Pikachu Carnival Promotion – Update

The Daisuki Club updated with new photos of the merchandise from the 7/18 Pikachu Carnival promotion!


In keeping with the carnival theme, items from this promotion feature Pikachus in festival costumes and other Pokemon dressed up as Pikachu.


The illustrations on this mini hand towel are especially adorable!


This mini memopad is not only cute…


…but useful, too! Each page can be torn out and folded…


…so each page can stand up on their own!


The most exciting news was the introduction of these mascot plush, which Pokemon did not tell us about with the initial announcement of the Pikachu Carnival promotion! Unlike the rest of the Carnival merchandise, the mascot plush will be released August 1st. The mascot plush line-up includes Carnival Pikachu (female/male), Dittochu, Goomy, Mudkip, and Slowpoke.

Banpresto Site Update – Pikachu Mania!

To coincide with all the Pikachu centered events happening at the end of summer, Banpresto is releasing a “Pikachu Mania!” line of Pikachu plush and other prizes.



Squishy cushions and mascot plush will start appearing in game centers on August 6th.



A large Pikachu plush and plush pass cases will be released in the beginning of September.


And if you like Mudkips, then good news! This large Mudkip plush will pop into claw machines starting August 20th.

Friday Pokemon Announcements – N…endoroid!

Today’s announcements were pretty quiet…


Except for the sudden news of an up-coming N Nendoroid figure!


Along with the usual replaceable faces, arms, and legs, N will also come with a pokeball and a Pokemon companion: Reshiram.


Although Reshiram doesn’t have replaceable parts, his arms (wings), legs, and head are poseable!



Not big news and semi lost in the shuffle, these hand towels are currently on sale in Pokemon Centers. These designs are perfect if you love more artistic Pokemon designs.


Finally, a Ghost type addition to the “Pokemon Ippai” gacha line will go on sale across Japan from October 31st. 1 try should be 300 yen and there are 5 possible figures (Banette, Cofagrigus, Gengar, Litwick, Pumpkaboo)

Edit: 7.10

A surprise set of petit plush appeared on the Pokemon Amazon site for pre-order and should already be available to buy directly from the Pokemon Center starting from 7/11 (today in Japan).


The newest set features Chandelure, Dragonite, Jirachi, Litwick, and Victini.

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Everything and then More Things

The Pokemon Center dropped all the merchandise on our laps with today’s update, and the release date for everything is the same: July 18th.



One of the most exciting news was this announcement for new Pokemon Center exclusive plush and metal charms. Although most of the Pokemon shown already have plush, this will be the first official plush for Ninetails (and, of course, Hoopa Unbound).


Merchandise Overview – July


[Pokemon Game Campaign] Pre-orders start for Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon


[Banpresto] Pokemon The Movie – XY Bath towels ~2015~ (Hoopa/Hoopa Unbound, Legendaries, Pikachu Outbreak)


[Bandai] Pokemon Kids XY First Appearace! Hoopa Ver. (Arceus, Dialga, Frogadier, Lugia, Mega Latias, Mega Latios, Palkia)


[Banpresto] Pokemon The Movie XY – Large size Kyogre plush
[Banpresto] (Re-release) I Love Pikachu + HQ Pichu Plush


[Pokemon Center] Legendary Metal Charm Mini Promotion
[Pokemon Center] Petit plush (Chandelure, Dragonite, Jirachi, Litwick, Victini)


