Friday Pokemon Announcements – Varsity Pikachu + 5108 Necklaces

Here I am, right on time!

Today’s announcements were sparse for merch, but hope is not lost as Pokemon threw us a small bone.


Varsity Pikachu goods! The theme is based on a sort of Japanese “vintage” view of American universities, and the merchandise has a semi scholary feel to it, with a bunch of notebooks, folders, pens, and of course, the Pikachu varsity jacket. Not only can you buy a little Pikachu plush wearing one, but you can buy a human sized version of the jacket and match!

The Varsity Pikachu promotion comes out December 10th at all Pokemon Centers and Stores around Japan.


For fun, here is a small announcement from last week. These necklaces are a collaboration between Pokemon and 5108. The 5108 name is pronounced “kotoba“, meaning “word” or “phrase” in Japanese. This is not a coincidence as the company specializes in necklaces with charms that are words or phrases, in English, Japanese, and French (among other languages). These necklaces of course will have a Pokemon flair to them. (Check out the 5108 official website for more examples of their work!)

The Pokemon collaboration necklaces will go on sale starting December 3rd at all Pokemon Stores and Centers in Japan. Each necklace costs 4,104 yen.

There are 22 necklaces as part of this set, so instead of listing all of them, here are a couple of my personal favorites.




Share this necklace with a person you like a lot.




And my number one; give this as a gift to someone you know who sleeps all the time (like me).

(Continue reading for more information on the Varsity Pikachu promotions)

Varsity Pikachu Full Line-Up


Varsity Jacket Pikachu Plush (Male/Female)
1,620 yen


Varsity Jacket (Red/Blue)
9,612 yen


Varsity Pikachu Hoodie
6,048 yen


Mechanical Pencil (Yellow/Red)
454 yen

Ball Point Pen (Yellow/Red)
540 yen


Card Case
1,728 yen

Pen Pouch
1,512 yen

1,728 yen


Flat Binder (Yellow/Beige)
648 yen


Sticker Sheet
324 yen

Pennant Style Labels
540 yen

Badge Set
864 yen


Square Memo Pad
432 yen

B6 Ringed Notebook
648 yen


Tote Bag
3,780 yen

Long Towel
1,080 yen


1,296 yen

Varsity Pikachu
5108 Necklaces

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  1. Hi,
    Where can the jackets be purchased? I am in the US and this would be a great Christmas gift.

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