Pokemon Center Report – January Monthly Pair Pikachu + Pokemon With You + 5103 + Surprise Plush

This post will focus on the Pokemon Center releases from December 3rd! The star of the day was the January Monthly Pair Pikachu. Dressed as Meowth while also imitating the traditional Japanese “maneki-neko“, these Pikachu are perfectly posed… Read More

Merchandise Overview – October

10.1 [Pokemon Center] Pokemon Center Plush (Litten, Lunala, Popplio, Rowlett, Solgaleo) [Pokemon Center Campaign] Pokemon Evil Organizations Boss Pokemon Give-Away Starts [Pokemon Center Campaign] Pokemon Evil Organizations Boss Art Card Campaign Starts (1 of 6 cards given randomly… Read More

Friday Pokemon Announcements – First Sun/Moon Plush + Monthly Pair Pikachu + K.UNO

I was not expecting any official Sun and Moon merchandise until the game release, but I guess because of hype, Pokemon is giving us cute plushies early! The first batch of Sun and Moon Pokemon Center plush will… Read More

Merchandise Overview – September

9.3 [Pokemon Center] Pokemon Halloween Circus [Pokemon Center] Pokemon Petit Pastel 2 (Ampharos, Cyndaquil, Gengar, Mudkip, Raichu) [Pokemon Center] Pokemon With You Metal Charms (Ditto, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Mew, Pichu, Raichu, Umbreon) [Collaboration] Pre-orders start for Chan Luu… Read More

Merchandise Overview – August

8.1 [Campaign] Tohoku Pokemon Center campaign starts 8.2 [Collaboration] Its’Demo bracelets, necklaces, and hair ties 8.4 [Banpresto] Lazy Time – Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon [Banpresto] Lazy Time – Eevee, Glaceon, Leafeon 8.5 [Pokemon Center] Hiroshima Magikarp Promotion 8.6 [Pokemon… Read More

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pokemon Graphix Pt 2 + Pikachu Gummi Candy + Sepia Graffiti + Sukiya Collaboration

There were a couple announcements worth repeating from this past Friday’s update. First up, a second part to the Pokemon Graphix t-shirt series is coming out June 25th. Each shirt design will come in two versions: the shirts… Read More

Merchandise Overview – June

6.4 [Pokemon Center] Pokemon With You Charms Vol 2 (Ash’s Greninja, Charizard, Flareon, Jirachi, Jolteon, Lucario, Sylveon, Vaporeon) [Pokemon Center] New Pokemon Center Exclusive Plush (Ampharos, Jigglypuff, Magearna, Poliwhirl) 6.7 [Banpresto] Pikachu Nebukuro Collection – Eevee Sleeping Bag… Read More

Pokemon Merch News – Loft Collaboration + Upcoming Figures + 2016 7-11 Pokemon Lunch Box + Upcoming Banpresto Plush

This past Friday only gave us 1 bit of merch news, and it was a mini collaboration between Pokemon and Loft, a chain store that sells every-day items. There are 6 items in the collaboration line-up and, unsurprisingly,… Read More

Pokemon Center Report – Splatoon Crossover T-Shirts + Mini Secret Base Plush + Final Monthly Pikachu?!

Originally I hadn’t been too worried about Pokemon Center releases for today. Monthly Pikachu stock has been lasting for at least a few weeks lately, and I didn’t think the secret base plush would sell out either. But… Read More

Merchandise Overview – August

Beginning of August [Merchandise] Pokemon mugs (Pikachu, Gengar, Gen 1 silhouettes) 8.1 [Pokemon Center] Pikachu Carnival mascot plush (Carnival Pikachu female/male, Dittochu, Goomy, Mudkip, Slowpoke) [Pokemon Center Campaign] Tohoku Tanabata campaign starts 8.6 [Banpresto] Pikachu Mania! Large squishy… Read More