Pokemon Center Report – Precious Wedding

Pokemon Center Report – Precious Wedding

Hello everyone!

Today’s Pokemon Center Report will be a little short but before we dive in, a quick announcement from the management!

Pokemon Center zombiemiki mikitzune banner

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Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

This past Saturday was the release of the June Bride themed Precious Wedding promotion.

It wasn’t very big, with the most exciting items being the engagement and wedding rings which are all special order.

To add to that, the main plush pair were boxed, which is not the most exciting thing to see.

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

The mascot plush are adorable, though, and they’re not attached! So if you have a friend, you can easily swap Pikachus if you want to support Pride month and have two girl Pikachu brides or two boy Pikachu grooms 💕

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

Along with the plush, mascot plush, and pair of wedding style drinking glasses, there was also a cute Pikachu pair charm set

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

A cute heart-shaped ring cushion

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

And cute envelopes (shugi-bukuro) so you can give money gifts to the bride and groom in style

(Note: the tradition for Japanese weddings is to give money in place of material gifts. Stationary stores and sometimes convenience stores sell special envelopes specifically for weddings. Not only will the bride and groom appreciate the gift, but who could say no to such a cute and fancy envelope!)

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo Pikachu Charizard

That wraps up today’s Pokemon Center Report~

Until next time!

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Poke-Maniac Plush + Thunder Spark TCG + Pokemon Showa-Note

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Poke-Maniac Plush + Thunder Spark TCG + Pokemon Showa-Note

Hello everyone!

I predicted this week would be boring and I was unfortunately correct.

But we did get a couple announcements.

Pokemon Center Poke Maniac Plush

Although not news, the official Pokemon Center website finally announced the Poke-Maniac plush coming out June 30th (Saturday). Also confirmed that the plush are the only items in this release.

There are four plush in the set: Charizard, Tyranitar, Hydreigon, and Poke-Maniac costume. Each plush costs 2,484 yen after tax.

Pre-orders through Japanstuffs.com

Pokemon Center TCG Thunder Spark

The next booster set, “Thunder Spark” (SM7a), featuring the first official Zeraora card, will go on sale July 6th (Friday).

Each pack will cost 162 yen and contains 5 random cards.

Pokemon Center TCG Zekrom GX

Starting July 6th, f you purchase 1 box of “Thunder Spark” cards (30 packs) from a certified Pokemon Gym store, you will get one of these nifty Zekrom GX cards. 1 card per 30 packs and while supplies last.

Pokemon Center Showa Note Pikachu

Last but not least, Showa Note has produced a collaboration series with the Pokemon Center. The line-up features every day items, including pouches, bags, wallets, and other related items.

Pokemon Center Showa Note Pikachu

All the items are made of PU leather and are available in four designs, with each design featuring one of four playing card themed Pikachu designs.


Pen Case – 1,620 yen each
Pen Pouch – 1,836 yen each
ID Card Case – 1,728 yen each
Pass Case – 1,512 yen each


Book Cover – 1,512 yen each
Accessory Pouch – 2,376 yen each
Glasses Case – 1,944 yen each
Shoulder Bag – 3,024 yen each

Pokemon Center Pikachu Precious Wedding

The main release for this weekend is the June Bride themed Precious Wedding promotion.

Pre-order through Japanstuffs.com

Until next time~

Poke-Maniac Plush
Pokemon TCG: Thunder Spark
Showa Note Pokemon Center Collaboration

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pokemon Tropical Sweets + Hyaku Poke Yako + Poke-Center Vending Machine

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pokemon Tropical Sweets + Hyaku Poke Yako + Poke-Center Vending Machine

Hello everyone!

I wasn’t sure what to expect for tonight’s Pokemon announcements, so I was pleasantly surprised with the up-coming promotions that were announced.

The official Pokemon Center Cafe will be offering a special summer themed menu from July 13th until September 2nd.

Along with the special food menu, the cafe is changing their drink coasters to Pikachu, Eevee, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and a secret surprise design. Customers who visit the cafe get 1 random coaster for every drink ordered.

Along with the cafe menu, the Pokemon Center will have a food themed promotion, called Pokemon Tropical Sweets, coming out July 7th (Saturday).



