Friday Pokemon Announcements – Dot Sprite Series + Official Pokemon Go Merchandise + Momo-Taro Pikachu

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Dot Sprite Series + Official Pokemon Go Merchandise + Momo-Taro Pikachu

Hello everyone and sorry for the wait!

We didn’t get a whole lot of announcements this past Friday, but we did get some.

First up, the ever popular (?) Dot Sprite series returns with new merchandise scheduled for release August 16th (Wednesday). Fitting in with the recent trend, a lot of the more exciting items aren’t photographed. Also I question mark popular as the series resurfaces every year but it never seems to be a big seller, so I’m not sure why the Pokemon Center focuses so much attention on it.

Merch Line-Up

5 Pocket Clearfiles (Ash / Yellow / White) – 454 yen each

Die-Cut Notebook (2 Designs) – 702 yen each

Fancy Handkerchiefs (Pikachu / Group / Pokeballs) – 1,944 yen each

Not Pictured

Metal Key Holder (Pikachu / Squirtle / Bulbasaur / Charmander / Slowpoke / Pokeball) – 1,404 yen each

Beaded Earrings (Pikachu / Oddish / Gengar / Pokeball) – 3,780 yen each
Set of 3 PVC Pouches (Black / White) – 1,944 yen
Block Style Sticky Notes – 540 yen
MemoPad w/ Box (Pikachu / Group) – 972 yen
Masking Tape – 918 yen

T-Shirt (Pikachu / Gengar / Magnemite / Diglett | Medium / Large) – 3,240 yen each
5108 Necklace (Pikachu Smile / Pikachu Love / Super Effective! / Pokeball / Pikachu Dot Sprite / Pikachu Tail / Kanto Starter Group) – 4,104 yen each

Pokemon Go Merchandise is finally making an official appearance at Pokemon Centers in Japan! These items will be sold in combination with the popular Pikachu Invasion event in Yokohama and consequently, these items will be available through the Yokohama Center only starting August 9th (Saturday). Pre-orders are currently open as well through the on-line Pokemon Center Store.

Merch Line-Up

T-Shirts (Team Mystic / Team Valor / Team Instinct | Kids) – 2,700 yen
T-Shirts (Team Mystic / Team Valor / Team Instinct | Small / Medium / Large) – 3,300 yen
T-Shirts (Team Mystic / Team Valor / Team Instinct | XL / 2XL) – 3,500 yen

Long Towels (Team Mystic / Team Valor / Team Instinct) – 1,100 yen each

Pins (Team Mystic / Team Valor / Team Instinct) – 500 yen each

Can Badge (Team Mystic / Team Valor / Team Instinct) – 400 yen each

iPhone 7 Hard Cases (Team Mystic / Team Valor / Team Instinct) – 2,100 yen each

A comprehensive Pokemon game book will go on sale August 8th (Tuesday) as part of the Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebrations. The book focuses on a side comic that’s been in existence alongside the games since Red and Blue and will include a bunch of comic art, protagonist profiles, world guides, Pokedex information, and other goodies.

There will be a special edition sold only at Pokemon Centers that includes extra artwork.

The normal version will cost 2,700 yen after tax, while the special edition version with extra artwork will cost 5,400 yen.

Last but not least, a special and limited edition Momo-Taro inspired Pikachu plush will be available exclusively at the Okayama Pokemon Store from August 5th (Saturday) while supplies last. This Pikachu, named the Pecha Berry Loving Pikachu, will be sold in conjunction with a local Momo-Taro festival that will take place that same weekend. Momo-Taro himself is a hero from a traditional Japanese story set in Okayama.

That wraps up the news for this week. Stay tuned for a Pokemon Report from this past weekend.

Until next time~

Dot Sprite Series
Pokemon Go Merchandise
Special 20th Anniversary Art Book
Momo-Taro Pikachu

Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Line Art Promotion

Pokemon Center Report – Pokemon Line Art Promotion

Hello everyone!

