Pokemon Center Report – Lazy Plush Round 2

The second round of lazy plush were released at Pokemon Centers across Japan today.


Excluding the Slowpoke plush that came out on the 10th, this set featured Umbreon








And the best one (hehe) Espurr!

Each Pokemon also had a sleeping version. Similar to Pokemon Time, Umbreon seemed to be the best seller of the day. Sleeping Umbreon was sold out at the Mega Tokyo Center by mid-afternoon, and from appearances, regular Umbreon is not far behind.


I was especially excited for Espurr and Umbreon, and am very proud that my favorite Eeveelution seems to be so popular! The only disappointment for the day was no poster advertising lazy plush round 3. Considering how popular rounds 1 and 2 were, I don’t think the Pokemon Center would just quit, especially since we are still missing Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon before the Eeveelution line is complete. With the I Love Mew Banpresto series just around the corner, the inclusion of a Mew lazy plush seems likely as well.


The Pokemon Center did, however, throw us a small bone: a poster advertising the up-coming Halloween promotion, titled “Mystery Mansion”. What sort of items will be included and what Pokemon will be featured! Can we perhaps expect a Haunter plush?! Fingers crossed that we get more information next Friday to make up for the complete lack of update this past Friday.

Special Pokemon Announcements – TCG September Releases

Although not Friday, the official Pokemon website deigned to offer up some TCG related news today.




First up, new card sleeves! Sleeve day can be far to exciting or far too boring depending on the designs; with Substitute included in this batch, I have a feeling this release day will be tilted more toward far too exciting.

Mega Mewotwo X / Y sleeves will be available everywhere. Mega Absol, Pixel Pikachu, Substitute Plush, and Pikachu Tail (Brown Version) are all Pokemon Center exclusives. Zoroark Break sleeves are also Pokemon Center exclusive, but will be available at a couple electronics stores as well (Edion, Joshin Denki, Bic Camera, 100 Man Bolt, Yamada Denki, and Yodobashi Camera).

Release Date: September 26th


September 26th is also the release date for two new expansion packs: Blue Shock and Red Flash featuring Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. These two packs are also the first to introduce the new Break Evolution technique. With “Break Evolution”, you can evolve non-evolution Pokemon (like Zoroark) to a gold state where they become more powerful.


The illustration styles for the two packs are slightly different: Blue Shock’s theme is “city full of nature” with Red Flash featuring a “city of the future” theme.


As incentive to buy full boxes of the new expansion packs, Pokemon Center customers will receive 1 Premium Skyla card for purchasing 2 boxes of Blue Impact or Red Flash.


Also coming out on September 26th are these two Break Evolution Packs: Raichu Break and Noivern Break. Both packs evolution lines for Raichu and Noivern, as well as their Break Evolution card.



Last but not least, these two play mats will go on sale in Pokemon Card Game certified stores, including the Pokemon Center, on October 1st.

Deck Shields
Blue Impact / Red Flash
Skyla Premium Card
Break Evolution Packs
Play Mats

Pokemon Center Report – Monthly Pikachu + Slowpoke Day

This past weekend was fairly quiet merchandise wise, but unlike most weeks, we got two releases instead of just the usual Saturday release!


The Monthly Pikachu for September came out on Saturday, and is just as cute as anticipated!


He comes with a little chef’s hat and a (pretty flat) chestnut, which is an ingredient found in a lot of fall foods in Japan.


We also got a preview of the October Monthly Pikachu, coming out September 19th. If you were hoping he would be more Halloween themed for October, do not fret: there is usually a Halloween promotion at the Center every year, usually near the end of September, and most likely our Halloween Chu plush will be featured there.


In honor of Slowpoke Day, which is August 10th, the Center was decked out on Monday with Slowpoke decorations and featured a couple of new items (and one re-release).


The Slowpoke lazy plush (appropriately named for Slowpoke) are a semi pre-release for the second round of Lazy Plush which go on sale on Saturday the 15th.


If you are a fan of this lazy pink Pokemon and you live close by to a Pokemon Center, definitely don’t forget to stop by!

Banpresto “I Love Mew” Series

The newest addition to Banpresto’s “I Love” series has surfaced:

CL30qOPUsAIufHD.jpg large

I Love Mew!