Icing Cookie (Pikachu | Eevee) – 594 yen each

Icing Cookie Mascot Plush (Pikachu | Eevee | Snorlax | Alola Vulpix) – 864 yen each
Pikachu Donut Mascot Plush – 1,620 yen
Figure Collection (blind packaged) – 648 yen

Pouch – 1,728 yen
Mini Pouch – 1,512 yen
Mini Tote-Bag – 1,944 yen
Multi Smart Phone Case – 3,456 yen


Hand Towel – 540 yen
Face Towel – 1,080 yen
B6 Ringed Notebook – 648 yen
Memo Set w/ Box – 972 yen
Deco Tape Set – 864 yen
A4 Clearfile Set – 497 yen
Paper Plate – 594 yen
Paper Cup – 432 yen

Not Pictured

Drink Holder – 1,296 yen
Glass Mug w/ Lid – 1,512 yen
Stainless Bottle – 2,700 yen
Pass Case – 1,728 yen
Assorted Stickers – 648 yen
Stickers – 648 yen
Picks – 540 yen
Leisure Sheet – 1,512 yen
Black Board – 1,620 yen

A spooky summer themed promotion will go on sale at the Pokemon Center in Japan starting June 23rd (Saturday).

The promotion, called “Hyaku Poke Yako” translates to 100 Pokemon Night Parade and is reference to the “Hyakki Yako” which is a Japanese legend about 100 Japanese yokai parading through the streets at night during summer. The night parade is a popular image in Japanese art.

Full Line-Up


Plush (Vulpix | Alola Vulpix | Greninja | Froslass) – 2,376 yen each
Can Badge Set (Vulpix Set | Greninja Set) – 864 yen each
Wood Strap Collection (Blind Packaged | 6 Designs) – 540 yen each
Paper Theater – 2,376 yen
A4 Clearfile Set – 497 yen
TCG Rubber Play Mat – 2,700 yen
(Not Pictured) TCG Card Sleeves (Night Parade | Pokemon Crest) – 777 yen each


Pin Collection (Gacha | Random) – 300 yen per play

Small Plate (Vulpix | Greninja | Froslass | Mawile) – 1,080 yen each
(Not Pictured) Chopstick Set (Vulpix Set | Greninja & Golisopod Set) – 1,080 yen each
Chopstick Holder Set (Vulpix Set | Greninja & Golisopod Set) – 1,296 yen each
Hand Towel – 1,404 yen
Cushion – 2,160 yen

(Not Pictured)

Japanese Paper Stickers – 540 yen
Mini Poster – 432 yen
Post Card Set – 260 yen
Tote-Bag – 2,160 yen
Noren Curtain (Night Parade | Pokemon Crest) – 3,780 yen each

T-Shirt (Night Parade | Small / Medium / Large) – 3,240 yen each
T-Shirt (Pokemon Crest | Small / Medium / Large) – 3,240 yen each

Short Wide Umbrella – 3,456 yen
Folding Fan (Night Parade | Pokemon Crest) – 2,376 yen each
Tea Cup (Night Parade | Pokemon Crest) – 1,296 yen

Gold Leaf Sticker Set – 972 yen
Dice Bag – 1,296 yen
Sacoche – 2,196 yen

The following items will be released July 13th (Friday).

Mini Figure Collection (7 Designs | Blind Packaged) – 864 yen each
Senbei – 1,026 yen
Wind Chime (Chimecho | Bronzong) – 1,620 yen each


The Japanese style Pokemon Oedo series returns June 30th (Saturday) with three new items. As usual, these items will be available at the Tokyo DX Pokemon Center and the On-Line Center only.

Senbei – 702 yen
Coin Pouch (Poliwhirl) – 4,860 yen
Coin Pouch (Pikachu) – 4,212 yen

Last but not least! Pokemon vending machines will start appearing in select locations.

These vending machines, referred to as “Pokemon Stands” will offer Pokemon Center exclusive merchandise outside of Pokemon Centers and Stores. These Pokemon Stands will also count as “Poke-Stops” for Pokemon Go.

For now, the locations will be: Haneda Airport, Aqua City Odaiba, Ebina Service Area, and Ashigara Service Area. The Haneda Airport’s Pokemon Stand will also offer Haneda exclusive Pikachu Pilot and Flight Attendant plush for sale.

Everything listed here and more | available at Japanstuffs.com~

Pokemon Cafe
Pokemon Tropical Sweets
Hyaku Poke Yako
Pokemon Oedo Part 4
Pokemon Stand