Pokemon Center Report – All-Star Plush + Fluffy & Soft Cushions

I am back two nights in a row, slowly getting caught up with my Pokemon Center Reports! The latest release from San-ei’s All-Star series was originally scheduled for the 12th (same day as December’s Monthly Pair Pikachu and… Read More

Merchandise Overview – November

11.3 [Pokemon Center] Christmas 2016 [Pokemon Center] Snowseason 11.5 [Ichiban-Kuji] Pikachu Nebukuro Collection 11.10 [Banpresto] I Love Mew Big Plush 11.12 [Pokemon Center] Monthly Pair Pikachu December [Pokemon Center] New Years 2017 [San-ei] All Star Collection (Audino, Axew,… Read More

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Evil Organizations + Portable Phone Batteries + Sapporo Center + All-Star Plush

Tonight’s announcements were mainly re-caps of previous announcements, but none the less still exciting. First up, Pokemon Evil Organizations finally got their announcement on the official Pokemon website. Although the information is still basically as the same as… Read More

Pokemon Center Report – Kuttari Plush + Monthly Pair Pikachu + Pokemon Easter 2016

There were a couple big releases on Saturday. I ended up arriving to the Pokemon Center fairly early and was the first person in line (for once!) Even with the three releases, the crowds were not that bad… Read More

Merchandise Overview – March

3.3 [Banpresto] Pokemon XY & Z – Kororin Friends (Eevee, Glaceon, Leafeon) [Banpresto] Pokemon XY & Z – Kororin Friends – Large Eevee 3.5 [Pokemon Center] Pokemon With You – Garden of Smiles 3.10 [Banpresto] Pokemon XY &… Read More

Friday Pokemon Announcements: 2015 Christmas + Winter Promotion, Pokemon With You, Double Mega Break Set

First of all, sorry for the late update! This week’s Pokemon Center announcements actually came out on Thursday instead of Friday, to coincide with the release of this month’s CoroCoro magazine. The next big Break set is scheduled… Read More

Merchandise Overview – October

10.1 [TCG] Playmats (Forest Birthday | Mega Mewtwo X & Y) 10.9 [TCG] Golduck Break + Lugia EX 10.10 [Pokemon Center] Hip Pop Parade [Pokemon Center] Living With Pikachu (ピカチュウと暮らす) Part 2 [Pokemon Center] November Monthly Pikachu 10.15… Read More