Although a list of all the I Love Mew prizes has yet to be released, the “Large Plush” version of Mew will be available first in a special “pre-release” campaign. For everyone who is able to play and try and win the Mew plush via claw machine, you will also get an exclusive I Love Mew paper bag if you put 500 yen into the machine.

More information coming soon!


Friday Pokemon Announcements – New Era, Ojagadesign, Sleeping Bag Kuji Update

Today’s update brought us two collaboration announcements.



New Era x Pokemon collaboration

These hats go on sale in all Japanese Pokemon Centers from August 8th, and each design comes in 3 different sizes (7 1/4 - 57.7cm, 7 3/8 - 58.7cm, 7 1/2 - 59.6cm).




Ojagadesign x Pokemon collaboration

Ojagadesign is a Japanese company that specializes in leather goods (mostly bags and accessories) hand-made in Japan. Pokemon is only one of the many collaborations the company has participated in. Due to the nature of how they make their products, the items are a little pricier but should also be higher quality.





Last but not least, the Ichiban Kuji website updated the Pikachu Sleeping Bag Collection kuji home page! We now have nice quality images of the entire prize list, including more details on the double chance prize, which is a 25 cm Pikachu plush that comes complete with a set of 3 different sleeping bags.

As a reminder, this kuji comes out September 19th!

New Era Collaboration
Ojagadesign Collaboration
Pikachu Sleeping Bag Collection

Upcoming Gacha Releases: Sleepy Pokemon, Metal Figures, Charms

The following three Pokemon gacha sets are due for release sometime at the end of November.


Sleepy Pokemon Friends

In honor of Pokemon Red and Green’s 20th anniversary in 2016, the third set of the very popular “Sleepy Pokemon” gacha series will feature Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, along with Pikachu and a currently unknown “New Pokemon”. Whether or not this mystery Pokemon will be the strange green blob that appeared at the very beginning of the 2016 movie trailer is yet to be seen (but I kind of hope it’s a new Pokemon we don’t know yet).

1 try / 200 yen


Silhouette Charms

Gacha charms for people who want cute accessories but didn’t want to spend $150+ on the Eeveelution necklaces! Although if you do want to use these charms as necklace charms, you will have to buy your necklace chain separately. The line-up includes Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Eevee, Dedenne, Serena’s Pancham, and a mystery “New Pokemon” (most likely the same as from the Sleepy set).

1 try / 200 yen


Pokemon Metal Charm Collection – XY6

Finally, we have the 6th set of Pokemon XY metal figures. Metal figures are always highly sought after, mainly because they are so difficult to find on sale! There will be 4 metal coins (pictures currently unknown) and 4 metal figures, with each figure and coin having a gold, silver, copper, and brass variant.

1 try / 100 yen

Gacha Set/Bulk Pre-order

Pokemon Center Report – Pikachu Carnival + Gotochi Pins

This past Saturday marked the start of August and what will probably be the slowest month, merchandise wise, of the summer.


The main release for August 1st were the Pikachu Carnival mascot plush.



Although all the mascot plush were roughly the same size, the two carnival Pikachus were slightly more expensive than the rest of the batch (maybe due to the clothes?)


The set also included Mudkip




Dittochu (with his cute little ice cream)


And not forgetting Slowpoke, who arrived a little early for Slowpoke Day on August 10th!

The Carnival plush also arrived just in time to celebrate the start of the Pikachu Outbreak! event going on in Yokohama all throughout the month of August. If you are around the Yokohama area and love Pikachu, I highly recommend stopping by as the event is mainly lots of costumed Pikachus walking around, dancing, posing for photos, and just being adorable in general.


The brand new regional pins also came out on Saturday, but unlike every other regional item to date, for some reason the pins are gacha (grumble grumble). They’re still cute, but would have been nice if you could just get the one you want. Why must everything be gacha or kuji, Pokemon Center?!

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, the heat and humidity continues…

Merchandise Overview – August

Beginning of August

[Merchandise] Pokemon mugs (Pikachu, Gengar, Gen 1 silhouettes)


[Pokemon Center] Pikachu Carnival mascot plush (Carnival Pikachu female/male, Dittochu, Goomy, Mudkip, Slowpoke)
[Pokemon Center Campaign] Tohoku Tanabata campaign starts


[Banpresto] Pikachu Mania! Large squishy cushions (three versions)
[Banpresto] Pikachu Mania! Mascot plush (five versions)


[TCG] M Master Deck Builder Box “Power Style”/”Speed Style”
[Pokemon Center Campaign] Receive a set of 32 card sleeves for every M Master Deck Builder Box bought at Pokemon Centers starting August 7th.