We are back with another…

Blast From The Past Pokemon Center Report

The last of three May 20th releases – the Pokemon Line Art Promotion.

This is not the first line-art promotion, but I feel like both were easily overlooked because there were no plush and when you get down to it, it’s all stock art but in lined form.

With that said, I still find this series to feature plenty of neat looking items so it’s kind of a shame it’s not more popular. Also, this is a good way to get merchandise with your favorite Pokemon on it if it’s not one of the more popular ‘mons as each item includes so many.

Don’t like white? No problem! A lot of the items included in the line-up had a black background counterpart.

The line-up of merch featured a ton of items for everyone’s every day life style, like train pass cases and two types of phone cases: a hard shell type for iPhone7 and a flip-case type designed to fit a variety of medium sized phones.

There were also a couple different size pouches.

Pens and sketchbooks for the more artistically inclined.

And duffel bags and backpacks, so you can show off your love for Pokemon while also being fashionable!

My favorite item from the entire promotion were the stickers. This pack of die-cut stickers contains a different combination of Pokemon per pack and are made of a neat sort of cloth-like material that shimmers in the light (I did my best to show off the shimmery effect!)

I can’t end this blog post without mentioning the tag art. Pretty snazzy, right? I love it!

That wraps up the final May 20th Pokemon Center Report post.

Until next time~

Pokemon Center Report – Okinawa Store Opening

Pokemon Center Report – Okinawa Store Opening

Hello everyone!

We’re back with a special

Guest Post

I was not in Okinawa for the Okinawa exclusive promotion that came out July 15th, and unfortunately my friend Jen who runs Japanstuffs was busy moving and couldn’t visit for the weekend. However! The lovely Shelly.Lynn.Xiong lives in Okinawa, was able to attend the opening, and shared some photos with me for use here on the blog, so a big thank you to her!

The Okinawa Promotion celebrated the reopening of the Ryubo Pokemon Store and the grand opening of the Pokemon Store location in Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom.

The highlights from the promotion were of course the plush. The Pikachu plush was cute but held nothing over the Eevee plush dressed up as Shisa in their Arcanine ponchos.

There were two versions of the Eevee plush: one with a closed mouth and one open. While this might appear random at first glance, this was done deliberately.

Shisa are traditional “guardian dogs” usually depicted in pairs and often seen on rooftops or flanking gates. One Shisa has a closed mouth to keep good spirits in, while the open mouth Shisa wards off evil spirits. So basically, to ensure good luck, you need both Eevees!

As with most of the Pokemon poncho plush, the Arcanine hoodies can be lowered and raised. Eevee looks adorable either way!

Along with the plush and mascot plush (only Pikachu had a mascot plush available), they also sold a traditional Okinawan sweet called “Chinsuko“. These biscuits are similar to shortbread but maybe a little less sweet.

That wraps up our Okinawa Promotion coverage!

(Another special shout out to Shelly! Without her, this post would not be possible. Check out her Twitter here!)

Do you have Pokemon photos you’ve taken yourself and want to be featured on this blog?

Please get in touch! Contact me here or send me a tweet over @zombiemiki

Until next time~

Banpresto August Prize Overview

Banpresto August Prize Overview

Believe it or not, it’s already closing in on the end of July, and so here we are with an overview of Banpresto claw machine prize releases to look forward to in August!

There will be three main releases under the general Pokemon Sun & Moon label, with two extra large plush and two large plush.

Super large Ditto (measuring around 42 cm or roughly 16.5 inches across) will start appearing in game centers from August 3rd (Thursday).

The super large Pokeball plush (Great Ball & Masterball – both measuring around 35 cm or a little over a foot) will start appearing in game centers from August 10th (Thursday).

Alola Exeggutor and Slowpoke (both measuring around 30 cm or a little under 1 foot) will also start appearing in game centers together from August 10th (Thursday).

The Kororin Friends series continues through August with a water Pokemon theme!

