Pokemon Center Report – All-Star Plush + Fluffy & Soft Cushions

I am back two nights in a row, slowly getting caught up with my Pokemon Center Reports!

The latest release from San-ei’s All-Star series was originally scheduled for the 12th (same day as December’s Monthly Pair Pikachu and New Years 2017) but because San-ei doesn’t really like to follow release rules, they came out a week early. Why not?


The release consisted mostly of a bunch of regular sized plush, a couple medium and large sized plush (some bigger versions of previously released Pokemon) and three cushions from the fluffy and soft (mochifuwa) cushion collection.

So what all was included? Let’s take a look!


First up, we have the three starters from generation 2: Chikorita




and Cyndaquil! Who if you couldn’t tell is one of my favorites from the bunch <3 img_8186

Another favorite: Emonga! I will say I wish their faces were a little chubbier and their chins smaller but all-in-all they turned out really adorable.




Togepi, which seemed kind of like a “surprise!” Pokemon since he hasn’t been featured anywhere lately.




Dragonite! (I wonder if we’ll see Dragonair or Dratini in the future…)


Cubone turned out very cute as well. For those wondering, the skull on his head is attached with thread, but only in one or two spots, so you could remove it if you wanted to.


Darumaka always looks so happy and goofy.


Croagunk mainly looks goofy but in a cute way.




Meowth is another super cutie from this set (but maybe I’m a little biased)


Misdreavus and Dragonite are both normal size plush but because they’re slightly bigger than the others, they’re also a little more expensive. What you can’t see at this angle is all of Misdreavus’ hair.


Moving on to the big plush: Eevee! Eevee was previously released in the spring and this is a much bigger version of that same plush.


Same for Lucario.


And giant Pikachu for those fans who love Pikachu and have been buying every size of him that’s been released to date!


Last but not least, we have the three cushions. The fabric on the cushions is a little different from the plush; a sort of mix between a wash-cloth like material and soft minky fabric. They’re also less firm and more squishy, so perfect for cuddling! The cushion Pokemon for this round are Chansey




And Spheal!

Which of the plush from this release is your favorite? Did you order any?

I can’t wait to see what Pokemon will be featured in the next release (assuming there is a next one!)

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  1. Hehe, you know already that I got Totodile myself. Still waiting and thinking the plushies all look nice on your photos already. So something additionally to look forward to. (-^.=.^-)

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