Friday Pokemon Announcements – Japan Pokemon Center On-line 1st Year Anniversary

Hello everyone! Tonight’s update was fairly uneventful. However, with that said, the official Japanese On-line Pokemon Center store will be celebrating it’s 1st year anniversary with a bunch of sales and campaigns! The campaign will start from February… Read More

Pokemon Center Report – January Monthly Pair Pikachu + Pokemon With You + 5103 + Surprise Plush

This post will focus on the Pokemon Center releases from December 3rd! The star of the day was the January Monthly Pair Pikachu. Dressed as Meowth while also imitating the traditional Japanese “maneki-neko“, these Pikachu are perfectly posed… Read More

Merchandise Overview – November

11.3 [Pokemon Center] Christmas 2016 [Pokemon Center] Snowseason 11.5 [Ichiban-Kuji] Pikachu Nebukuro Collection 11.10 [Banpresto] I Love Mew Big Plush 11.12 [Pokemon Center] Monthly Pair Pikachu December [Pokemon Center] New Years 2017 [San-ei] All Star Collection (Audino, Axew,… Read More

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Ukiyo-E + Sun/Moon 2DS + TCG Anniversary Festa + Ichiban Kuji

Nothing too big in tonight’s announcements, but better than nothing! These two traditional Ukiyo-e Pokemon prints will be available for pre-order, in limited quantities, from the official Pokemon Center On-Line store. The pre-order period starts October 15th at… Read More

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pastel Petit Plush + Spinns + Team Rocket TCG Playmat

Sorry for the radio silence! Last week, we didn’t get any Pokemon merch news on the official Pokemon site. Today, along with the update came a semi big design change to the site, so maybe they were focused… Read More

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Kanto Can Badges + Monthly Pair Pikachu + Ditto Campaign + Sepia Graffiti + New Store

A couple small announcements from tonight’s Pokemon update! A set of can badges, featuring Pokemon and Trainers from the Kanto region, will go on sale at Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan starting August 20th. These badges will… Read More

Merchandise Overview – August

8.1 [Campaign] Tohoku Pokemon Center campaign starts 8.2 [Collaboration] Its’Demo bracelets, necklaces, and hair ties 8.4 [Banpresto] Lazy Time – Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon [Banpresto] Lazy Time – Eevee, Glaceon, Leafeon 8.5 [Pokemon Center] Hiroshima Magikarp Promotion 8.6 [Pokemon… Read More

Pokemon Center Report – PokéNeco DOLCE + Dot Sprite

As a change from the norm, this week’s main Pokemon release was on a Friday instead of a Saturday, due to the start of Golden Week. I was afraid there would be a lot of people for the… Read More

Merchandise Overview – May

5.7 [Pokemon Center] Ditto Transform! Part 2 (Eevee, Flareon, Gengar, Jolteon, Poliwag, Vaporeon) 5.12 [Banpresto] Ditto Face Plush (Ditto | Dittochu) [Banpresto] Sleeping Bag Pikachu Plush (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle) [Banpresto] Sleeping Bag Pikachu Mascot Plush (Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon)… Read More

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Dot Sprites (Eevee + Gengar + Lapras)

Another week goes by with only one main announcement (but better one than nothing!) The Pokemon Center is bringing us another addition to the popular Dot Sprite series, this time with a focus on Eevee, Gengar, and Lapras,… Read More