The set of three normal sized plush (Totodile, Mudkip, and Piplup, all measuring about 13 cm or 6 inches) will start appearing in game centers from August 10th (Thursday).

Squirtle (measuring about 26 cm or 10 inches) will also start appearing in game centers from August 10th (Thursday).

Lapras (measuring about 26 cm or 10 inches) will start appearing in game centers from August 22nd (Tuesday).

Last but not least, Pikachu fans will rejoice with a couple more additions to the Pikachu Mania series!

A set of 12 cm (5.5 inch) tall Pikachu mascot plush (5 designs in total) will start appearing in game centers from August 4th (Friday).

A larger 24 cm (9 inch) Pikachu plush will also start appearing in game centers from August 4th (Friday).

That wraps up the Pokemon Banpresto releases for August!

For those who might be a little disappointed with August’s releases, never fear, for we have Halloween and more Eeveelutions in the near future.

Until next time!

Adults Love Pokemon, Too! | Banpresto Prize Page

Pokemon Center Report – New Pokemon Center Plush + Mascot Plush + Pokedolls + We Love Pikachu

Pokemon Center Report – New Pokemon Center Plush + Mascot Plush + Pokedolls + We Love Pikachu

Hello everyone!

July 22nd had a bunch of plush releases, along with the We Love Pikachu promotion and a couple surprise items that hadn’t been announced.

First up, new Pokedolls were released! Pokedolls is one of the most popular staple of Pokemon Center merchandise and everyone always gets excited for them.

This batch included Mimikyu, Lapras, and Wobbuffet (because there’s always one odd one).

Along with Pokedolls, a fresh batch of Pokemon Center exclusive plush were also released.

The line-up included three Pokemon I never thought I’d see in plush form: Ivysaur, Charmeleon, and Wartortle. Of the three, I think Wartortle came out the cutest.

Along with the three second evolution forms, there was also Alola Exeggutor, Ditto, Slowpoke, Larvitar, and Sandygast, doing a good imitation of the aliens from Sesame Street.

As an aside, the Alola Exeggutor necks are bendy so you can pose them if you so desire.

(Also for those curious, here is the tail!)

New, squishy Pokemon Center mascot plush also came out July 22nd!

This newest batch of mascot plush included Pikachu, Alola Raichu, Ditto, Alola Vulpix, Rockruff, and Bewear.

A super cute Pikachu themed promotion, called We Love Pikachu, came out July 22nd in honor of the Pikachu Invasion Yokohama events that run through summer.

The line-up of merch included a bunch of wearable and everyday use items, like backpacks, shirts, headbands, and even scrunchies with little Pikachu plush on them.

The backpacks are some of my favorite Pikachu backpacks that I’ve seen so far. They’re soft, have little ears, come with tiny Pikachu tail charms on the zipper, and include the little back stripes!

The collection of postcards is a neat item as well, especially if you love the Pikachu costumed characters.

Along with the line-up, there was also a blind-packaged figure collection, featuring a bunch of super adorable Pikachus (and a Mimikyu on a skateboard!)

There was also a bunch of un-announced items that appeared in Pokemon Centers this past Saturday. These were all smaller stationary-esque items, but that doesn’t make them any less cute.

Pictured here from left right and top to bottom:

A collection of colored pens and a pen pouch to store them in, all featuring adorable artwork with Pikachu and Mimikyu.

A Frixion 3 ink erasable pen in two designs: Lots of Pikachu and the same adorable Pikachu & Mimikyu artwork.

An item called a Stickyle, which is a pocket sized foldable pair of scissors also available in two designs: Line Art Pokemon and Pikachu & Mimikyu.

More surprise items!

Correction tape in three different designs: Pikachu & Mimikyu, Eeveelution Pokedolls, and Pikachu in the Forest.

Regular tape! in three different designs: Eeveelution Pokedolls, Pikachu Face, and Pikachu in the Forest.

That wraps up this weekend’s Pokemon Center Report!

What do you think of the new plush? Which is your favorite?

Until next time!