Unboxing – Package from Japan Stuffs

Hello everyone! Today’s update is a new kind of blog post: unboxing! I originally had wanted to make a video, but my hair was super not good when my box arrived and I wanted to open it right… Read More

Pokemon Center Report – Spring Time For New Years + Pokedolls: The Return

Welcome to the New Year everyone! First of all, a semi big announcement. I have a new photographer for while I am in America: the amazing and super nice Jen from Japanstuffs! Not only does she take photos… Read More

Merchandise Overview – January

1.1 [Pokemon Center] Special Skytree Center Moving Promotion [Pokemon Center] Skytree Center Sun and Moon Pokedoll Pre-release (Litten, Popplio, Rowlet) [Pokemeon Center] Spring Spring Spring! Promotion [Pokemon Center] Pokemon Villains Part 2 – Gacha Figure Collection [Pokemon Center]… Read More

Pokemon Merchandise Announcements – Vulpix Poncho Pikachu + New Sun & Moon Plush + Spring! Spring! Spring! + Pokeballs Galore + New Years Lucky Bags

Lots of announcements from today, so hold on to your butts and get ready for Pokemon merchandise! The Alolan hype train continues with more Sun & Moon Pokemon Center exclusive plush! This next batch goes on sale at… Read More

Friday Pokemon Announcements: 2015 Christmas + Winter Promotion, Pokemon With You, Double Mega Break Set

First of all, sorry for the late update! This week’s Pokemon Center announcements actually came out on Thursday instead of Friday, to coincide with the release of this month’s CoroCoro magazine. The next big Break set is scheduled… Read More

Merchandise Overview – October

10.1 [TCG] Playmats (Forest Birthday | Mega Mewtwo X & Y) 10.9 [TCG] Golduck Break + Lugia EX 10.10 [Pokemon Center] Hip Pop Parade [Pokemon Center] Living With Pikachu (ピカチュウと暮らす) Part 2 [Pokemon Center] November Monthly Pikachu 10.15… Read More