Friday Pokemon Announcements – Pokemon New Years 2017 + December Monthly Pair Pikachu

I thought we would have another uneventful Friday with no updates, but the Pokemon site decided to wait until the moment I left the house to give us news, because they’re nice like that.


I can’t complain much with a Darumaka Pikachu plush that looks as adorable as this, though!

The 2017 New Years merchandise will come out November 12th at all Pokemon Stores and Centers around Japan.

Pikachu Darumaka Plush
1,728 yen


Pikachu Darumaka Tea Cup
1,080 yen


Metal Charm Set
778 yen


Mini Coin Purses
1,080 yen


Hand Towel
520 yen


A4 Clearfile
432 yen

2017 New Years Postcard Set
314 yen


Mini Kadomatsu
800 yen


Mini ShimeKazari
800 yen


500 yen


The official announcement for the December Pikachu Pair plush also came out today. Both Pikachus are ready for some action on the slopes and look especially adorable with their little snowboard.

As usual, the plush pair will sell for 2,808 yen and will go on sale November 12th.

The Mario Pikachu promotion comes out tomorrow so expect an actual Pokemon Center Report from me either tomorrow or the day after!

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