[Banpresto] Large size Hoopa plush

Mid July

[TCG] Shogakuen Book Fair exclusive Altaria card


[Magazine] Pokemon Fan Magazine Vol 43
[Moncolle] Arceus, Hoopa Unbound Special Pack (Dialga, Groudon, Hoopa Unbound, Kyogre, Palkia), Pikachu (Ash’s Pikachu, Battle Pose)
[Merchandise] Pokemon Band Singing Face Mascot Plush (Pikachu, Dedenne, Frogadier)
[Merchandise] Kuro Toga mechanical pencils (Eevee, Eeveelutions, Pikachu, Pokeball, Substitute Plush, Umbreon/Espeon)
[Pokemon Center] Monthly Pikachu
[Pokemon Center] Lazy Plush Batch 1 (Pikachu, Pichu, Raichu, Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon)
[Pokemon Center] Lots of Pikachu promotion
[Pokemon Center] New plush: Hoopa Unbound, Snorlax, Mewtwo, Vulpix, Ninetails, Gengar
[Pokemon Center] New metal charms: Hoopa, Hoopa Unbound
[Pokemon Center Campaign] TCG card gift campaign (buy 1,000 yen and get 1 blind packaged card; 4 variations including Rayquaza EX card)
[TCG] Pokemon Card Game XY Concept Pack – Legendary Holo Collection
[TCG] 7-11 exclusive special Hoopa card pack
[TCG] Movie Theater and Pokemon Center exclusive Legendary Holo album set
[TCG] 7-11 exclusive Groudon EX and Kyogre EX card campaign
[TCG] Embroar vs Togekiss Starter Set
[Gacha] Desk Pikachu Helper figure set
[Collaboration] Pokemon x Sweets Paradise cafe opens
[Pokemon Game Promotion] Special Tohoku Center Jirachi distribution starts


[Pokemon Center] Pre-orders start for N Nendoroid figure
[Collaboration] Village Vanguard exclusive Goomy promotion


[Magazine] Pokemon Life Vol 1


[Merchandise] Fluffy Eevee Plush
[Collaboration] Village Vanguard exclusive Goomy promotion (pouches only)

Pokemon Center Report – Hiroshima Center Grand Opening

A new Pokemon Center opened in Hiroshima this past Friday (June 26th) and as part of the celebration, a special Hiroshima Center themed promotion was released in all Pokemon Centers across Japan on the same day.


Similar to the Mega-Tokyo opening, the Hiroshima grand opening promotion merchandise focused on two Pikachu mascots dressed in Gyarados and Magikarp ponchos, with a special shiny Gyarados poncho version available exclusively at the Hiroshima Center (along with a couple other items).


The two Pikachus were available as normal sized plush…



Smaller sized mascot plush…



And as a metal charm set (currently sold out at the Mega-Tokyo Center)


The two Pikachus were also available as prints on a variety of items, including bags…


Phone cases, and clearfiles.


One of the most popular items from the promotion was this special card box. The box contains: Two premium shiny cards, 1 deck case, 62 card sleeves, 1 long card box, and 5 packs of the brand new Bandit Ring expansion set. Aside from the Bandit Ring cards, everything else can only be obtained through this special box set, which is currently sold out at the Mega-Tokyo Center and will most likely sell out at the other Centers sooner rather than later if they aren’t already gone. Chances are good the box price will only get higher as time passes, so don’t pass up the opportunity to get a box now while you can! (Looking for a box? Check out Hoshiiya.com)

All the Centers are busier than usual this weekend, and I’ll be impressed if the plush manage to survive through the weekend. Hiroshima Center especially is boasting wait times of 2~3 hours during peak time just to get in. The crowds should die down over the next week or so, but if you’re planning on visiting, don’t count on the weekday to help drive people away (Mega Tokyo stayed fairly busy for several weeks!)

Friday Pokemon Announcements – Legendary Cries, Bento Boxes, Raffles

For reasons unknown to everyone, the Pokemon site updated a few hours late.


Every summer, 7-11 brings out a special bento box that usually ties in to the summer movie. This year, I don’t see the tie in, but that doesn’t make the bento box set any less cute! This year’s bento box features a Pikachu face design and comes with a handkerchief, a set of chopsticks, and an adorable card.

Pre-order period for this lunch box runs from June 22nd until July 29th, with pick-up running from July 18th until August 2nd.


In honor of the Hiroshima Center grand opening, a small raffle will be held in all Pokemon Centers in Japan from July 25th until August 31st. During that time period, customers will get 1 raffle try per 4,000 yen spent at the Pokemon Center, with the two main prices being towels (A prize) and clearfiles (B prize).



Finally, we got more information on the July 11th “Legendary Cry” promotion! The metal charms are, of course, blind packaged, but at least we now have a full list of exactly which Pokemon will be available in which set.


Along with charms, these bracelets will also be available (but only for the Pokemon pictured)


A mug and iPhone 6 case


Clearfile, mini notepad (and stickers)


A t-shirt (M/L/XL) and cookies.

Meanwhile, the Hiroshima Grand Opening promotion is going full swing. Expect a Center report tomorrow!

Pokemon Center Report – All The Things At Once

The Pokemon Center apparently loves chaos because they purposefully had a bunch of items come out, all at the same time, this past Saturday.


