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Sword & Shield Nintendo Switch Lite

Play Sword & Shield in style with a fancy Zacian and Zamazenta Nintendo Switch Lite console. Pre-orders currently open!

Pokemon Trainers

Get hyped for the up-coming “Pokemon Masters” application with trainer themed merchandise!

August Pokemon Card Day

Strengthen your deck with the next booster pack “Dream League” hitting stores in Japan August 2nd.

Pokemon Cafe Food Truck

A Pokemon Cafe drink and popsicle stand will open in the Minato-Mirai area August 6th to August 12th.

Hiroshima Toyo Carps

Brand new baseball hat wearing Magikarp and Gyarados plush – exclusive to the Hiroshima Center!

Pikachu Outbreak

Stay cool this summer with Pikachu Outbreak inspired summer themed Pokemon Center merchandise!

Pikachu Outbreak Plush

Get hyped for the 2019 Pikachu Outbreak event with super cute Pikachu and Eevee mascot dolls.

Pokemon Center Report

Pokemon World Market

Travel around the Pokemon world with original merchandise!

Chibi Pokemon Center Releases

A collection of releases from May to June: from Delicious Water to Ditto Transform linking charm sets!

Pokemon Fit: Silver & Gold

All of your favorite Pokemon from generation 2 – in adorable, palm-sized plush form.

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Part Zombie and part Miki! I started the Mikitzune blog to share the latest news on up-coming Japanese Pokemon Center releases, photos I took at Pokemon Centers around Tokyo on release days, and cute art created by me.

My favorite Pokemon is Minccino (チラーミィ).

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