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Now you can be an official Team Yell Grunt with original Pokemon Center items featuring Marnie.

New Galarian Plush

Galarian Zigzagoon line and Galarian Weezing are coming soon in plush form to JP Pokemon Centers!

Expansion Pass & Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Center bonus packs for pre-ordering the Expansion Pass & Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX.

Pokemon Center Plush

New Pokemon Center exclusive plush including Zamazenta & Zacien + life-size Galar starter plush!

Galar Pokemon League

Pokemon League inspired items to celebrate the release of Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Pokemon Sword Shield Menu Items

New Sword & Shield inspired item menus for the official Pokemon Cafe – coming out soon!

Pokemon Center Report

Ditto Transform & MonPoke

New additions to the popular Ditto Transform series plus soft kid-friendly plush from Monpoke.

Pokemon Daily Life + Galar Starters

Spend a day with some of your favorite Pokemon plus check out the first official Galar Pokemon plushies!

Anna Sui Collaboration

Pikachu meets high fashion in this unique and stylish Pokemon Center collaboration with Anna Sui.

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