[Pokemon Center] Pokemon Sketch promotion
[Pokemon Center] Monthly Pikachu
[Pokemon Center] New Era x Pokemon collaboration hats
[Pokemon Center] Center Exclusive Plush: Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur
[Pokemon Center Campaign] Yokohama sticker campaign starts
[Moncolle] Hoopa Unbound, Mega Salamence, Mega Altaria


[Pokemon Center] Slowpoke Pokedoll re-release
[Pokemon Center] Slowpoke tail phone strap (big size – 30 cm)
[Pokemon Center] Slowpoke lazy plush


[Pokemon Center] Lazy Plush Round 2 (Charmander, Espeon, Espurr, Mudkip, Umbreon)


[Banpresto] Pokemon XY ~ Large Mudkip Plush ~


[Merchandise] PokeToru Deco tape


[Pokemon Store] Gotenba Premium Pokemon store grand opening

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Mugs, Plates, Kuji

August tends to be a slow month for Pokemon releases, so it’s not surprising today’s update was fairly lackluster.


Along with the upcoming Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game coming out September 17th (Thursday), this set of plates for the New 3DS will also come out on the same day. Retail price is 2000 yen before price, and the plate is number 63.


Not related to any sort of promo, these mugs will start appearing in Pokemon Centers (and other stores in Japan that stock Pokemon merchandise, such as Kiddyland) during the beginning of August.


Unrelated to the main Pokemon site, Banpresto updated the Pikachu Sleeping Bag Collection ichiban kuji page! The list of prizes in this kuji is no longer available, but we have much nicer photos of the top three prizes.


…as well as an explanation of the plush themselves. Each of the sleeping bags for the top three prizes can be removed from the Pikachu plush. At this time, it’s not confirmed if the smaller mascot plush will be designed the same way, but there is a good chance that due to the size, the Pikachu plush will be attached to his sleeping bag.

The Sleeping Bag kuji starts from September 19th.

Kuji Prize Line-Up
A – Pikachu w/ Charizard sleeping bag
B – Pikachu w/ Ekans sleeping bag
C – Pikachu w/ Eevee sleeping bag
D – Bath towels
E – Socks
F – Mascot plush (Charizard, Eevee, Ekans)
G – Rubber strap collection (Charizard, Eevee, Ekans, Gengar, Golbat, Snorlax)
H – Mini towel collection (same as G)
Last One – Pikachu w/ Charizard sleeping bag (sleeping version)

Pikachu Sleeping Bag Collection
Mystery Dungeon 3DS plate
Pokemon mugs

Wonder Festival Summer 2015 – Pokemon Report

Wonder Festival is in full swing and the internet is being flooded with tons of images of new figures! In Pokemon related news, we have the following plush and figures to be excited about.


Pokemon is collaborating with the famous Steiff German-based plush toy company to bring us these amazing high quality Pikachu plush. For those unfamiliar with the company, Steiff is credited with creating the teddy bear in 1902. They previous collaborated with Hatsune Miku through Good Smile, and based on the price tag for that teddy bear, it’s likely the Pikachu plush will sell for around the same price ($300+).



Preorders for the Pikachu plush will start this summer on the Good Smile official online shop. Release date is currently unknown.


Images of the Megahouse G.E.M series Jesse and Wobbuffet figures have been circulating Twitter since the beginning of the weekend, but now we have a photo of the actual figures. Jesse and Wobbuffet are billed as Part 1, leaving hope for a James and ?? figure for Part 2. At this time, we only know a release date of spring 2016, but hopefully we will have more information soon.


Kotobukiya announced a collaboration with Pokemon for a new series of figures, with the first figure in the series being Red. No pictures aside from this announcement poster. Currently in production, so no date either.

This post will be updated if/when more figures or plush are revealed.

Jesse/Wobbuffet figure 1
Jesse/Wobbuffet figure 2
Steiff Pikachu
Steiff Pikachu 2