some exclusively for the DX Center.

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First up… everyone’s favorite clear cards! These cards are given out to all visitors regardless of if you purchase something or not.

The first Snorlax + Mew card will be available at all Pokemon Centers across Japan between March 14th and March 25th (or while supplies last).

The Snorlax + Mew on the bridge card will be available only at Tokyo DX, Mega Tokyo, Sky Tree, and the Tokyo Station Store and will be distributed between March 26th and April 8th (or while supplies last).

The final Snorlax + Mew design will only be available at Tokyo DX between April 9th and April 22nd (or while supplies last).

Limited Tokyo DX shopping bags will be distributed at all Pokemon Centers and Stores around Japan starting March 14th until they run out. To get a bag, all you need to do is buy something.

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For every 5 packs of booster cards bought at a Pokemon Center or Store in Japan, customers will receive 1 Sakura Afro Pikachu promo card.

For every 5 packs of booster cards bought specifically at the Tokyo DX Store, customers will receive 1 Gentleman Pikachu promo card.

Both promo cards feature the Tokyo DX Logo.

Finally, and as always while supplies last, tiny foldable fan charms will be given to Tokyo DX customers for every 5,000 yen spent. So if you go and spend 10,000 yen, for example, you’ll get 2 tiny fans.

More information on merchandise will be announced in two weeks, so stay tuned!

Until next time~

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