Up until recently, resellers have made TCG merch releases at Pokemon Centers a semi to complete nightmare. Scalping has become a bigger issue than usual ever since the move to the Mega-Tokyo Center, and somehow even more so for TCG related items. “Card Sleeve-mageddon: The Sleevening” (the release of about 10 card sleeve designs including the original Pikazard sleeve) ended with parts of the card sleeve display broken due to people over-enthusiastically shoveling sleeves into their baskets as fast as possible and practically all of the Pikazard and Pikachu Tail sleeves went to scalpers. For the next popular sleeve release a few months later, the Center decided to place a limit on how many of each design of sleeve could be bought at one time, however this limit could semi-easily be ignored by simply buying 10 of a design and then going through the line again and again.

This past Saturday, for the first time ever, the Center imposed an even stricter limit regarding card sleeves. The picture states a limit on card sleeves (10 per sleeve per person), and that the sleeves would not be displayed in store, forcing potential buyers to go directly to a cashier and tell them what you wanted. In short, this meant there was no easy way to circumnavigate the buying limit. Not only was this great for people who just wanted some sleeves, but there wasn’t a mad race to the other side of the store once the Center.

Because of these extra restrictions, all of the sleeve designs were still available by the end of the weekend, a first in a very long time (or ever?). Sunday night, the staff also removed the “cashier only” restriction and placed the sleeves on display within the Center.


Monthly Pikachu did not fare as well as card sleeves, and the stock in Mega Tokyo had already sold out before late afternoon. It seems as the months go by, the stock for the Pikachus sells out quicker and quicker. The Pikachus are usually listed on Amazon for pre-order the night before their Pokemon Center release, and the Amazon stock sold out within an hour of going up. The scalpers are definitely targeting this line of plush, most likely due to it’s transient nature (only made worse by overbuying), because it was definitely not due to quality. This month’s plush did not come out especially well, featuring lots of stray threads, and a weirdly uneven body with a huge upper torso compared to the lower body and legs. The fan, although cute, is also incredibly easy to bend, and a lot of plush had damaged or bent fans.


Next month’s Monthly Pikachu shouldn’t have any problems, at least, since he’s just wearing cute clothes and a hat! He comes out to Pokemon Centers across Japan July 18th which, incidentally, is the same day the yearly Pokemon Summer Movie is released in theaters.


We also had last minute almost a surprise Super Secret Base Pokedolls! No complaints here, these plush are just very cute.


Swablu was so popular, he had an entire section all to himself.


We didn’t learn anything about the DokiDoki Contest Live promotion until Saturday morning (midnight), when the items started appearing on Amazon.


The entire line-up is adorable and perfect for people who love Idol Pikachu and Mega Altaria (as well as May and Lisia!)



The highlights of the line-up are, of course, the mascot plush!

(See this post for a complete list of the DokiDoki merch line-up)


New Takara Tomy plush, tying in to the Summer Movie, also came out on Saturday! These three plush (Hoopa, Latias, and Latios) appear to be minky, which is a departure from the usual less soft material that’s generally used for Tomy plush.

All of the items mentioned here (along with a bunch of others), meant the Mega-Tokyo Center was a zoo. New card sleeves with popular designs, Monthly Chu, DokiDoki Contest, and Secret Base meant a semi big line in front of the Center before opening, which only got worse after opening, and a Center full of people, all pushing and shoving, trying to get everything they wanted, followed by everyone running to the registers to get their sleeves and pay.

Next Saturday is the Hiroshima Center Opening promotion. What sort of shenanigans will occur then?! I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

DokiDoki Contest Spectacular~

The Pokemon Center announced a few weeks back that the costumed Idol Pikachu would be making appearances at the Yokohama Center in relation to some sort of May/Idol Pikachu promotion, but never gave us any more information about this so-called promo other than the release date: June 20th.

They still never came through with an official merch list, but the items for the promotion have finally surfaced on Amazon, so here is an overview!

The DokiDoki Contest Spectacular line-up primarily features May/Idol Pikachu and Lisia/Mega Altaria, along with some guest appearances by Sylveon, Minun, and Plusle.



Mascot plush
Mega Altaria/Idol Pikachu
1,080 yen each



Idol Pikachu / May
Mega Altaria / Lisia
918 yen each


Can badge set
Idol Pikachu / May
Mega Altaria / Lisia
594 yen


Idol Pikachu hair clips
864 yen