Pokemon Merchandise Announcements – Pokemon TCG “Awaiting Islands” / “Alola Moonlight”

The next set of Pokemon Sun & Moon TCG booster packs (“Awaiting Islands” and “Alola Moonlight”) have been officially announced! This post will cover everything TCG related coming out on the booster pack release date of March 17th… Read More

Pokemon Center Report – Pokedolls Again + New PokeCen Plush + Phone Cases

Hello everyone~ This post is a little late (oops) but here are most of the releases from January the 14th! Valentine’s related merchandise has been on sale since New Years signs were taken down, and the Pokemon Center… Read More

Merchandise Overview – January

1.1 [Pokemon Center] Special Skytree Center Moving Promotion [Pokemon Center] Skytree Center Sun and Moon Pokedoll Pre-release (Litten, Popplio, Rowlet) [Pokemeon Center] Spring Spring Spring! Promotion [Pokemon Center] Pokemon Villains Part 2 – Gacha Figure Collection [Pokemon Center]… Read More

Pokemon Merchandise Announcements – Vulpix Poncho Pikachu + New Sun & Moon Plush + Spring! Spring! Spring! + Pokeballs Galore + New Years Lucky Bags

Lots of announcements from today, so hold on to your butts and get ready for Pokemon merchandise! The Alolan hype train continues with more Sun & Moon Pokemon Center exclusive plush! This next batch goes on sale at… Read More

Pokemon Center Report – January Monthly Pair Pikachu + Pokemon With You + 5103 + Surprise Plush

This post will focus on the Pokemon Center releases from December 3rd! The star of the day was the January Monthly Pair Pikachu. Dressed as Meowth while also imitating the traditional Japanese “maneki-neko“, these Pikachu are perfectly posed… Read More

Merchandise Overview – December

12.1 [Pokemon Center] Sapporo Center Re-opening Promotion 12.3 [Pokemon Center] Pokemon With You Charms: Litten, Popplio, Rockruff, Rowlet, Togedemaru [Pokemon Center] January Monthly Pair Pikachu [Collaboration] 5103 Pokemon Necklaces 12.5 [Blind Packaged] Welcome to Pikachu’s Room! (8 Types)… Read More

Pokemon Center Report – Lazy Plush, Monthly Pikachu, New Plush + Pokemon Cafe

July 18th is a day that will live down in infamy as that fateful summer day when everything came out all at once. The big sellers of the day, hands down, were the lazy plush. Featuring Pikachu, Raichu,… Read More

Merch Focus! July 18th

Along with the release of the annual Pokemon summer movie, a bunch of stuff is coming out on the 18th of July! It can be easy to get overwhelmed when there is so much happening all at once,… Read More

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Everything and then More Things

The Pokemon Center dropped all the merchandise on our laps with today’s update, and the release date for everything is the same: July 18th. One of the most exciting news was this announcement for new Pokemon Center exclusive… Read More

Merchandise Overview – July

7.4 [Pokemon Game Campaign] Pre-orders start for Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 7.7 [Banpresto] Pokemon The Movie – XY Bath towels ~2015~ (Hoopa/Hoopa Unbound, Legendaries, Pikachu Outbreak) 7.8 [Bandai] Pokemon Kids XY First Appearace! Hoopa Ver. (Arceus, Dialga, Frogadier,… Read More